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Andy and Grove
The 386 was for a time only available from Intel, since Andy Grove, Intel's CEO at the time, made the decision not to encourage other manufacturers to produce the processor as second sources.
Andy Grove blamed the i860's failure in the marketplace on Intel being stretched too thin:
Andrew Stephen (" Andy ") Grove ( born 2 September 1936 ), is a Hungarian-born American businessman, engineer, and author.
Intel Senior Vice President Ron Whittier notes that Grove preferred to keep open channels of communication between employees, and encouraged people to speak their minds: " People here aren't afraid to speak up and debate with Andy.
He consulted with notable business leaders such as GE ’ s Jack Welch ; Procter & Gamble ’ s A. G. Lafley ; Intel ’ s Andy Grove ; Edward Jones ’ John Bachmann ; Shoichiro Toyoda, the honorary chairman of Toyota Motor Corp .; and Masatoshi Ito, the honorary chairman of the Ito-Yokado Group, the second largest retailing organization in the world.
From the 1940s onwards, the BBC in the United Kingdom, produced a wide series of marionette programmes for children and then created The BBC Television Puppet Theatre based in Lime Grove Studios from 1955 – 1964, Usually under the title Watch With Mother The various programmes included Whirligig, The Woodentops, Bill and Ben, Muffin The Mule, Rubovia a series created by Gordon Murray and Andy Pandy.
The Chicago landmark the Brewster Apartments located at Diversey and Pine Grove served as the location of the apartment where Andy and Karen lived and is pictured on the film's poster.
" Sources have also revealed that Intel actually tried to buy Metaflow, but Andy Grove, unable to come to terms with Hyundai, had to abort the purchase.
* Andy Grove, ( July 21, 2003 ).
Dham says he was a keen observer of how Andy Grove built the strategy and the organisation for Intel ’ s success in the microprocessor business.
This synth, commissioned by Intel, was demonstrated by Andy Grove in a Comdex keynote speech in 1994.
In Spring 1977, Warsaw Pakt formed around Ladbroke Grove, London, composed of lead guitarist Andy Colquhoun of The Rockets, Fox on drums, vocalist Jimmy Coull, John Walker on rhythm guitar, and Chris Underhill on bass.
Andy Grove has pledged $ 1. 5 million so that the University of California campuses in San Francisco and Berkeley can start a joint master ’ s degree program aimed at translational medicine.

Andy and 1960
* 1960Andy Moog, Canadian ice hockey player
* 1960Andy Ritchie, English footballer
* Andy Moog ( born 1960 ), former NHL goaltender and current assistant coach of the Dallas Stars
Omaha is the birthplace of numerous important historical and modern sports figures, including 1960 Summer Olympics gold medalist and NBA star Bob Boozer ; Baseball Hall of Famer Bob Gibson ; 1989 American League Rookie of the Year Gregg Olson ; NFL running back Ahman Green ; Heisman Trophy winners Johnny Rodgers and Eric Crouch ; Pro Football Hall of Famer Gale Sayers ; and champion tennis player Andy Roddick.
The anonymous sleeve notes on the 1960 RCA ( UK ) album Handful of Keys state that Waller copyrighted over 400 new songs, many of which co-written with his closest collaborator Andy Razaf.
In 1960, Howard was cast as Opie Taylor in The Andy Griffith Show, a spin-off of The Danny Thomas Show.
She also had roles in several films, including a cameo in Federico Fellini's La Dolce Vita ( 1960 ) and Andy Warhol's Chelsea Girls ( 1966 ), as herself.
The radio program Amos ' n ' Andy ( 1928 – 1960 ) constituted a type of " aural blackface ", in that the black characters were portrayed by whites and conformed to stage blackface stereotypes.
He was a Tony Award nominee for two roles, and gained prominence in the starring role in director Elia Kazan's film A Face in the Crowd ( 1957 ) before he became better known for his television roles, playing the lead characters in the 1960 – 1968 situation comedy The Andy Griffith Show and in the 1986 – 1995 legal drama Matlock.
( a continuation of The Andy Griffith Show, 1960 – 1971 ).
( formerly The Andy Griffith Show, 1960 – 1971 ).
* The Andy Griffith Show ( 1960 – 1971, became Mayberry RFD on September 23 of this year ).
* The Andy Griffith Show ( 1960 – 1968 ).
* The Andy Griffith Show ( 1960 – 1968 ).
* The Andy Griffith Show ( 1960 – 1968 ).
* The Andy Griffith Show ( 1960 – 1968 )
* The Andy Griffith Show ( 1960 – 1968 )
* The Andy Griffith Show ( 1960 – 1968 ).
* The Andy Griffith Show ( 1960 – 1968 ).
The 1950s roster now included Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Stan Kenton, Judy Garland, The Andrews Sisters, Jackie Gleason, Jane Froman, Wesley Tuttle, Ray Anthony, Andy Griffith, Shirley Bassey, Merle Travis, The Kingston Trio ( who in 1960 would account for 20 % of all record sales for Capitol ), Dean Martin, The Four Freshmen, Al Martino, Dinah Shore and Nancy Wilson ( actually signed in 1960 to Capitol ).
From 1928 to 1960, Gosden and Correll broadcast their Amos ' n ' Andy show, which was one of the most famous and popular shows on radio in the 1930s.
* The Andy Capp Spring Collection ( No. 4 ) ( 1960 )
* The Best of Andy Capp ( No. 5 ) ( 1960 )

