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Dennis and Geoffrey
* The Encyclopedia of Jewish Myth, Magic, and Mysticism, Geoffrey Dennis, Llewellyn Worldwide, 2007
* Geoffrey Dennis, " Abraham ," " Elijah ," " Lailah ," " Sandalphon ," Encyclopedia of Jewish Myth, Magic, and Mysticism Llewellyn, 2007.
Directed by Dennis Marks and Geoffrey Haydon.
John Dennis derided the poem as being " servile " in its treatment of Geoffrey of Monmouth and having an inconsequential and fearful hero.
* Dennis, Geoffrey.
A detachment led by Hugh and Dennis head for Chigwell, leaving Barnaby to guard The Boot, the tavern they use as their headquarters, intent on exacting revenge on Geoffrey Haredale.
Dennis Hopper, Grace Jones, Stephanie Seymour, and Geoffrey Holder are among the actors in the game.
Wakefield had three South Africans of their own in the squad in Alan Skene, Jan Prinsloo and Colin Greenwood, with the rest of the party made up of Fred Smith, Kenneth " Ken " Hirst, Kenneth " Ken " Rollin, Keith Holliday, Dennis Williamson, Milan Kosanović, Geoffrey " Geoff " Oakes, Brian Briggs, Albert ' Budgie ' Firth and Don Vines.
One of the persons behind the development of the Dennis Dominator was Geoffrey Hilditch, then the Engineering Director of West Yorkshire PTE.
* 1930 Geoffrey Dennis: The End of the World

Dennis and Water
Dennis R. Hoagland and Daniel I. Arnon wrote a classic 1938 agricultural bulletin, The Water Culture Method for Growing Plants Without Soil, debunking the exaggerated claims made about hydroponics.
Members of the Borough Council and their departmental assignments are Council President Scott Scelso ( Building and Grounds ), James Bilella ( Streets and Roads ), Dennis Chance ( Public Safety ), Lynn Kupchik ( Water and Sewer ), Nicholas Maccaroni ( Finance ) and James Pearce ( Health and Recreation ).
He settled into driving a taxi by night and writing by day until the publication of his first novel, High Water Chants, in 1977, which Dennis Lee called one of the best in the language.
File: Fountain in Fairmount Park, from Robert N. Dennis collection of stereoscopic views. jpg | Allegorical Figure of The Schuylkill River ( aka Water Nymph and Bittern ) ( 1809 ).
* Earth, Wind and Water — Bob Dennis
He speaks to Jean Fleming on human biology ( Body Parts ), Erick Brenstrem on world weather ( Barometer ), Alan Gilmore on astronomy ( Starry Starry Night ), Craig Stevens on oceanography ( Salty Water ), Hamish Campbell on geology ( Hot Rocks ) and Dennis McCaughan on mathematics ( Primarily Numbers ).
The Water Fountain / Sears outlet / Backyard Studios, the Doctor's office and Dennis ' Cafe, which was also the owner's home.

