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John and Ellis
John Ellis explained that “... there is considerable justice in Matthew Cooper's assertion that the panzer divisions were not given the kind of strategic mission that was to characterize authentic armoured blitzkrieg, and were almost always closely subordinated to the various mass infantry armies .”
* Ellis, John M. Against Deconstruction Princeton: Princeton UP, 1989.
Early films, including those from the silent era, which feature the station include Traffic in Souls ( 1913 ), which starred Matt Moore ; The Yellow Passport ( 1916 ), starring Clara Kimball Young ; My Boy ( 1921 ), starring Jackie Coogan ; Frank Capra's The Strong Man ( 1926 ), starring Harry Langdon ; We Americans ( 1928 ), starring John Boles ; The Mating Call ( film ), 1928, co-starring Thomas Meighan and Renée Adorée ; Ellis Island ( 1936 ), starring Donald Cook ; Paddy O ' Day ( 1936 ), starring Jane Withers ; Gateway ( 1938 ), starring Don Ameche ; Exile Express ( 1939 ), which starred Anna Sten ; I, Jane Doe ( 1948 ), starring Ruth Hussey and Vera Ralston, and Gambling House ( 1951 ), starring Victor Mature
The acronym GUT was first coined in 1978 by CERN researchers John Ellis, Andrzej Buras, Mary K. Gaillard, and Dimitri Nanopoulos, however in the final version of their paper they opted for the less anatomical GUM ( Grand Unification Mass ).
He secured the collaboration of George Ellis, John Hookham Frere, William Gifford, and some others.
Gainey and Tom Savini as Big John and Ellis Brittle, two of the slave owners who separate Django and Broomhilda, Anthony LaPaglia and Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Australian brothers, Jano and an unnamed character, respectively, who encounter Django while escorting slaves to a fight.
Physicist John Ellis claims to have introduced the term into the technical literature in an article in Nature in 1986.
The remaining members recruited John Ellis, who had had a long-standing association with the band.
In the 1990s, Ruben Gonzalez, Cliff Swain and Sudsy Monchik dominated pro tournaments, and other great players like Andy Roberts, John Ellis, and Drew Kachtik were often left out of the winner's circle.
However, the early dialect researcher Alexander John Ellis believed that Cockney developed due to the influence of Essex dialect on London speech.
Physicist John Ellis claims to have introduced the term into the technical literature in an article in Nature in 1986.
A critically panned film he made about the life of Richard Wagner ( noted for having the only onscreen teaming of Laurence Olivier, John Gielgud and Ralph Richardson in the same scenes ) was shown as a television miniseries in 1983 after failing to achieve a theatrical release in most countries, but Burton enjoyed a personal triumph in the American television miniseries Ellis Island in 1984, receiving a posthumous Emmy Award nomination for his final television performance.
There have been a number of notable Old Rugbeians including the purported father of the sport of Rugby William Webb Ellis, the inventor of Australian rules football Tom Wills, the war poets Rupert Brooke and John Gillespie Magee, Jr., Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, author and mathematician Lewis Carroll, poet and cultural critic Matthew Arnold, the author and social critic Salman Rushdie ( who said of his time there: " Almost the only thing I am proud of about going to Rugby school was that Lewis Carroll went there too.
The first VLIW compiler was described in a Ph. D. thesis by John Ellis, supervised by Fisher.
Col. John Gibbon's column of six companies ( A, B, E, H, I, and K ) of the 7th Infantry and four companies ( F, G, H, and L ) of the 2nd Cavalry marched east from Fort Ellis in western Montana on March 30, to patrol the Yellowstone River.
* John Ellis Martineau, Governor of Arkansas ( 1927-1928 ), born in Clay County in 1873.
Until the 20th century, future British executioners were trained at Newgate ; one of the last was John Ellis in 1901.
In the early 1970s, he tutored the filmmaker and special effects artist John R. Ellis.
