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Grant and Cooper
Last two to be added before the book went to press were the marriages of Meredith Jane Cooper, daughter of the Grant B. Coopers, to Robert Knox Worrell, and of Mary Alice Ghormley to Willard Pen Tudor.
Valli's character was an early yet incomplete example of the Hawkian woman archetype as the sexually aggressive showgirl, while O ' Brien's Michael portrayal of a shy man not interested in sex is a character later elaborated upon by Cary Grant and Gary Cooper in later Hawks films.
In the spring of 1865 the Grants went to New York and Grant made an appearance at Cooper Union ; the New York Times thus described the reception for the war hero: "... the enhanced and bewildered multitude trembled with extraordinary delight.
Cary and the studio eventually settled on " Cary Grant " ( Grant thought the letters " C " and " G " to be lucky: they had brought previous success for both Clark Gable and Gary Cooper ).
He then played a demented submarine commander in Devil and the Deep with Tallulah Bankhead, Gary Cooper and Cary Grant, and followed this with his best-remembered film role of that year as Nero in Cecil B. DeMille's The Sign of the Cross.
Stars featured in the film included Charlotte Henry as Alice, W. C. Fields as Humpty Dumpty, Edna May Oliver as the Red Queen, Cary Grant as the Mock Turtle ( Grant's star was still on the ascent at the time ), Gary Cooper as the White Knight, Edward Everett Horton as The Hatter, Charles Ruggles as The March Hare, and Baby LeRoy as The Joker.
Bogart commented about this to his wife, Lauren Bacall: " This never happens to Cooper or Grant or Gable, but always to me.
One of the longer-running police dramas of the day, the series featured appearances by a number of actors, familiar and unfamiliar, among whom were Lynn Borden, Kim Darby, Antonio Fargas, Tiny Tim ( in the pilot TV-movie ), Randolph Mantooth, Cal Bellini, Sharon Gless, Dabbs Greer, Bernie Kopell, Frank Gorshin, Jess Walton, Pernell Roberts, Alan Oppenheimer, Dan Kemp, E. G. Marshall, Harrison Ford, John Schuck, Ingrid Pitt, Susan Saint James, Ivan Dixon, Harry Townes, Pat Hingle, Norman Alden, Anne Francis, David Carradine, Charo, Joseph Campanella, Bill Quinn, Bernard Fox, Tyler McVey, Robert Webber, Alan Hale, Jr., Marion Ross, Marcia Strassman, Susan Sullivan, Suzanne Pleshette, Bo Hopkins, James Hong, Jeanne Cooper, Paul Winfield, Harold Gould, James Farentino, Robert Reed, Bill Bixby, David Cassidy, David Hartman, Dana Elcar, Tina Louise, Lincoln Kilpatrick, Robert Karnes, Tyler MacDuff, Greg Mullavy, Rod Serling, Gene Raymond, Francine York, Peter Mark Richman, Jennifer Gan, Clu Gulager, Joel Grey, Van Williams, John Hoyt, Scott Glenn, William Windom, Joshua Bryant, Dorothy Malone, Robert Alda, Barbara Rush, Jack Kelly, Jason Wingreen, George Takei, George Wallace, John M. Pickard, Diana Muldaur, Jodie Foster, William Katt, Lee Grant, Steve Forrest, Susan Olsen, Michael Lerner, Edward Asner, Eddie Garrett, Darwin Joston, John Rubinstein, Jack Lord, Scott Marlowe, Norman Fell, Gavin MacLeod, Gary Collins, Johnny Seven, William Shatner, Bobby Darin, Martin Sheen, Cheryl Ladd, William Daniels, William Schallert, Burgess Meredith, Vic Tayback, Arch Johnson, James Drury, Ed Flanders, Bruce Lee and Ellen Corby ( Grandma Walton of TV fame ).
Caltech appointed attorney Grant Cooper to defend Qian.
And he was more humorous than, say, Gary Cooper, more down-to-earth than, say, Cary Grant.
During the 1930s the Ambassador Hotel's Cocoanut Grove was frequented by celebrities of cinema such as Norma Shearer and Irving Thalberg, Errol Flynn, Jean Harlow, Clark Gable and Carole Lombard, Katharine Hepburn, Spencer Tracy, Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart, Marlene Dietrich, Lana Turner, John Wayne, Henry Fonda, Lucille Ball, Ginger Rogers, Gary Cooper, Loretta Young, and countless others.
Leased out to various studios, she appeared with stars such as Gary Cooper, Maurice Chevalier, Laurence Olivier, Cary Grant, and James Cagney.
