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National and Right
Other conservative parties are the National Party of Australia, a sister party of the Liberals, Family First Party, Democratic Labor Party, Shooters Party and the Katter's Australian Party The second largest party in the country, the Australian Labor Party's dominant faction is Labor Right, a socially conservative element.
In 2006, Soulforce, a national LGBT rights organization, organized its Right to Serve Campaign, in which gay men and lesbians in several cities attempted to enlist in the Armed Forces or National Guard.
Former prime ministers retain the prefix The Right Honourable for the remainder of their lives ; should they remain sitting MPs, they may be referred as The Right Honourable Member for Electoral district ( Canada ) | riding < nowiki ></ nowiki > or by their portfolio title ( if appointed to one ), as in The Right Honourable Minister of National Defence.
Calles founded the National Revolutionary Party early in the year to increase his power ; a party which was, ironically, seen by foreigners as fascist and which was in opposition to the Mexican Right.
* Free Speech National Right to Life page containing documents opposing excessive regulation of " lobbying " as infringement on " right to petition " guaranteed by the First Amendment.
* National Right To Read Foundation-Many articles on comparison between Phonics and Whole language techniques and effects
Since its inception in 2001, Lexington has produced numerous major leaguers including: 2009 National League All-Star Hunter Pence ( Outfielder ) of the San Francisco Giants, John Buck ( Catcher ) of the Florida Marlins, Mike Gallo ( Pitcher ), who is currently a free agent, and Josh Anderson, ( Right fielder ) who is currently a Free Agent.
The first group it helped co-establish was the European Right after the 1984 election, which also consisted of the Italian Social Movement ( MSI ), its early inspiration, and the Greek National Political Union.
Coats received endorsements from National Right to Life Committee, Indiana Right to Life and the Susan B. Anthony List.
* The Right Reverend Dr Dhirendra Sahu, Lord Bishop of Eastern Himalaya ; General Secretary, National Council of Churches of India ; author, The Church of North India: a historical and systematic theological inquiry into an ecumenical ecclesiology ( 1994 ) and United & uniting: a story of the Church of North India ( 2001 )
* Mildred Fay Jefferson, First African-American woman to graduate from Harvard Medical School, founding member and former President of the National Right to Life Committee
As chairperson of the National Advisory Committee and the UPA, she played an important role in making the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme and the Right to Information Act into law.
In almost every year, Wyden has maintained a 100 percent rating or close to it with pro-choice groups: NARAL Pro-Choice America, Planned Parenthood, and National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association, and a 0 percent rating or close to it from pro-life group: the National Right to Life Committee.
* Paul Starobin, The French Were Right, National Journal, 2003-11-07
The party has had two other names during its history: the National Organization of the Right ( 1938 1952 ) and the Rightist Party ( 1952 1969 ).
From having been a ruling party, the General Electoral League turned into a bastion of right-wing opposition, and in 1938 it was renamed the National Organization of the Right (), a name that would stay until 1952 ( when it would be changed in favor of simply the Rightist Party ().
He has received the World Technology Award, the Right Livelihood Award, the Blue Planet Prize, Volvo Environment Prize, the 4th Annual Heinz Award in the Environment in 1998, and the National Design ( Design Mind ), Jean Meyer, and Lindbergh Awards.
Highlights of her early film career also include The National Health, Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex, The Happy Hooker and Getting It Right.
* National Right to Life praised Blackburn for supporting the Medicare Prescription Drug and Modernization Act.

National and Life
The earlier of them was an unofficial enterprise, sponsored by Life magazine, under the title of The National Purpose.
The Reed Rogers Da Fonta Wild Life Sanctuary in Marin county on Friday officially became the property of the National Audubon Society.
* Rescue: Minimum breaking strength requirements and calculations for rescue carabiners are set out in National Fire Protection Association standard 1983 Fire Service Life Safety Rope and Equipment.
Image: Still Life with Melon and Peaches. JPG | Still Life with Melon and Peaches, National Gallery of Art, 1866
They played home games from their inaugural season to the 2011 season at Sun Life Stadium, which they shared with the Miami Dolphins of the National Football League ( NFL ) and which was also called Joe Robbie Stadium, Pro Player Park, Pro Player Stadium, Dolphin Stadium, Dolphins Stadium, and Land Shark Stadium during their tenancy.
* Listen to Dr Bob Parkinson discuss the HOTOL in an oral history interview recorded for the National Life Stories project Oral History of British Science at the British Library
National Insurance Academy, Pune is apex insurance capacity builder institute promoted with support from Ministry of Finance and by LIC, Life & General Insurance companies.
* Jackson National Life, a financial services company
* 1851 Harriet Beecher Stowe's anti-slavery serial, Uncle Tom's Cabin or, Life Among the Lowly starts a ten-month run in the National Era abolitionist newspaper.
* 1961 Jackson National Life Insurance Company founded.
* 1998 Mayor David Hollister signs a 425 Agreement with Alaiedon Township in September to facilitate the development of the headquarters of Jackson National Life Insurance Company.
The Lansing area is headquarters to four major national insurance companies: Auto-Owners Insurance Company, Jackson National Life, the Accident Fund, and Michigan Millers Insurance Company.
* Maranatha Christian Academy, a Marikina ( Philippines )- based Christian school, now called as the National Christian Life College
* 1996, National Sea Life Centre, Birmingham, UK
:* Oral history collections and activities, including National Life Stories
The overall goal of National Science Foundation's Assembling the Tree of Life activity ( AToL ) is to resolve evolutionary relationships for large groups of organisms throughout the history of life, with the research often involving large teams working across institutions and disciplines.
The Pickelhaube is still part of the parade / ceremonial uniform of the Life Guards ( Swedish Army ); the Portuguese National Republican Guard ; the Military Academies of Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, and Ecuador, and the Military College of Bolivia ; the Chilean Army Central Band and Army School Band ; and the Colombian Presidential Guard Battalion and National Police.
Roosevelt became a Life Member of the National Rifle Association, while President, in 1907 after paying a $ 25 fee.
* One Life: Thomas Paine, the Radical Founding Father exhibition from the National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution
* Listen to an oral history interview with Max Perutz a life story interview recorded for National Life Stories at the British Library
Instead, the proceedings became notorious for the large number of demonstrators and the use of force by the Chicago police during what was supposed to be, in the words of the Yippie activist organizers, “ A Festival of Life .” Rioting took place between demonstrators and the Chicago Police Department, who were assisted by the Illinois National Guard.
In 2000, The Life of Emile Zola was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being " culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant ".

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