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Nicholas and Flue
* March 21 – Nicholas of Flue, Swiss hermit and saint ( b. 1417 )
* Saint Nicholas of Flue
# Nicholas of Flue – Swiss hermit, ascetic and mystic

Nicholas and According
According to Nicholas Kaldor, Hayek's theory of the time-structure of capital and of the business cycle initially " fascinated the academic world " and appeared to offer a less " facile and superficial " understanding of macroeconomics than the Cambridge school's.
According to Nicholas de Lange, Judaism offers no clear teaching about the destiny which lies in wait for the individual after death and its attitude to life after death has been expressed as follows: " For the future is inscrutable, and the accepted sources of knowledge, whether experience, or reason, or revelation, offer no clear guidance about what is to come.
According to Nicholas Delbanco, UM English Professor and Director of the Hopwood Awards Program, " This is the oldest and best known series of writing prizes in the country and it is a very good indicator of future success.
According to the what economist Nicholas Barr describes as the " classical definition of income :" the 1938 Haig-Simons definition, " income may be defined as the ... sum of ( 1 ) the market value of rights exercised in consumption and ( 2 ) the change in the value of the store of property rights ..." Since the consumption potential of non-monetary goods, such as leisure, cannot be measured, monetary income may be thought of as a proxy for full income.
According to an article by Nicholas Wade published in the New York Times, genetic evidence published in July 2012 in the journal Nature by David Reich of the Harvard Medical School " vindicates " Greenberg's hypothesis of three waves of migration into the Americas.
According to the United States scholar Nicholas Eberstadt and demographer Judith Banister, vital statistics and personal information on residents are kept by agencies on the ri, or ni (,: village, the local administrative unit ) level in rural areas and the dong (,: district or block ) level in urban areas.
According to historian Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, occultist currents persist in " neo-völkisch movements ", such as neo-fascist and national mysticist neopaganism, since the 1990s revived in the European Nouvelle Droite in the context of the Traditionalist School of Julius Evola and others ( Alain de Benoist, Werkgroep Traditie ; see Neopaganism and the New Right ).
According to Igor Vinogradov, Nicholas and his Minister of Public Education Uvarov spread education through the Empire at all levels.
According to his chaplain and biographer, Nicholas Bernard, the elder brother was taught to read by two blind, spinster aunts.
According to Dr. Gill who conducted the tests, " If you accept that these samples came from Anna Anderson, then Anna Anderson could not be related to Tsar Nicholas or Tsarina Alexandra.
According to a Natalie Wood biography, she almost did not get the role of Judy because Nicholas Ray thought that she didn't seem fit for the role of the wild teen character.
According to his twin, Nicholas, David has been a provocateur and prankster since his youth.
According to the Hastings Gazette, ( April 6, 1878, page 4, column 5 ) and the Holy Rosary Parish Book Committee: Nicholas Friedrich Wilhelm Kranz ( 1841 – 1925 ) along with his brothers Johann Kranz ( 1832 – 1916 ), Mathais Kranz ( 1830 – 1921 ), and Paul Ferdinand Kranz ( 1832 – 1892 ) came from Dakota County on March 1878 looking for a place to settle.
According to the health management system theory proposed by Nicholas Humphrey, the brain has been selected to ensure that evolved responses are deployed only when the cost benefit is biologically advantageous.
According to tradition, St. Nicholas comes at night and travels down the chimney.
According to many academics, the Court of Chancery really began to expand its caseload during the 15th century ; Margaret Avery reports a massive increase in cases during the 1440s, while Nicholas Pronay suggests that the real expansion came during Yorkist rule ( 1461 – 85 ), when the number of cases submitted each year quadrupled.
According to child abuse specialist Nicholas Groth, this is not the case,
( According to an essay by Jeremy Nicholas for the booklet accompanying the recording " Gottschalk Piano Music ," performed by Philip Martin on the Hyperion label, " He died ... of empyema, the result of a ruptured abscess in the abdomen.
According to his recent publishers, “ Among the contributors Die Kreatur were Nicholas Berdyaev, Lev Shestov, Franz Rosenzweig, Ernst Simon, Hugo Bergmann, Hans Ehrenberg, Rudolf Hallo, and Florens Christian Rang.
According to the chroniclers, Nicholas Trivet, William Rishanger and others, Earl Simon had earlier made an alliance with Llywelyn ap Gruffudd, whereby it was agreed that Llywelyn and Eleanor would marry.
According to some accounts in the hagiography of Nicholas of Myra, debate at the council became so heated that at one point, he slapped Arius in the face.
According to Epiphanius of Salamis, also of the 4th century, Nicholas, one of the Seven Deacons of, noticed others being admired for their celibacy.
According to Christine Harris and Nicholas Christenfeld ( 1996 ), societies that are legally more liberal against extramarital affairs judge less harshly upon sexual infidelity because it is distinct from emotional infidelity.
In their book, " The Philosophy of Sex ", Alan Soble and Nicholas Power speculate about the internet, infidelity and culture, " According to the dominant account in our culture, the paradigm case of what counts as sex is heterosexual intercourse, where a man and women engage in a particularly intimate form of physical contact, in which a penis penetrates a vagina.

