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Extra and Mile
* In 2005, Juliette Low was honored as part of a new national monument in Washington, D. C. named The Extra Mile Points of Light Volunteer Pathway.
:* Go the " Extra Mile " for the Customer
2006 — Minnesota MILE ( Motivating & Inspiring Leadership and Excellence ) " Extra Mile Award "
* Extra Mile
* Extra Mile Education Foundation
A medallion of Boyce is near the White House as part of the The Extra Mile – Points of Light Volunteer Pathway.
Despite this, the group has achieved three more top ten hits in Canada with " Believe ," " I Love This Road ," and " The Extra Mile.
Menounos also appeared on the Scrubs episode " My Extra Mile ", which aired in May 2006 where she is attracted to John Dorian because she likes his hair.
She is on of the persons named on The Extra Mile -- Points of Light Volunteer Pathway National Memorial in Washington, D. C.
Italian singer Laura Pausini sings the ballad The Extra Mile, written, among others, by Australian singer Tina Arena.
It has more than 171 self-service kiosks at 63 U. S. locations, which earned it theExtra Mile Award ” from Budget Travel magazine in 2007.
" Extra Mile "
* The Extra Mile ( 1992 )
* The Extra Mile ( 1992 )
The Extra Mile is an initiative managed by the Foundation.
" The race has been dubbed " The Extra Mile at the Magic Mile.
Reed is the author of the book The Extra Mile: One Woman's Personal Journey to Ultra-Running Greatness Rodale, Inc. ( ISBN 1-59486-415-2 ).

Extra and General
The Extra General Assembly of Renju International Federation in 2008 created 3 new sets of rules for openings that are to replace the above old sequence of moves: Soosõrv, Taraguchi, and Yamaguchi.
Extra services may include a post office, private business services such as tearooms, cafes, and bed and breakfast accommodation ; or state services such as libraries and General Practitioner ( GP ) or Dental clinics ; and charity partners such as Women's Institute ( WI ) coffee mornings held on the day most elderly villagers might collect their weekly pensions.
These members are responsible for administering Federal Communications Commission sanctioned examinations that allow successful applicants to qualify as amateur radio operators in the three different license categories of: Technician, General, and Amateur Extra.
From left to right: Compact Fluorescent: General Electric, 13 W, 6, 500 K ; Incandescent: Sylvania 60 W Extra Soft White ; Compact Fluorescent: Bright Effects, 15 W, 2, 644 K ; Compact Fluorescent: Sylvania, 14 W, 3, 000 K

Extra and Miguel
Its portfolio of nine beer products includes San Miguel Beer Pale Pilsen, San Miguel Light, San Miguel All Premium Malt, San Miguel Super Dry, San Miguel Strong Ice, Red Horse Extra Strong Beer, Gold Eagle, San Miguel Draft and " Cerveza Negra.
Several San Miguel beers ( Red Horse Beer Extra Strong, San Miguel Premium All-Malt Beer, San Miguel Super Dry, Cerveza Negra, San Miguel Alcoholic malt Beverage Apple Flavor ) received a Gold Award at Monde Selection ’ s World Quality Selections in 2012.

Extra and Contest
The headline reads, "' Incredible Record ' ( in the Contest to Cut Down 100 People ) — Mukai 106 – 105 Noda — Both 2nd Lieutenants Go Into Extra Innings ".
The Nichi Nichi headline of the story of December 13 read "' Incredible Record ' the Contest to Behead 100 People — Mukai 106 – 105 Noda — Both 2nd Lieutenants Go Into Extra Innings ".
Maria Menounos ( Greek: Μαρία Μενούνου ) ( born June 8, 1978 ) is an American actress, journalist, television presenter and occasional professional wrestler known in The United States for her appearances as a correspondent for Today, Access Hollywood, Extra, and abroad for co-hosting the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 in Athens, Greece.
Before that year's ESC took place, on 28 April, a new federative state was formed consisting of Serbia and Montenegro called Federal Republic of Yugoslavia which was represented by the previously mentioned Extra Nena in the Eurovision Song Contest 1992 held on 9 May.

Extra and Death
The Life and Death of 9413: a Hollywood Extra ( 1928 ) is an American short silent experimental film.
* The Life and Death of 9413: A Hollywood Extra at IMDB
nl: The Life and Death of 9413: a Hollywood Extra
sh: The Life and Death of 9413: a Hollywood Extra
In the late 1920s he produced two experimental ( and very inexpensive ) short films: The Life and Death of 9413 -- a Hollywood Extra ( 1928 ) co-directed with Slavko Vorkapich, and Skyscraper Symphony the following year.
* The Life and Death of 9413: a Hollywood Extra ( short ), 1928
In 2012, Scarface collaborated with Ice Cube on an Insane Clown Posse remix called " Chris Benoit " on The Mighty Death Pop! s bonus album Mike E. Clark's Extra Pop Emporium.
The U. S. had some avant-garde films before World War II, such as Manhatta ( 1921 ) by Charles Sheeler and Paul Strand, and The Life and Death of 9413: a Hollywood Extra ( 1928 ) by Slavko Vorkapich and Robert Florey.
**** " Death of a Wise Guy " ( with Chris Bachalo, in Extra!

Extra and .
* Extra digits and / or limbs ( e. g. polydactyly )
There is a Homebase, Asda, VUE as well as a Tesco Extra which opened on 22 November 2010.
From 2005, Freeview users could access the CBBC Extra video stream.
# Extra Services.
Extra dimensions appear as a frequent component of supergravity models and other approaches to quantum gravity.
Extra light ( or ' lite '): 12 – 12. 5 % fat.
This was followed by the Liber Sextus ( 1298 ) of Boniface VIII, the Clementines ( 1317 ) of Clement V, the Extravagantes Joannis XXII and the Extravagantes Communes, all of which followed the same structure as the Liber Extra.
* Extra point tries are attempted from the three-yard line.
Extra length above this level was tax-free and became a feature of clippers.
Catholicism teaches Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus (" Outside the Church there is no salvation "), which some, like Fr.
" Nobel's Extra Dynamite " manufactured by Nobel's old company, Nitroglycerin Aktiebolaget.
Discraft divides their drivers into 3 categories: Long Drivers, Extra Long Drivers, and Maximum Distance Drivers.
Aaron Swartz, Extra !, September / October, 2007.
* Extra hanging toms.
* Extra crash cymbals.
Extra sessions usually convene in the autumn and are opened then.
These included the popular " Put a Tiger in Your Tank " advertising campaign and accompanying tiger mascot, introduced in 1959, to promote Enco Extra and Esso Extra gasolines.
It was broadcast again on February 12, 2012 on BBC Radio 4 Extra.
The FNC feed is available internationally via a number of providers, while Fox Extra segments provide alternate programming.
In 2006 the weather forecasts were replaced with Fox Extra ( originally Fox News Extra, prior to the international launch of Fox Business ) segments, narrated reports from Fox on a variety of topics.
FNC also shows international weather forecasts when Fox Extra segments run short.

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