Dennis and for
Love was responsible for the hiring of coaches Herb Sendek, the men's basketball coach, and Dennis Erickson, the men's football coach.
The club is also particularly famous for its renowned youth program that has produced many Dutch talents over the years – Johan Cruijff, Edwin van der Sar, Dennis Bergkamp, national team top scorer Patrick Kluivert, and former national team coach Marco van Basten.
Blue Remembered Hills, a television play by Dennis Potter, takes its title from " Into My Heart an Air That Kills " from A Shropshire Lad, the cycle also providing the name for the James Bond film Die Another Day: " But since the man that runs away / Lives to die another day ".
Dennis the Menace's famous ' red and black ' jersey had formed the colours of a few of the Beano characters ' clothes ( Minnie the Minx has the same, although the placement of the stripes is a bit different ; Ball Boy's was a vertical red and black ; Roger the Dodger has a chessboard design top, and Danny ( from the Bash Street Kids ) has a similar cap ), but they have changed for Minnie and Ball Boy ( Minnie at one point had a red and yellow top and Ball Boy's strip is now black and blue ).
Mark Bortz holds the record for most Bear playoff appearances, with 13 between 1983 and 1994, and is followed by Kevin Butler, Dennis Gentry, Dan Hampton, Jay Hilgenberg, Steve McMichael, Ron Rivera, Mike Singletary, and Keith Van Horne, who have each played in 12 playoff games.
The 1970s were not much better, with the Indians trading away several future stars, including Graig Nettles, Dennis Eckersley, Buddy Bell and 1971 Rookie of the Year Chris Chambliss, for a number of players who made no impact.
He received accolades for his portrayal of Sydney Carton in a made for television version of A Tale of Two Cities ( 1980 ), co-starred with Dennis Hopper in The Osterman Weekend ( 1983 ), which was based on the Robert Ludlum novel of the same name, and co-starred with Goldie Hawn in Protocol ( 1984 ).
On November 3, 2006, Dr. Dennis Bray of University of Cambridge was awarded the Microsoft Award for his work on chemotaxis on E. coli.
The core band that coalesced around this album and tour — rhythm guitarist Alomar, bassist George Murray, and drummer Dennis Davis — would continue as a stable unit for the remainder of the 1970s.
He hosted a Friday evening talk show on Radio Clyde, and in June 1971 was beaten by Dennis Canavan when he applied for the seat of West Stirlingshire.
According to Dennis Gabor, the physicist Leó Szilárd tried in 1928 to convince him to build an electron microscope, for which he had filed a patent.
In September 2005 Dennis Schmitt discovered an island north of the Arctic Circle in eastern Greenland which he named Uunartoq Qeqertoq, Inuit for " warming island ".
* Dennis Miller ( Australian actor ), actor best known for his recurring role on Blue Heelers as Ex-Sergeant Pat Doyle ( 1994 – 2000 ).
In December the Astros traded OF Luke Scott, RHP Matt Albers, RHP Dennis Sarfate, LHP Troy Patton, and minor-league 3B Mike Costanzo, to the Baltimore Orioles for SS Miguel Tejada.
* The Patriot Square Shopping Center in neighboring South Dennis is convenient for residents of North Harwich and West Harwich.
Dennis Sullivan is remembered as one who had a special talent for encouraging fruitful exchanges among visitors and provoking a new and deeper insight into their ideas.
That same year, he recorded the title theme song for Dennis Hopper's Colors, a film about inner-city gang life in Los Angeles.
Australia enforced the follow-on and piled on the pressure ; Gooch was out for 0 on his third ball of the first over caught by Terry Alderman off the bowling of Dennis Lillee.
Besides his studio work, Torrence became a graphic artist starting his own company, Kittyhawk Graphics, and designing and creating album covers and logos for other musicians and recording artists, including Harry Nilsson, Steve Martin, the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Dennis Wilson, Bruce Johnston, The Beach Boys, Diana Ross and The Supremes, Linda Ronstadt, Canned Heat, The Ventures and many others.
Troubled Minds was also recognised locally with writer / director Dennis K. Smith winning the AWGIE Award for Best Documentary.
The Jewish Conservative columnist Dennis Prager, for example, writes:
* The Webpage of Dennis Havlena contains a number of construction articles for Koras and accessories
Dennis Day was a Mouseketeer for two seasons ; the others served for shorter periods.

Dennis and States
* 1942 – Dennis Hastert, 59th Speaker of the United States House of Representatives
Mary Tyler Moore presents the JDRF's Hero's Award to U. S. Speaker of the United States House of Representatives | Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, for his role in securing federal funding for type 1 diabetes research, 2003
Traditionally, politically driven talk radio from the United States does not air on Canadian stations, with a few scattered exceptions ( e. g. the now-defunct CFBN, which carried political programming such as the Glenn Beck Program and Dennis Miller, and the also-discontinued talk format of CHAM, which carried Miller ).
After Eugene Dennis was convicted in the Foley Square trial for attempting to organize a Communist Party in the United States pursuant to the Smith Act § 2, he petitioned for certiorari, which the Supreme Court granted.
In Dennis v. United States, the Court upheld the law 6-2 ( Justice Tom C. Clark did not participate because he had ordered the prosecutions when he was Attorney General ).
** Dennis Hastert, American politician and former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives
In May 1950, one month before the appeals court heard oral arguments in the Dennis v. United States case, the Supreme Court ruled on free speech issues in American Communications Association v. Douds.
The defendants appealed the Second Circuit's decision to the Supreme Court in Dennis v. United States.
* Dennis v. United States
He began to travel around the United States, ostensibly on vacation but gathering support to replace Dennis as the general secretary.
Peres took the agreement to the United States to the surprise of U. S. negotiator Dennis Ross.
Maui County was the only county in the United States won by Dennis Kucinich during his unsuccessful campaign for the Democratic Party nomination to the presidency in 2004.
St. Dennis is a census-designated place ( CDP ) in Jefferson County, Kentucky, United States.
East Dennis is a census-designated place ( CDP ) in the town of Dennis in Barnstable County, Massachusetts, United States.
South Dennis is a census-designated place ( CDP ) in the town of Dennis in Barnstable County, Massachusetts, United States.
West Dennis is a census-designated place ( CDP ) in the town of Dennis in Barnstable County, Massachusetts, United States.
Dennis Acres is a village in Newton County, Missouri, United States.
Dennis Township is a township in Cape May County, New Jersey, United States.
Dennis is a census-designated place ( CDP ) in Delaware County, Oklahoma, United States, near Grand Lake.
Janette Dennis helped spearhead " The Friends of the Atascocita Library " ( FOAL ) donates around $ 100, 000 United States dollars per year to the library.
* Dennis v. United States,
Carolyn McCarthy, wife of victim Dennis McCarthy, was elected to the United States House of Representatives after running on a platform of gun control.

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