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1927 and feature-length
Sam died of pneumonia in 1927 ( just before the premiere of the first feature-length talking picture, The Jazz Singer ), and Jack became sole head of production.
* The Jazz Singer ( 1927 ), the first feature-length motion picture with synchronized dialogue sequences.
Vélez's first feature-length film was The Gaucho ( 1927 ) starring Douglas Fairbanks.
In the 1920s, he worked in Hollywood, starring in many silent short comedies and in the feature-length action thriller Play Safe ( 1927 ).

1927 and silent
He directed dozens of silent films, including Paramount Pictures ' first production, The Squaw Man ( 1914 ), which was co-directed by Oscar Apfel, before coming into huge popularity during the late 1910s and early 1920s, when he reached the apex of his popularity with such films as Don't Change Your Husband ( 1919 ), The Ten Commandments ( 1923 ), and The King of Kings ( 1927 ).
It went on to become a silent movie of the same name, directed by Alfred Hitchcock and filmed in 1927.
During late 1927, Warners released The Jazz Singer, which was mostly silent but contained what is generally regarded as the first synchronized dialogue ( and singing ) in a feature film ; but this process was actually accomplished first by Charles Taze Russell in 1914 with the lengthy film The Photo-Drama of Creation.
The commercial and critical success of Sternberg's silent Underworld in 1927 was largely responsible for spurring a trend of Hollywood gangster films.
* Napoléon ( 1927 film ), a French silent film by Abel Gance
In 1984, a restoration of Metropolis ( 1927 ) with new score by producer-composer Giorgio Moroder was another turning point in modern-day interest in silent films.
By the mid-1920s many American silent films had adopted a more naturalistic acting style, though not all actors and directors accepted naturalistic, low-key acting straight away ; as late as 1927, films featuring expressionistic acting styles, such as Metropolis, were still being released.
Although the release of The Jazz Singer ( 1927 ) by Warner Brothers marked the first commercially successful sound film, silent films were the majority of features released in both 1927 and 1928, along with so-called goat-glanded films: silents with a section of sound film inserted.
Major silent films presumed lost include Saved from the Titanic ( 1912 ); The Apostle, the world's first animated feature film ( 1917 ); Cleopatra ( 1917 ); Arirang ( 1926 ); Gentlemen Prefer Blondes ( 1927 ); The Great Gatsby ( 1926 ); and London After Midnight ( 1927 ).
The visionary French director, Abel Gance, used the term " Polyvision " to describe his three-camera, three-projector technique for both widening and dividing the screen in his 1927 silent epic, Napoléon.
He is noted in particular for his silent films Strike ( 1924 ), Battleship Potemkin ( 1925 ) and October ( 1927 ), as well as the historical epics Alexander Nevsky ( 1938 ) and Ivan the Terrible ( 1944, 1958 ).
One of the most popular actresses of the silent film era, in 1928 Gaynor became the first winner of the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performances in three films: Seventh Heaven ( 1927 ), Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans ( 1927 ) and Street Angel ( 1928 ).
He starred in two silent films directed by Alfred Hitchcock, The Lodger and Downhill, both in 1927.
There is a 1927 silent film titled Robinson Crusoe.
* Hua Mulan Joins the Army ( 1927 film ) – a Chinese silent film released by the Tianyi Film Company and directed by Li Pingqian.
Wings is a 1927 silent film about World War I fighter pilots, produced by Lucien Hubbard, directed by William A. Wellman and released by Paramount Pictures.
Seventh Heaven ( 1927 ) is a silent film and one of the first films to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture ( then called " Best Picture, Production ").
Seventh Heaven is the 13th highest grossing silent film in cinema history, taking in more than $ 2. 5 million at the box office in 1927.
By 1927, Shearer had made a total of thirteen silent films for MGM.
In 1927 Garbo was introduced to stage and screen actress Lilyan Tashman and strong evidence indicates that the two began an affair ; silent film star Louise Brooks stated that she and Garbo had a brief liaison the following year.
The last silent film version was released in 1927.

1927 and film
The first Academy Awards ceremony was held on May 16, 1929, at the Hotel Roosevelt in Hollywood to honor the outstanding film achievements of the 1927 / 1928 film season.
Production on The Circus resumed, and the film was completed in October 1927.
* 1927 – Putting Pants on Philip, the first Laurel and Hardy film, is released.
* 1927 – Robert Hossein, French film actor and director
Vertov lost his job at Sovkino in January 1927, possibly as a result of criticizing a film which effectively preaches the line of the Communist Party.
* The Enemy ( 1927 film ), starring Lillian Gish
It was clear that Edison originally intended to create a sound film system, which would not gain worldwide recognition until the release of " The Jazz Singer " in 1927.
The Cinematograph Films Act 1927 introduced protective measures, leading to recovery and an all-time production high of 192 films in 1936 ( see 1936 in film ).
The following year in 1927, Wray was signed to a contract with Paramount Pictures In 1928, director Erich von Stroheim cast Wray as the main female lead in his film The Wedding March, released under Paramount, a film noted for its high budget and production values.
She and Lang co-wrote all of his movies from 1921 through 1933, including 1922's Dr. Mabuse, der Spieler ( Dr. Mabuse the Gambler ), which ran for over four hours in two parts in the original version and was the first in the Dr. Mabuse trilogy, 1924's five-hour Die Nibelungen, the famous 1927 film Metropolis, and the 1931 classic, M, his first " talking " picture.
* 1927 film made in Phonofilm at SilentEra
He also worked on the scripts for Honesty-The Best Policy in 1926 and Joseph von Sternberg's Underworld in 1927, famous for being one of the first gangster film.
The film starred Louise Fazenda, Dorothy Phillips and Ethel Wales and was shot in early 1927.
The film was released in May 1927 and was a minor hit.
Although finished in August 1927, the film was not released until June 1928.
The film was filmed from October to December 1927 and released in February 1928.
* 1927 – Louis B. Mayer, head of film studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer ( MGM ), announces the creation of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, at a banquet in Los Angeles, California.
* 1927 – Fritz Lang's futuristic film Metropolis is released in Germany.
The Jazz Singer, released in 1927 by Warner Brothers, was not only the first film with synchronized dialogue, but the first feature film that was also a musical, featuring Al Jolson singing " Dirty Hands, Dirty Face ;" " Toot, Toot, Tootsie ", " Blue Skies " and " My Mammy ".

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