Nicholas and legend
For many years, Roman Catholics have annually collected a clear liquid from the tomb of Saint Nicholas ; legend attributes the pleasant perfume of this liquid as warding off evil, and it is sold to pilgrims as " the Manna of Saint Nicholas ".
The dowry for the three virgins ( Gentile da Fabriano, c. 1425, Pinacoteca Vaticana, Rome ), the St. Nicholas legend.
The custom of Christmas stockings springs from a legend of St. Nicholas, in which he threw gold in the stockings of three poor sisters, thus providing for their dowries.
The plot is loosely based on an urban legend which claimed that the Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia, the youngest daughter of Nicholas II – the last Emperor of Russia – in fact survived the execution of her family, and thus takes various liberties with historical fact.
Popular pious legend recalls that Rita was flown into the convent by Saint Nicholas of Tolentino, Saint John the Baptist and Saint Augustine, where she subsequently joined an Augustinian community of religious sisters.
According to legend, Krampus accompanies Saint Nicholas during the Christmas season, warning and punishing bad children, in contrast to St. Nicholas, who gives gifts to good children.
He is apparently mentioned in 12th century Norman documents, but much of his story appears to be based on local legend and archaeology, later enhanced by Nicholas Size's popular dramatized history ( see below ).
A Kievan legend identifies Askold's burial mound with Uhorska Hill, where Olga of Kiev later built two churches, devoted to Saint Nicholas and to Saint Irene.
Though legend places its first recruiting post at Tun Tavern, historian Edwin Simmons surmises that it was more likely the, a tavern owned by the Nicholas family.
A considerable legend has attached itself to Nicholas through the persistent but mistaken identification of him with the mysterious " Friend of God from the Oberland ," the " double " of Rulman Merswin, the Strasbourg banker who was one of the leaders of the 14th-century German mystics known as the Friends of God.
In the chancel, the legend of Saint Nicholas has been depicted.
This became the subject of an urban legend stating that when planning the project, Tsar Nicholas ( who reputedly, exasperated by the bickering of officials arguing over the route, selected the route by taking a ruler and drawing a straight line between the two cities on a map ) accidentally drew around his own finger on the ruler.

Nicholas and survived
He died of lung cancer in London on 1 January 1984 and was survived by a daughter, musician Sappho Gillett Korner, and two sons, guitarist Nicholas ( Nico ) Korner and sound engineer Damian Korner.
Nicholas Knatchbull's mother and father, along with his twin brother Timothy, survived the explosion but were seriously injured.
Many relatives survived, including Nicholas II's two sisters, Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna of Russia and Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna of Russia.
* Tsar Nicholas II of Russia had typhoid in 1900, survived.
Only part of the St Nicholas Church and the street pattern of the area now known as " The Lanes " survived.
* Church of St Nicholas, most probably constructed at the turn of the 13th / 14th century Its final architectural shape-as it then seemed, as it survived only until 1912-had been created in the 15th century and shortly afterwards by adding annexes.
* Nicholas Alkemade ( RAF gunner who survived a fall of 18, 000 feet )
He was survived by his wife Gabi Hollows ( an Australian Living Treasure ), and children Tanya, Ben, Cam, Emma, Anna-Louise, Ruth and Rosa, and his two grandchildren Nicholas and Isabella.
The building itself has seen many changes ; parts of the existing church have survived from medieval times, such as the 15th century tower and some of the nave arcading, and the early 16th century Bishop West Chapel, built by Bishop Nicholas West.
* Nicholas Alkemade, British, Lancaster crewman, who survived falling from his burning aircraft in 1944
Many of the town's ancient buildings were destroyed in the serious fires that took place in 1581 and 1659. Notable buildings that survived the fire include the Church of Saint Nicholas ' and the nearby Bishop Bonner's cottage.
He is survived by his four children, Gilbert, