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Any and ring
* Any ring A can be considered as a Z-algebra in a unique way.
* Any ring of characteristic n is a ( Z / nZ )- algebra in the same way.
* Any ring A is an algebra over its center Z ( A ), or over any subring of its center.
* Any commutative ring R is an algebra over itself, or any subring of R.
* Any ring of matrices with coefficients in a commutative ring R forms an R-algebra under matrix addition and multiplication.
* Any discrete valuation ring.
Any legal wrestler is open to attack from any direction at any time, including when they are downed, as long as they are within the ring area enclosed by the ring ropes.
Any type or number of topologies may be used -- star, bus, ring, etc.
* Any ring, thought of as a category with only one object, is a preadditive category.
Any ( non-graded ) ring A can be given a gradation by letting A < sub > 0 </ sub >
Any number system that forms a commutative ring — for instance, the integers, the real numbers, and the complex numbers — can be extended to a wheel in which division by zero is always possible ; however, in such a case, " division " has a slightly different meaning.
Any ring can be seen as a preadditive category with a single object.
* Any commutative ring becomes a *- ring with the trivial involution.
* Any ring is also a semiring.
Any quotient of a ring by a maximal ideal is a simple ring.
Any prime number p gives rise to an ideal pO < sub > K </ sub > in the ring of integers O < sub > K </ sub > of a quadratic field K.
* Any algebra over a commutative ring K may be regarded as a purely even superalgebra over K ; that is, by taking A < sub > 1 </ sub > to be trivial.
Any n-dimensional formal group law gives an n dimensional Lie algebra over the ring R, defined in terms of the quadratic part F < sub > 2 </ sub > of the formal group law.
* Any two-sided ideal of a ring R is an R-bimodule.
* Any module over a commutative ring R is automatically a bimodule.

Any and R
Any subset of R < sup > n </ sup > ( with its subspace topology ) that is homeomorphic to another open subset of R < sup > n </ sup > is itself open.
Brown continued releasing recordings: in 1993, he issued the album, Universal James, which included Brown's final Billboard charted single, " Can't Get Any Harder ", which peaked at # 76 on the US R & B chart and # 59 on the UK chart.
Any formal series with has a composition inverse provided is an invertible element of R. The coefficients are found recursively from the above formula for the coefficients of a composition, equating them with those of the composition identity X ( that is 1 at degree 1 and 0 at every degree greater than 1 ).
* Any positive multiple of the repunit R < sub > n </ sub >< sup >( b )</ sup > contains at least n nonzero digits in base b.
Any binary relation R on a set A can generate a natural partial order on the R-cycle equivalence classes of set A, so that xRy implies ≥.
* The Drug War in Mexico: By Any Other Name it's Terrorism, by Barnard R. Thompson ( MexiData. info )
Any totally ordered set that is not isomorphic to R but satisfies ( 1 )( 4 ) is known as a Suslin line.
Any physical object whose radius R becomes less than or equal to the Schwarzschild radius will undergo gravitational collapse and become a black hole.
Any proposed inverse R of F ( reconstruction formula, in the lingo ) would have to map to some subset of.
* Any slave who evades capture for 20 days or more is to be publicly whipped for the first offense ; branded with the letter R on the right cheek for the second offense ; and lose one ear if absent for thirty days for the third offense ; and castrated for the fourth offense.
In early June, Banks released the second single off the album, " Any Girl " featuring R & B singer Lloyd.
O. A. R., who grew up in nearby Rockville, Maryland, recorded the live album Any Time Now at the 9: 30 Club on November 23 – 24, 2001.
Any non-singular matrix S of the same size is said to transform A into another symmetric matrix B = SAS < sup > T </ sup >, also of order n, where S < sup > T </ sup > is the transpose of S. If A is the coefficient matrix of some quadratic form of R < sup > n </ sup >, then B is the matrix for the same form after the change of coordinates defined by S.
Lloyd C. Gardner, " Pay Any Price: Lyndon Johnson and the Wars for Vietnam ", Chicago: Ivan R. Dee, 1995.

Any and can
He merely said, `` Any good decorator these days can make you a tasteful home ''.
Any alteration of one of these factors is distortion, although we generally use that word only for effects so pronounced that they can be stated quantitatively on the basis of standard tests.
Any reputable French interne can supply you with a dozen similar instances, and I'll presently recount a case out of my own personal experience, but, for the moment, let's resume our catalogue.
Any needy family living in San Francisco can obtain toys by writing to Christmas Toys, 676 Howard street, San Francisco 5, and listing the parent's name and address and the age and sex of each child in the family between the ages of 1 and 12.
Any breach of these laws is a criminal offence and can lead to fine of up to £ 5, 000 or six months in prison.
Any use of antibiotics can increase selective pressure in a population of bacteria to allow the resistant bacteria to thrive and the susceptible bacteria to die off.
Any of these body styles can optionally incorporate a " cutaway ".
Any Latin-American country can join the 1980 Montevideo Treaty.
Any given bookmaker will weight their odds so that no one customer can cover all outcomes at a profit against their books.
Any node in the data structure can be reached by starting at root node and repeatedly following references to either the left or right child.
Any Banach algebra ( whether it has an identity element or not ) can be embedded isometrically into a unital Banach algebra so as to form a closed ideal of.
Any of these ways can be criticized for ...
* Any locally compact Hausdorff space can be turned into a compact space by adding a single point to it, by means of Alexandroff one-point compactification.
Any Sangiovese-based wine made according to the Chianti guidelines from these vineyards can be labelled and marked under the basic Chianti DOCG should the producer wish to use the designation.
Any units of angular measure can be used for declination, but it is customarily measured in the degrees ( ° ), minutes ( ' ), and seconds ( " ) of sexagesimal measure, with 90 ° equivalent to circle.
Any convex polyhedron can be distorted into a canonical form, in which a midsphere ( or intersphere ) exists tangent to every edge, such that the average position of these points is the center of the sphere, and this form is unique up to congruences.
Any person who uses the Spanish title of " Doctor " ( or " Dr .") without being included in this Government database can be prosecuted for fraud.
Any player on the kicking team behind the kicker, and including the kicker, can recover the kick.
Any sound that can be sampled can be used.
Any ellipse can be obtained by rotation and translation of a canonical ellipse with the proper semi-diameters.
# Any real number can be added to both sides.
# Any real number can be subtracted from both sides.
# Any real number can be multiplied to both sides.

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