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Arndt and Karl
* Arndt, Karl J. R. A Documentary History of the Indiana Decade of the Harmony Society 1814 1824.
* Arndt, Karl J. R. Economy on the Ohio, 1826 1834: The Harmony Society During the Period of its Greatest Power and Influence and its Messianic Crisis ; George Rapp's Third Harmony: A Documentary History.
* Arndt, Karl J. R. George Rapp's Harmony Society, 1785 1847.
* Arndt, Karl J. R. George Rapp's Re-Established Harmony Society: Letters and Documents of the Baker-Henrici Trusteeship, 1848 1868.
* Arndt, Karl J. R. George Rapp's Separatists, 1700 1803: The German Prelude to Rapp's American Harmony Society ; A Documentary History.
* Arndt, Karl J. R. George Rapp's Successors and Material Heirs, 1847 1916.
* Arndt, Karl J. R. George Rapp's Years of Glory: Economy on the Ohio, 1834 1847.
* Arndt, Karl J. R. Harmony on the Connoquenessing 1803 1815: George Rapp's First American Harmony.
* Arndt, Karl J. R. The Harmony Society from its Beginnings in Germany in 1785 to its Liquidation in the United States in 1905.
* Arndt, Karl J. R. The Indiana Decade of George Rapp's Harmony Society: 1814 1824.
* Arndt, Karl J. R., Donald Pitzer and Leigh Ann Chamness ( eds.
* Karl Arndt Collection of Harmony Society Materials, PA State Archives
* Karl Scheele, Plato and Johann Arndt, Ein Vortrag, & c., 1857
* Karl M. Arndt
** XXXIX Panzer Corps Lieutenant General Karl Arndt
A new edition of his complete works in German and English ( Sämtliche Werke ), chiefly in photographic facsimile, though with new introductions and editorial apparatus ) was edited by Sealsfield scholar Karl J. R. Arndt and published by Olms beginning in 1972.
* Karl J. R. Arndt.
* Generalleutnant Karl Arndt ( 21 April 1945 8 May 1945 )
* Arndt, Karl J. R., George Rapp's Harmony Society 1785 1847, Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1965.
* Arndt, Karl J. R., Harmony on the Connoquenessing 1803 1815, Worcester, Mass.

Arndt and J
* C. Aschmann, Essai sur la vie, etc., de J. Arndt
" in Arndt, Richard J.
* Arndt, Richard J. Warrior bibliography and interview
* Arndt, Richard J.
* Arndt, Richard J.
* E. K. Jessberger, T. Stephan, D. Rost, P. Arndt, M. Maetz, F. J. Stadermann, D. E. Brownlee, J. P. Bradley, G. Kurat ( 2001 ).
E. K. Jessberger, T. Stephan, D. Rost, P. Arndt, M. Maetz, F. J. Stadermann, D. E. Brownlee, J. P. Bradley, G. Kurat ( 2001 ).

Arndt and .
* 1905 Arndt Pekurinen, Finnish activist ( d. 1941 )
Among the persecuted were the poet Ernst Moritz Arndt, the publisher Johann Joseph Görres and the " Father of Gymnastics " Ludwig Jahn.

Arndt and R
* Hamburg Network Visions by R. Arndt, L. Gilliard and C. Luschnat

Arndt and on
Arndt was born at Groß-Schoritz ( a part of Garz / Rügen ) on the island of Rügen in Swedish Pomerania as the son of a prosperous farmer, and emancipated serf of the lord of the district, Count Putbus ; his mother came of well-to-do German yeoman stock.
Like Fichte and Jahn, Arndt began to define a German nation as a society of homogeneous descent, drawing on the history of the Germanic peoples and the " teutonic " Middle Ages.
The Bridge in Williams Township, Jacob Arndt House and Barn, Coffeetown Grist Mill, and Isaac Stout House are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Highly influenced by Johann Arndt, Lewis Bayly, Jean de Labadie, and Theophil Großgebauer, Spener ’ s own writings display an emphasis on personal transformation through spiritual rebirth and renewal.
His piano rolls reveal Arndt to be a fine pianist, and he is known to have been an influence on the young George Gershwin, who would visit him at his studio in the Aeolian Building on 42nd Street in Manhattan.
From 1942 to 1945, Arndt was active in intelligence work on behalf of allied forces.
Arndt, 94, died on February 15, 2011.
When Carrigan broke from this group on the final lap, only Judith Arndt was able or willing to chase her down, and the pair stayed clear until the end, Carrigan out sprinting Arndt for the line.
Arndt studied in Greifswald and Halle, preferably under Felix von Niemeyer ( 1820 1871 ), Heinrich Adolf von Bardeleben ( 1819 1895 ), and Heinrich Philipp August Damerow ( 1798 1866 ), and was conferred doctor of medicine on 20 February 1860.
This emphasis on the naturalness of ethno-linguistic nations continued to be upheld by the early 19th century Romantic German nationalists Johann Gottlieb Fichte, Ernst Moritz Arndt, and Friedrich Ludwig Jahn who all were proponents of Pan-Germanism.
* The blackbird in the blue jacket played a few bars of " Nola ", composed by Felix Arndt, on the saxophone.
John Warwick Montgomery has pointed out that Johann Arndt ( 1555 1621 ), who was the influential writer of Lutheran books of pietiesm and devotion, composed a commentary on Amphitheatrum.
Scott wants revenge on Korda, but Captain Frank Solis ( Denis Arndt ) refuses to let Scott work the case, so Scott decides to work the case on his own.

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