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refurbished and George
During the administration of George W. Bush, first lady Laura Bush refurbished the Lincoln Bedroom in a style contemporary to the Lincoln era ; the Green Room, Cabinet Room, and theater were also refurbished.
The Selly Oak campus is now home to the Department of Drama Theatre Arts in the newly refurbished Old Library and George Cadbury Hall, 200 seat theatre. The UK daytime television show Doctors is filmed on this campus.
The southern side of the Market Place in October 2010, with the recently refurbished George Hotel, the Old Post Office under renovation, and Number 12, prior to becoming Hub's Place.
In 1989, members of Lions, Apex and Jerilderie Shire Council repaired and refurbished the windmill with two people, Clive Langfield and George Cornish ( now dec .) spending some 600 hours to bring it to its present working condition, pumping per revolution from the Billabong Creek to the Jerilderie Lake using a draw plunger with a stroke.
On June 28, 2007, the newly refurbished Government of Canada Building in downtown Regina, Saskatchewan was officially named the Francis Alvin George Hamilton Building.
In 1895 the stadium was refurbished a second time for the 1896 Olympics, with completion funding provided by the Greek benefactor George Averoff, whose marble statue now stands at the entrance, based on designs by the architects Anastasios Metaxas and Ernst Ziller.
The old Governor's Office within the California State Capitol is refurbished to appear as it did during the time of George Pardee's governorship in 1906.
The newly refurbished Two Mile Hotel which was rebuilt following a fire is a two mile drive out of town on the Queensland side heading towards St George.
In 1919, the theatre was sold to George Grossmith, Jr. and Edward Laurillard, refurbished and reopened as the Winter Garden Theatre.
* 1980-The station acquired a refurbished Collins transmitter and moved into the fourth floor of George Davis Hall.
Bohemian visual artists Gilbert & George added to the flavour of the neighbourhood ; resident there since the late 1960s, they also refurbished a similar house, as later did writer Jeanette Winterson.
* 1985-1988-Newly refurbished Fort George, Highland
Unit 507033 was the last Merseyside set to be refurbished, entering service having been named " Cllr George Howard " in August 2005.
The Brisbane City Council announced in 2009 that Burnett Lane, a narrow laneway that runs between George Street and Albert Street, and parallel to the mall, would be refurbished and integrated into the Queen Street Mall precinct.
On 23 July 1935 the Prince of Wales came to Jersey to open the Hall and unveil the portrait of King George V. The Hall was refurbished in 1996 and now exists as the Howard Davis Theatre where numerous types of drama are performed by the pupils.

refurbished and Workshop
** 5 YDM4 ex-Indian Railways brought into Malaysia in 2009, refurbished by Southern Railway Workshop, Tiruchirappalli, India.