Elizabeth R also starred many well-known television actors, including Malcolm McFee, Michael Williams, Margaretta Scott, John Woodvine, James Laurenson, Angela Thorne, Brian Wilde, Robin Ellis, Robert Hardy and Peter Egan.
* Governor of North Carolina John W. Ellis was born in what was then eastern Rowan County and practiced law in Salisbury.
Ellis County gave a plurality to Bill Clinton over Bush and Ross Perot in the 1992 presidential election, but has been in the Republican column in each of the past four elections, giving 66 percent to Republican John McCain to 32 percent for Democrat Barack Obama in the 2008 election, higher than the 57 percent McCain won statewide.
Janet Baker, Julian Bream, Osian Ellis, Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, John Shirley-Quirk and Robert Tear were amongst the regular performers in the early days, followed later by Alfred Brendel, Ian Bostridge, Thomas Allen, Philip Langridge and Ann Murray.
Historian Joseph Ellis has found that the 1200 letters between John and Abigail " constituted a treasure trove of unexpected intimacy and candor, more revealing than any other correspondence between a prominent American husband and wife in American history.
" Ellis ( 2011 ) says that Abigail, although self-educated, was a better and more colorful letter-writer than John, even though John was one of the best letter-writers of the age.

John and naturalist
* 1809 John Kirk Townsend, American naturalist ( d. 1851 )
The ship's captain, Commander John Clements Wickham, named the port after Charles Darwin, the British naturalist who had sailed with them both on the earlier second expedition of the Beagle.
* John James Audubon ( naturalist )
* John Muir ( naturalist, activist )
John Ray ( 29 November 1627 17 January 1705 ) was an English naturalist, sometimes referred to as the father of English natural history.
John James Audubon ( Jean-Jacques Audubon ) ( April 26, 1785 January 27, 1851 ) was a French-American ornithologist, naturalist, and painter.
John W. became a naturalist, writer and painter in his own right.
He had his portrait painted by John Syme, who clothed the naturalist in frontier clothes.
* John Walker ( natural historian ) ( 1731 1803 ), Scottish naturalist
John Ray ( 1627 1705 ) also known as John Wray, was an English naturalist, sometimes referred to as the father of English natural history.
* 1789 William John Swainson, English naturalist and artist ( d. 1855 )
It was realised as early as 1767 that the stars in a clusters were physically related, when the English naturalist Reverend John Michell calculated that the probability of even just one group of stars like the Pleiades being the result of a chance alignment as seen from Earth was just 1 in 496, 000.
His fortunes began to improve when John Van Voorst, the leading publisher of naturalist writing, agreed, on the recommendation of Thomas Bell, to publish his Canadian Naturalist ( 1840 ).
The Introduction establishes Darwin's credentials as a naturalist and author, then refers to John Herschel's letter suggesting that the origin of species " would be found to be a natural in contradistinction to a miraculous process ":
A few years earlier, naturalist John Burroughs had published an article entitled " Real and Sham Natural History " in the Atlantic Monthly, attacking popular writers of the day such as Ernest Thompson Seton, Charles G. D. Roberts and William J.
** John Macoun, Irish born naturalist ( b. 1831 )
* October 8 William John Swainson an English naturalist and artist ( d. 1855 )
* March 29 John Burroughs, American naturalist and essayist ( born 1837 )
* February 24 John Bachman, American Lutheran minister, social activist and naturalist, ( b. 1790 )
* February 20 John Nathan Cobb, American author, naturalist, conservationist, fisheries researcher, and educator ( d. 1930 )
* January 13 John Nathan Cobb, American author, naturalist, conservationist, fisheries researcher, and educator ( b. 1868 )
* January 27 John James Audubon, French-American naturalist and illustrator ( b. 1785 )
* December 6 William John Swainson, English naturalist and artist ( b. 1789 )
* April 26 John James Audubon, French-American naturalist and illustrator ( d. 1851 )

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