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Atmosphere and Joy
# " Atmosphere " ( Joy Division ) – 4: 09
# AtmosphereJoy Division
Jerkins released his wife Joy Enriquez's second album Atmosphere Of Heaven, which features a religious direction, on his independent gospel imprint JoyFul Child Records.

Atmosphere and Division
Pickett Equine Center, Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere ( CIRA ), the Colorado Division of Wildlife, and the Animal Reproduction Biotechnology Lab can all be found at the Foothills Campus.
* 1981 " Atmosphere "-Joy Division ( all time )
* 2000 " Twist the Knife "-Neko Case & Her Boyfriends ( year )/" Atmosphere "-Joy Division ( all-time )

Atmosphere and song
* " Atmosphere ", a song by Funkadelic from their 1975 album, Let's Take It to the Stage
* " Atmosphere ", a song which became a hit for Russ Abbot in 1984
* " Atmosphere ", a song by DJ Falk
Singer Perry Blackwell performs three songs in the piano bar: " I Need No Atmosphere ", " Roly Poly " ( in part ), and " You Lied " -- a song directed at Hudson's character, Brad.
" Shhh ", by the local hip-hop group Atmosphere, was the first song to air under the KCMP banner at 9 a. m. CT.
* Hip-hop duo Atmosphere sampled the " Breast Milky " section of the suite for the backing track on the song " Painting " from their 2008 album, When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold

Atmosphere and ),
* Atmosphere ( unit ), a unit of pressure
* Atmosphere ( sound recording ), sound that matches the background of a dialogue recording ; also known as Room tone or Presence
* Atmosphere ( music group ), an independent hip-hop music duo from Minneapolis, MN
* Atmosphere ( Polish band ), a Polish rock band
* Atmosphere ( Eloy Fritsch album ), an album by Eloy Fritsch, a keyboard player known for his work in the progressive rock group, Apocalypse
* Atmosphere ( Atmosphere album ), the debut album by Polish rock band, Atmosphere
The ICAO defines an International Standard Atmosphere ( also known as ICAO Standard Atmosphere ), a model of the standard variation of pressure, temperature, density, and viscosity with altitude in the Earth's atmosphere.
Technicians at the Naval Research Laboratory ( NRL ), work on the Low-powered Atmosphere Compensation Experiment ( LACE ) satellite.
** Atmosphere ( unit ), an approximation of the value at sea level
** The International Standard Atmosphere ( ISA ), an international standard model, defining typical atmospheric properties with altitude, at mid-latitude
Toronto Fire Services | Toronto firefighter wearing an SCBAA self contained breathing apparatus, or SCBA, sometimes referred to as a compressed air breathing apparatus ( CABA ), air pack, or simply breathing apparatus ( BA ), is a device worn by rescue workers, firefighters, and others to provide breathable air in an IDLH ( Immediate Danger to Life and Health ) Atmosphere.
In 1917, he founded the Geophysical Institute, University of Bergen where he wrote his book On the Dynamics of the Circular Vortex with Applications to the Atmosphere and to Atmospheric Vortex and Wave Motion ( 1921 ), and laid the foundation for the Bergen School of Meteorology.
Keyboardist Erick Anderson and guitarist Nate Collis, part of the touring band for Atmosphere ( who perform live renditions of songs that are normally sampler / drum machine produced ), were brought in to help record the album, leading to a much different sound than previous albums.
At sea level and at 15 ° C according to ISA ( International Standard Atmosphere ), air has a density of approximately 1. 225 kg / m < sup > 3 </ sup > ( 0. 0023769 slugs / ft < sup > 3 </ sup >).
ATLAS-3 instruments, mounted on a Spacelab pallet in the cargo bay, included Atmospheric Trace Molecule Spectroscopy ( ATMOS ), which collected more data on trace gases in the atmosphere than on all three of its previous flights combined ; Shuttle Solar Backscatter Ultraviolet Spectrometer ( SSBUV ), which took ozone measurements to calibrate ozone monitor on aging NOAA-9 satellite as well as cooperative measurements with other ATLAS-3 instruments ; Active Cavity Radiometer Irradiance Monitor ( ACRIM ), which took extremely precise measurements of the sun's total radiation for 30 orbits as calibration reference for sister instrument on Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite ( UARS ) launched in 1991 ; Measurement of the Solar Constant ( SOLCON ), provided by Belgium, which also measured solar radiation but as reference point to track changes over years ; Solar Spectrum Measurement ( SOLSPEC ), French instrument, measured sun's radiation as function of wavelength ; and Solar Ultraviolet Spectral Irradiance Monitor ( SUSIM ), which collected its highest precision solar ultraviolet radiation measurements in its 15-year lifetime.