He was a working actor who became memorable in numerous character and supporting roles and appeared with some of the greatest film stars of the day, including Constance Bennett, William Powell, George Arliss, Loretta Young, Gary Cooper, Errol Flynn, Rosalind Russell, Cary Grant and Joan Fontaine.
This first attempt by Disney at producing an Alice feature was eventually tabled when Paramount released their own 1933 live-action version, with a script by Cleopatra director Joseph Mankiewicz ( brother of Citizen Kane ( 1941 ) scribe Herman J. Mankiewicz ) and a cast that included Gary Cooper as the White Knight, Cary Grant as the Mock Turtle, and W. C. Fields as Humpty Dumpty.
Grant B. Cooper represented some of the defendants in the case, including Roselli.
Rather, it was designed by Grant Goddard and Samuel Cooper Davis for Abrams Gentile Entertainment ( AGE ), made by Mattel in the United States and PAX in Japan.
Dick Skeen also was a tennis teacher to many Hollywood Movie Stars, including Errol Flynn, Bing Crosby, Gary Cooper, Cary Grant, Fred Astaire, Kirk Douglas, Ginger Rogers, Doris Day, Joseph Cotton, Merle Oberon, Johnny Weissmuller, Norma Shearer, Hugh O ' Brian, Dolores del Rio, Robert Stack, Efrem Zimbalist, Jr., and Cornel Wilde.
Famous Hollywood guest stars such as Cary Grant, Orson Welles, Judy Garland, Bette Davis, Humphrey Bogart, Paulette Goddard, Dorothy Lamour, Rita Hayworth, Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake, Basil Rathbone, Gary Cooper, Veronica Lake, Ginger Rogers, Edward G. Robinson, Hedda Hopper, and many more would be on hand to trade comedic barbs with Hope.
Warners also contracted established stars such as Ray Danton, Peter Breck, Jeanne Cooper and Grant Williams.
Byrd remained undefeated for his first 26 fights, knocking off then-notable opponents like Phil Jackson, Lionel Butler, Uriah Grant, Bert Cooper, Craig Peterson, Frankie Swindell, Jimmy Thunder, undefeated Eliecer Castillo and Ross Puritty.
Many of leading names in stage and film appeared in the series, most in the roles they made famous on the screen, including Abbott and Costello, Jean Arthur, Lauren Bacall, Lucille Ball, Ethel Barrymore, John Barrymore, Lionel Barrymore, Ingrid Bergman, Humphrey Bogart, Charles Boyer, James Cagney, Claudette Colbert, Ronald Colman, Gary Cooper, Joseph Cotten, Joan Crawford, Bing Crosby, Bette Davis, Dan Duryea, Frances Farmer, Errol Flynn, Ava Gardner, Judy Garland, Greer Garson, Janet Gaynor, Cary Grant, Lillian Gish, Charlton Heston, Bob Hope, Vivien Leigh, Ida Lupino, Fredric March, Agnes Moorehead, Paul Muni, Vincent Price, Donna Reed, Ginger Rogers, Mickey Rooney, Frank Sinatra, Ann Sothern, Barbara Stanwyck, James Stewart, Shirley Temple, Gene Tierney, Spencer Tracy, Lana Turner, John Wayne, Jane Wyman, Orson Welles, Loretta Young and Robert Young.
Felix Octavius Carr Darley ( June 23, 1822 – March 27, 1888 ) often credited as F. O. C. Darley, was an American painter in watercolor and illustrator, known for his illustrations in works by well-known 19th century authors, including: James Fenimore Cooper, Charles Dickens, Mary Maples Dodge, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Washington Irving, George Lippard, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Donald Grant Mitchell, Clement Clarke Moore, Frances Parkman, Harriet Beecher Stowe and Nathaniel Parker Willis.
He was popular with the wealthy political and acting elite, including such persons as Ronald Reagan, Gary Cooper, Cary Grant, Barry Goldwater, the Vanderbilts, Fritz Lang, Barbara Hutton, Ray Milland, Debbie Reynolds, Sonja Henie, Billy Wilder, Dorothy Lamour, John D. Hertz, Barbara Stanwyck, Henry Koster, William Perlberg, William Wyler, and Robert Taylor.

Grant and Roger
Cary Grant as Roger O. Thornhill in North by Northwest ( 1959 )
" Leonard Woolf, in the 1960s, listed as ' Old Bloomsbury ' Vanessa and Clive Bell, Virginia and Leonard Woolf, Adrian and Karin Stephen, Lytton Strachey, Maynard Keynes, Duncan Grant, E. M. Forster, Saxon Sydney-Turner, Roger Fry, Desmond and Molly MacCarthy, with Julian, Quentin and Angelica Bell, and David Garnett as later additions ".
