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1336 and
* 1336 BC Pharaoh Akhenaten of Egypt names Smenkhkare as a co-ruler.
* 1336 BC Tutankhaten becomes Pharaoh of Egypt and marries Ankhesenpaaten, daughter and wife of his predecessor Akhenaten.
In the Muromachi Period ( 1336 1573 ), Ouchi Hiroyo, the 24th ruler of the Ouchi family conquered both areas of Yamaguchi Prefecture.
In the Muromachi Period ( 1336 1573 ), Ouchi Hiroyo, the 24th ruler of the Ouchi family conquered both areas of Yamaguchi Prefecture.

1336 and first
The political power of the convent slowly waned in the 14th century, beginning with the establishment of the Zunftordnung ( guild laws ) in 1336 by Rudolf Brun, who also became the first independent mayor, i. e. not nominated by the abbess.
The first recorded uses of the name occur as Slo in 1196, Sloo in 1336, and Le Slowe, Slowe or Slow in 1437.
Takauji, founder of the Ashikaga shogunate which, at least nominally, ruled Japan during the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries, at first established his residence at the same site in Kamakura where Yoritomo's Ōkura Bakufu had been ( see above ), but in 1336 he left Kamakura in charge of his son Yoshiakira and went west in pursuit of Nitta Yoshisada.
The five toes rule was first enforced in AD 1336 ( Yuan the second year ).
Jean Buridan climbed the mountain early in the fourteenth century ; Petrarch ( accompanied by his brother ) repeated the feat on April 26, 1336, and claimed to have been the first to climb the mountain since antiquity.
The period marks the governance of the Muromachi or Ashikaga shogunate ( Muromachi bakufu or Ashikaga bakufu ), which was officially established in 1338 by the first Muromachi shogun, Ashikaga Takauji, two years after the brief Kemmu restoration ( 1333 – 1336 ) of imperial rule was brought to a close.
From 26 November 1313 to 1 April 1335 Ralph de Camoys ( d. 1336 ) was summoned to Parliament by writ, and is thereby held to have become 1st Baron Camoys of the first creation.
By his first wife, Margaret de Brewes, Ralph de Camoys ( d. 1336 ) had a son, Thomas de Camoys, 2nd Baron Camoys, ( d. 1372 ) who married a wife named Margaret, and by her had a son, Ralph Camoys.
Today, Indonesian historian believed that the concept of Nusantara was not an idea coined by Gajah Mada for the first time in 1336.
Angus Og's son Good John of Islay first formally assumed the title Dominus Insularum – Lord of the Isles – in 1336.
The crowned lion rampant in the first ( upper left ) quarter represents the Kingdom of Bohemia, to which Wrocław belonged from 1336.
In 1336, Count Heinrich IV of Waldeck pledged, among other things, the village of Nuwenkyrchen to Count Johann of Nassau as a dowry for his daughter ( see also Rhadern above ), which also gave Neukirchen its first documentary mention.
The first new church, which was the village's namesake ( Neukirchen ≈ new church ), must have been built sometime before 1336the time of Neukirchen's first documentary mention – but a more precise indication of its building date is not possible.
He was first summoned to Parliament by writ as Lord Stafford on 29 November 1336 and continued to attend until 1350.
Maritime insurance began in 1323 in Portugal, and between 1336 and 1341 the first attempts at maritime expansion are made, with the expedition to Canary Islands, sponsored by King Afonso IV.
Holice was first mentioned in 1336.
In the first weeks of 1336 Ashikaga Takauji left Kamakura for Kyoto in pursuit of Nitta Yoshisada.
The comital line became extinct with the death of Louis VI of Loon in 1336 and the Loon and Chiny estates were at first inherited by the noble House of Sponheim at Heinsberg with the consent of the Liège bishop.
The first recorded use of the term Rota, which referred to the wheel-shaped arrangement of the benches used by the court in the great hall at Avignon, is in Thomas Fastolf's Decisiones rotae, consisting of reports on thirty-six cases heard at the Court of Audience in Avignon between December 1336 and February 1337.
The village of Bichwil was first mentioned in 865 as Pichilinwilare and Niederglatt was mentioned in 1336 as Nidernglat.
The first house was built here by 1336.
# Jeanne ( d. 1389, Sens ), Lady of Château-Chinon, married first in 1342 / 3 Walter VI of Brienne, married second in 1357 Louis II d ' Évreux, Count of Étampes ( 1336 – 1400 )

1336 and expedition
A Portuguese expedition may have attempted to colonize the Canary Islands as early as 1336, but Castile objected to any claim by the Portuguese to the Canary Islands.