refurbished and which
The peak and statue can be accessed via a narrow road or by the 3. 8 kilometre ( 2. 4 mi ) Corcovado Rack Railway which was opened in 1884 and refurbished in 1980.
Lindisfarne also has the small Lindisfarne Castle, based on a Tudor fort, which was refurbished in the Arts and Crafts style by Sir Edwin Lutyens for the editor of Country Life, Edward Hudson.
As of 2012, the AAF has over 100 refurbished aircraft, which includes a number of C-27A Spartan and Antonov AN-32 military transport aircraft as well as Mi-17 and Mi-24 helicopters.
He refurbished his home town which is now by his name called Pienza ( province of Siena, Tuscany ).
The American sociologists Rodney Stark and William Sims Bainbridge assert that " sects claim to be authentic purged, refurbished version of the faith from which they split ".
During the second half of the fourth century, Saint Ambrose, as bishop of Milan, had a strong influence on the layout of the city, redesigning the centre ( although the cathedral and baptistery built at this time are now lost ) and building the great basilicas at the city gates: Sant ' Ambrogio, San Nazaro in Brolo, San Simpliciano and Sant ' Eustorgio, which still stand, refurbished over the centuries, as some of the finest and most important churches in Milan.
The 1870 Olympics at the Panathenaic stadium, which had been refurbished for the occasion, had an audience of 30, 000 people.
Something which is signified by the fact the fort at Carlisle was able to be refurbished in 83AD using oak timbers from further afield rather than the local Alder.
The club is housed in the newly refurbished Tychy Winter Stadium (), which seats 2, 700 people.
The cross was the third incarnation of the monument, which had been reconstructed and refurbished several times in the preceding three centuries, in which time it had enjoyed the protection of various monarchs and the Mayor and Corporation of London.
The D stock trains were refurbished between 2005 and 2008, receiving the standard Underground livery of red, white and blue to replace the previous unpainted aluminium finish, which was prone to damage by graffiti vandals.
During restoration work in the 1870s, the crypt which had been closed since the Reformation was refurbished and opened as a chapel, and Saint Canute once more went on display.
Other mementos of the past are gone, including the ice plant, which was south of Bridge Road, and the old train station, which now, refurbished and relocated west of Hobe Sound, serves as an office building for Becker Groves and the Texaco station east of the Winn-Dixie plaza.
Whiteville was also the scene of then-President Bill Clinton's 1999 " Bridging the Digital Divide " speech at the Vineland Station Railroad Depot, which is now refurbished as a museum.
Recently there have been discussions to have the " T " stop in Pawtucket at the old train station ( which would be substantially refurbished ) or at a platform elsewhere on the line.
During World War II, the Eureka Cotton Mill was refurbished by the United National Clothing Center, which made clothing for donations to wartorn countries.
Radio City and Lucifer are also being refurbished, which will mean by November 2008 Patpong will be one of the main live music areas in Bangkok.
The station has a newly refurbished Tea Room which is inside a Goods Warehouse.
The entire centre was refurbished in 2010, during which the swimming pool was lengthened by four centimetres to exactly 25 metres to allow galas to be held.
He proved this was no fluke, and that he was the dominant miler in Europe, when winning the G1 Queen Elizabeth II Stakes which was held at Newmarket because Ascot was being refurbished at the time.
Meanwhile, the crew snort a massive amount of plutonian nyborg and fly home completely stoned, zoning out on the cosmos and passing space junk ( which includes a model of the refurbished USS Enterprise from Star Trek: The Motion Picture ).
The older of the two chapels which is shown above right in a photograph of its unrestored state has now been fully restored and refurbished as a setting for all varieties of religious or secular funeral or memorial services and is also used for concerts and other events.
In 1989, Mountwood and Woodchurch were withdrawn and extensively refurbished internally which resulted in complete rewiring and main engine repairs.

refurbished and now
Oakley Court has been refurbished and is now a hotel.
It was thoroughly renovated from 1985 to 1997, and under the care of the Centre des monuments nationaux, the refurbished house is now open to visitors year-round.
Later that year in August, the model of the USS Somers experiment was resurrected when the USS Constitution, now 60 years old, was pulled out of ordinary and refurbished as a school ship for the fourth-class midshipmen.
Plaque at Middle Street, BrightonFriese-Greene's former home in Brighton's Middle Street was refurbished in 2006 and is now home to the offices of Realmac Software, a software company.
The former military housing units have been refurbished and now serve as a major population base in the Oscoda area.
The old hospital has now been refurbished ( 2006 ) and reopened to serve the mental health trust.
North of the Westfield shopping centre itself, the grade II listed Dimco Buildings ( 1898 ), now refurbished as a bus depot were used as the location for the ‘ Acme Factory ’ in the 1988 film Who Framed Roger Rabbit ?.
Solid-fuel models have now been discontinued, but refurbished models can be bought.
It is best known for the newly refurbished Parrish Mill, a combination grist mill, saw mill, covered bridge and dam built in 1880 and now open for tours.
The gymnasium and swimming facility from the old school were refurbished and are now part of the new high school campus.
This cellar was apparently used to hide priests fleeing persecution and the public house has now been refurbished as bistro / bar and renamed ' The Saw ').
It was re-formed in 1998, and now performs its concerts in the recently refurbished Small Concert Hall in St George's Hall.
It is therefore now home to the theatre management offices plus a refurbished Boardroom space on the top floor.
A portion of the King's road was refurbished and turned into a footpath in 1992 and is now a natural and cultural walking path.
It now contains Leamington Spa Art Gallery & Museum, a library, a tourist information centre, refurbished assembly rooms and a cafe.
These fell on hard times after the break-up of the USSR, but now hotel complexes are being refurbished and simple private bed-and-breakfast pensions are being established for a new generation of health and leisure visitors.
The Theme Building ( now a restaurant ) was listed as a City Cultural and Historical Monument by the Los Angeles city council in 1992 and was recently refurbished by Walt Disney Imagineering in 1997.
The houses are now of modern standard, with refurbished kitchens with large comfortable couches and flat screen TV's.
During the summer of 2008 the Halfords Lane Stand was refurbished and is now called the West Stand.

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