Others such as Lytton Strachey, Leonard Woolf, the MacCarthys, Duncan Grant, and Roger Fry needed to work for their living.
Roger O. Thornhill, a twice-divorced Madison Avenue advertising executive ( Cary Grant ), is mistaken for " George Kaplan " when he summons a hotel bellhop who is paging Kaplan, and is kidnapped by Valerian ( Adam Williams ) and Licht ( Robert Ellenstein ).
* Cary Grant as Roger Thornhill
Cary Grant ’ s Roger Thornhill, the film ’ s sharply dressed ad exec who is sucked into a vortex of mistaken identity, certainly wouldn ’ t be out of place in Mad Men.
Roger Hayden ( Psycho-Pirate ) shows up again in Grant Morrison's run on Animal Man, imprisoned in Arkham Asylum.
* North by Northwest ( 1959 ) by Alfred Hitchcock: Townsend ’ s home, where Roger Thornhill ( Cary Grant ) is taken after being kidnapped
Roger ( Cary Grant ) and Julie Adams suffer a tragedy when she miscarries in an earthquake during their 1923 stay in Japan ( a remarkably realistic re-creation of an historical event ).
* Cary Grant ... Roger Adams
In 1986 a stable lineup was formed, consisting of vocalist Corey Glover, bassist Muzz Skillings, and drummer Will Calhoun ( who had graduated with honors from Berklee College of Music ), and the band hired managers Jim Grant and Roger Cramer.
* Phil Powrie, René Daumal and Roger Gilbert-Lecomte: A bibliography, London: Grant & Cutler, 1988.
The likeness of the Captain Scarlet character has, since his first appearance, been attributed to Francis Matthews, who voiced Scarlet in the series, Cary Grant and Roger Moore.
Her reputation soon reached back to London, where for a time, she went to work making or decorating fabrics, clothes, murals, furniture, and rugs at the Omega Workshops, which was directed by Roger Fry, Vanessa Bell, and Duncan Grant .< ref >
She was portrayed by Geneviève Page in the 1960 film Song Without End, opposite Dirk Bogarde as Liszt, by Fiona Lewis in the 1975 Ken Russell film Lisztomania, opposite Roger Daltrey as Liszt, and by Bernadette Peters in the 1991 James Lapine film Impromptu, which last dramatized encounters between d ' Agoult, Liszt ( Julian Sands ), Chopin ( Hugh Grant ), and George Sand ( Judy Davis ).
* Grant, H. Roger.
She took part in a Blind Date themed skit, picking Chico Slimani over Roger Moore and Richard E Grant.
* Grant G. Simpson, “ An Anglo-Scottish Baron of the Thirteenth century: the Acts of Roger de Quincy Earl of Winchester and Constable of Scotland ” ( Unpublished PhD Thesis, Edinburgh 1963 ).
* Grant G. Simpson, “ An Anglo-Scottish Baron of the Thirteenth century: the Acts of Roger de Quincy Earl of Winchester and Constable of Scotland ” ( Unpublished PhD Thesis, Edinburgh 1963 ).
Current volunteers at HSN include Kim Church, Betty Leigh, and Julie Tello ( all from Shop at Home Network in Nashville, TN ) along with Karin Friedman, Bob Garson, Rob Kirkland, Charlie Hill, and Roger Frost ( who joined HSN as volunteers on November 10, 1996 ), Steve Mitchum, Diana Davis, Peter Lerner, Megan Fisher, Charlie Mendoza, Megan Polcino, Kelli Edwards, Matt Keller, Peter Grant, and Paul Cloud.
The annual Speech Day, at which boys are awarded various prizes, has been hosted by many famous speakers, including Rory Bremner, Gary Lineker, Henry Olonga, Sir Tim Rice, Sir Roger Bannister OG, Stephen Fry, Lord Coe ( 2007 ), Professor Malcolm Grant ( President and Provost of UCL ) ( 2008 ), Sir Michael Parkinson ( 2009 ), Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson ( 2010 ) and Hugh Dennis OG ( 2012 )
In episode 5 of the Doctor Who story Frontier In Space, there is a scene in which the Master ( Roger Delgado ) leads captive Jo Grant ( Katy Manning ) through a rocky terrain.
Veteran writers Mike Friedrich, Steven Grant, and Roger Slifer all cited Giordano in particular for his hard-line stance on behalf of DC.
With an introduction and notes by H. Roger Grant, 1917 ISBN 0-912226-06-4

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