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Downward and with
The Nine Inch Nails album The Downward Spiral has several nihilistic themes and concepts throughout the overall storyline, with the narrator rejecting the world and the concept of God and attempting to forge his own versions ( with lines such as " God is dead / And no one cares / If there is a Hell / I'll see you there ").
In 1994, he worked again with Nine Inch Nails, this time on The Downward Spiral.
Early models of the F-104 Starfighter were equipped with a Downward Track ejection seat due to the hazard of the T-tail.
Nine Inch Nails, the " one-man-band " formed by Trent Reznor, brought the genre to mainstream audiences with albums such as the Grammy-winning Broken and the best-selling The Downward Spiral, accompanied by their groundbreaking performance at Woodstock ' 94.
The band then went through difficulties with their record label, but signed to Mercury Records for 1993's The Downward Road.
From this starting position, commonly called Downward Dog in Yoga, one bends the elbows, lowering the head towards the ground and bringing the chest almost to the ground, while his hips are still about a couple of feet in the air then " swoops " forward to a " Cobra Pose ", which means that the head and shoulders are high with unbent elbows but the knees and hips are almost touching the ground.
Others attempt the task, but none succeed like Leonard Welsted ( who had satirized Pope, Gay, and Arbuthnot's play Three Hours after Marriage in 1717 ), for he goes in swinging his arms like a windmill ( to splash all with mud ): " No crab more active in the dirty dance ,/ Downward to climb, and backward to advance " ( II 296-7 ).
The stories refer to the 1994 ' Downward Spiral Tour ' with Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails.
Lohner stayed on with the band throughout the touring cycle to The Downward Spiral, both the recording and touring behind The Fragile, the live album / DVD And All That Could Have Been, and the recording of the Still EP.
In late 1997, they teamed with Mark Rubel at Pogo Studios to record their fourth album, Downward Is Heavenward.
The band have released six studio albums: Choirs of the Eye in 2003, Dowsing Anemone with Copper Tongue in 2006, Blue Lambency Downward in 2008, Coyote in 2010, Stained Glass in 2011, and Gamma Knife / Grey Dream in 2012.
Downward entailment does not explain the licensing of any in certain contexts such as with only:
Joining the band Nine Inch Nails upon graduation from college, Brian lived with Trent Reznor in New Orleans for a while, working on the EP Broken before the band relocated to Los Angeles, or more specifically, the Sharon Tate house to record The Downward Spiral.

Downward and even
Non-standard egress systems include Downward Track ( used for some crew positions in bomber aircraft, including the B-52 Stratofortress ), Canopy Destruct ( CD ) and Through-Canopy Penetration ( TCP ), Drag Extraction, Encapsulated Seat, and even Crew Capsule.

Downward and .
* The opening sounds of " Mr. Self Destruct " on the Nine Inch Nails 1994 album The Downward Spiral is a sample from THX 1138 in which a man is being beaten by a prison guard.
Downward the earth was dug, until I reached rock in the earth.
" On the ' Downward Control ' of Extratropical Diabatic Circulations by Eddy-Induced Mean Zonal Forces " Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences Volume 48, Issue 4 ( February 1991 ) pp. 651 – 678.
* Belzagor — A planet colonized by Earth, whose natives are the elephant-like nildoror, in Downward to the Earth by Robert Silverberg.
( Margaret Kartomi, 2011, Upward and Downward Classifications of Musical Instruments-musicology. ff, cuni. cz )
While writing The Downward Spiral, Reznor lived in the Tate mansion where the Manson family murders took place.
Downward comparison is when an individual compares themselves to someone who is considered beneath them.
Downward motion of the easterlies is usually more irregular than that of the westerlies.
* Industrial band Nine Inch Nails covered the song " Memorabilia " in 1994 which appeared on the " Closer " single and on their 10th anniversary re-release of The Downward Spiral during 2004.
Downward they destroy another object.
Downward displacement ( or gravity-type ): As steam enters the chamber, it fills the upper areas first as it is less dense than air.
Downward compression reduces loud sounds over a certain threshold while quiet sounds remain unaffected.
This was only shown once during the original broadcast, was edited out of all repeats, and generally seen as a sign that the long-awaited follow-up to The Downward Spiral would be released early in 1999.
2, 3: ' Downward ', PlayStation, & 4 ) – The host of the German volumes.
* YDKJ Vol. 3: ' Downward – carbon copy of U. S. Vol. 4 (" The Ride ") in German

Downward and .,
* Burris, Stanley N., Downward Löwenheim – Skolem theorem
Threat As A Determinant of Downward Comparison., J.

Downward and one
To date, only one album has been released, In Streams, on the Martians Go Home label, set up by the band themselves to release the vinyl version of " Downward Is Heavenward " and the re-release of Electra 2000 on CD.
Downward comparison theory emphasizes the positive effects of comparisons in increasing one ’ s subjective well-being ( Wills, 1981 ).

Downward and other
Downward rotation would be prevented by co-contraction of other muscles that elevate the spine, the upper fibers of the trapezius, which is an upward rotator.
Aside from his work for Radiohead, Donwood also maintains his own website, Slowly Downward, where short stories and various other writings are published.

counterfactuals and with
Another issue is that the material conditional is not designed to deal with counterfactuals and other cases that people often find in if-then reasoning.
" Third, the Scriptures are replete with counterfactual statements, so that the Christian theist, at least, should be committed to the truth of certain counterfactuals about free, creaturely actions .”
The class of focus sensitive expressions in which focus can be associated with includes exclusives ( only, just ) non-scalar additives ( merely, too ) scalar additives ( also, even ), particularlizers ( in particular, for example ), intensifiers, quantificational adverbs, quantificational determiners, sentential connectives, emotives, counterfactuals, superlatives, negation and generics.
" Among the further benefits: < ul >< li > If possible worlds help with counterfactuals, they will help with causation.

counterfactuals and even
It makes a bold and positive assertion and therefore requires warrant in excess of that which attends the Molinist assumption that there are true counterfactuals about creaturely free actions .” Latter, Craig points out “ Anti – Molinists have not even begun the task of showing that counterfactuals of creaturely freedom are members of the set of propositions or statements which require truth – makers if they are to be true .” Thus the grounding objector must prove a universal negative regarding the falsity of counterfactuals of freedom or he must explain his theory of the basis for truth and prove that theory true.

counterfactuals and e
In the case of any material object, e. g. a printer, we can formulate a series of counterfactuals in the following manner:

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