Atmosphere and by
* Adobe Atmosphere, a 3D computer graphics product by Adobe Systems
The current Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere at the Department of Commerce and the agency's administrator is Jane Lubchenco, who was nominated by President Barack Obama and confirmed by the U. S. Senate on March 19, 2009.
The aneroid altimeter is calibrated to show the pressure directly as an altitude above mean sea level, in accordance with a mathematical model defined by the International Standard Atmosphere ( ISA ).
Cloud structure in Atmosphere of Venus | the Venusian atmosphere in 1979, revealed by ultraviolet observations by Pioneer Venus Orbiter
* Climate Simulations for 1951 – 2050 with a Coupled Atmosphere – Ocean Model by Sun and Hansen ( 2003 )
The Pharcyde also reunited at Rhymesayers Entertainment's soundset, Memorial Day Weekend, 2009, and were the co-headliners of the festival, which was also headlined by Atmosphere and featured many other underground artists.
Mechanisms by Which the Atmosphere Adjusts to an Extremely Large Explosive Event, 2001.
The film's music has been imitated by various artists, including Ministry in the track " Psalm 69 " from their album Psalm 69: The Way to Succeed and the Way to Suck Eggs, Cage Kennylz on " Weather People " and Atmosphere on " Bird Sings Why the Caged I Know ".
; Atmosphere Bars and Clubs Ltd: The " Chicago Rock Cafe " and " Jumpin Jaks " night-club / pub brands were created by Luminar Leisure in 1989, and the Chicago Rock Cafe concept meant the Luminar group became the most successful leisure company of the early 1990s.
3D Entertainment couldn't make the brands successful, and the company went into administration in February 2010, with some of the Chicago Rock Cafe brands being taken over by Atmosphere Bars & Clubs, and other sites being bought by JD Wetherspoons.
** Atmosphere by Michael Laimo
During the @ It Again tour, Atmosphere was accompanied by a live band, featuring Nate Collis on guitar, Brett Johnson on bass, Erick Anderson on keyboards and Patrick Armitage on drums.
The Middle Atmosphere High Resolution Spectrograph Instrument ( MAHRSI ) measured hydroxyl and nitric oxide by sensing UV radiation emitted and scattered by the atmosphere, while the Surface Effects Sample Monitor ( SESAM ) was a passive carrier for state-of-the-art optical surfaces to study the impact of the atomic oxygen and the space environment on materials and services.

Atmosphere and released
is the debut studio album by Minneapolis hip hop group Atmosphere, released in 1997 on Rhymesayers Entertainment.
It was released on compact disc on the independent label Atmosphere, Miraleste Music.
Two separate single recordings have been released: a guitar-dominated version appearing on the band's 1979 debut album Unknown Pleasures, and a heavier and more electronic version first released in 1980 on a 12 " single, coupled with " Atmosphere ".
Adopting the motto " Atmosphere, Arrangement, Sound, Layering and Noise ", they set out in 1995 to record a demo tape titled " Mee-eaux ", an audio cassette later released through Hypnosigh Records.
The ensuing album, Atmosphere of Heaven, was released on March 7, 2006 on the independent label JoyfulChild, which was formed by Jerkins and Enriquez.
You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having is the fourth studio album by the Minneapolis hip hop group Atmosphere, released on October 4, 2005 through Rhymesayers Entertainment.

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