1336 and with
She is mentioned, along with a brief biography, in RFC 1336, Who's Who in the Internet ( 1992 ).
Petrarch recounts that on April 26, 1336, with his brother and two servants, he climbed to the top of Mont Ventoux (), a feat which he undertook for recreation rather than necessity.
He soon negotiated a truce with Edward until April 1336, during which, various French and Papal emissaries attempted to negotiate a peace between the two countries.
After the overthrow of the Yuan Dynasty, the Golden Horde lost touch with Mongolia and China, while the two main parts of the Chagatai Khanate were defeated by Timur ( Tamerlane ) ( 1336 – 1405 ).
She may have been the co-regent of Egypt with Akhenaten, who ruled from 1352 BC to 1336 BC.
Because Japanese era names ( nengō ) change with the Emperor and the Imperial House split in two after 1336, the Kenmu era was counted by the two sides in two different ways.
He led the NL in putouts ( 1336 ), double plays ( 142 ) and fielding average (. 995 ) that season, and tied Hack Wilson's 1932 club record for right-handed hitters with 23 homers.
In 1336 Prince Narinaga became Crown Prince of Emperor Kōmyō when Emperor Kōmyō made peace with his father Emperor Go-Daigo for the meantime, but when Emperor Go-Daigo escaped to Yoshino with the Imperial Regalia of Japan next month, Narinaga was deposed.
The Kobayakawa family became loyal vassals when they were entrusted with defending Ashikaga interests in the province of Aki province after Takauji had retreated to Kyūshū in 1336.
But independence was short-lived with its association with Drayton Beauchamp being re-established in 1336 when taken control of by Mary the Dowager Countess of Norfolk.
Treatise on the Astrolabe addressed to his son Lowys AD 1391. As the Franklin says in his prologue, his story is in the form of a Breton lai, although it is in fact based on a work by the Italian poet and author Boccaccio ( Filocolo 1336 retold in the 1350s as the 5th tale on the 10th day of the Decameron ) in which a young knight called Tarolfo falls in love with a lady married to another knight, extracts a promise to satisfy his desire if he can create a flowering Maytime garden in winter, meets a magician Tebano who performs the feat using spells, but releases her from the rash promise when he learns of her husband's noble response.
The enforcement of wearing the badge is repeated by local councils, with varying degrees of fines, at Arles 1234 and 1260, Béziers 1246, Albi 1254, Nîmes 1284 and 1365, Avignon 1326 and 1337, Rodez 1336, and Vanves 1368.
The dynasty came to end in 1301 with the death of King Andrew III of Hungary, while the last member of the House of Árpad, Andrew's daughter, Blessed Elizabeth of Töss, died in 1336 or 1338.
The Dimlands stables feature sharp-pointed gables, as well as a carved stone with the date of the original grant ( 1336 ).
From 1331 until 1336 the Eltz were stuck in a fierce feud with mighty Baldwin of Luxembourg, then Elector and Prince-Archbishop of Trier enforcing his acknowledgement as their suzerain, whereafter the Eltz family remained vassals of the Trier archbishops.
Over the ages the place has had many names, with its original name being recorded as Yraminchusen, followed by a succession of other forms: Ymmichusen ( about 1190 ), Immyngchusen ( about 1200 ), Ymenchusen ( 1336 ), Imminchusen ( about 1350 ), Immickhusen ( 1422 ), Imminckhausen ( 1537 ) and Immeckusen ( 1541 ).
In 1336 he was invested with one of his father's minor Earldoms – that of Derby, and became Henry, Earl of Derby.
Cyprian (,, ) ( c. 1336 – 16 September 1406 ) was Metropolitan of Kiev and All Rus ' with the Metropolitan's residence in Moscow.
The Franciscan order's presence in Carrick dates back to 1336 with the granting of land for a friary by the 1st Earl of Ormond.
* Empire Shelter 1336 tons, Castle class corvette built 1945, in rescue service from 16 April 1945, sailed with 6 convoys.
* 1336 ( Kemmu 3 ): Ashikaga Takauji promulgated the Kemmu-shikimoku, which was a legal code with 17 articles addressing the behavior of the nobles.

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