Andy and ),
He was the fourth child of Ondrej Varchola ( Americanized as Andrew Warhola, Sr., 1889 – 1942 ) and Júlia ( née Zavacká, 1892 – 1972 ), whose first child was born in their homeland and died before their move to the U. S. Andy had two older brothers, Paul, born about 1923, and John, born about 1925.
Andy Warhol had two older brothers — Pavol ( Paul ), the oldest, was born in Slovakia ; Ján was born in Pittsburgh.
Most people did not consider the depiction of a Brillo Box or a store-bought urinal to be art until Andy Warhol and Marcel Duchamp ( respectively ) placed them in the context of art ( i. e., the art gallery ), which then provided the association of these objects with the associations that define art.
** Andy Irons ( 1978 – 2010 ), Hawaiian Surfer
* Andy Blitz ( born 1971 ), writer, actor and comedian
* Cars ( painting ), a series of paintings by Andy Warhol
Love worked with director Alex Cox on her first two films ; she gained a small part in the Sid Vicious biopic Sid and Nancy ( 1986 ), and was then given the leading role in his following film, Straight to Hell ( 1987 ), which caught the attention of artist Andy Warhol.
Kane is perhaps best known for her portrayal of Simka Dahblitz-Gravas, wife of Latka Gravas ( Andy Kaufman ), on the American television series Taxi, from 1981 to 1983, and also for her role as Allison Portchnik in Woody Allen's Annie Hall.
Christian alternative music has its roots in the early 1980s, as the earliest efforts at Christian punk and new wave were recorded by artists like Andy McCarroll and Moral Support, Undercover, The 77s, Adam Again, Quickflight, Daniel Amos, Youth Choir ( later renamed The Choir ), Lifesavers Underground, Michael Knott, The Altar Boys, Breakfast with Amy, Steve Taylor, 4-4-1, David Edwards and Vector.
ELO's debut concert took place on 15 April 1972 at The Fox & Hounds Pub in Croydon, U. K. with a line-up of Wood, Lynne, Bevan, Bill Hunt ( horns, keyboards ), Wilfred Gibson ( violin ), Hugh McDowell ( cello ), Mike Edwards, Andy Craig ( cello ) and Richard Tandy on bass.
) The Gamma World Campaign Setting ( ISBN 0-7869-1629-X ) was a 192-page softcover book written by Andy Collins and Jeff Grubb, published in 2000 by Wizards of the Coast ( WOTC ), only a month after WOTC announced its cancellation of the Alternity line.
Important museums in Ghent are the Museum voor Schone Kunsten ( Museum of Fine Arts ), with paintings by Hieronymus Bosch, Peter Paul Rubens, and many Flemish masters ; the SMAK or Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst ( City Museum for Contemporary Art ), with works of the 20th century, including Joseph Beuys and Andy Warhol ; and the Design Museum with masterpieces of Victor Horta and Le Corbusier.
George Lindsey ( reprising his " Goober " character from The Andy Griffith Show ),
* Andy Hoepelman ( 1955 ), water polo player
The Astros had also developed an excellent pitching staff, anchored by Roy Oswalt ( 20 – 12, 2. 94 ), Andy Pettitte ( 17 – 9, 2. 39 ), and Roger Clemens ( 13 – 8 with a league-low ERA of only 1. 87 ).
After signing Andy Carroll from Newcastle for a British record transfer fee of £ 35 million and Luis Suárez from Ajax for £ 22. 8 million at the end of January ( in the wake of Fernando Torres's sale to Chelsea for £ 50 million ), some journalists noted that Dalglish had begun to assert his authority at the club.
* Andy Kusnetzoff ( 1970 ), Argentine TV & Radio personality
* Andy Moor ( disambiguation ), several people
In April 2010, it was announced that Rhythm Devils will tour in the summer of 2010 with a new lineup including Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann ( assorted percussion ), Keller Williams ( guitar, vocals ), Sikiru Adepoju ( talking drum ), Davy Knowles ( guitar, vocals ), and Andy Hess ( bass ).

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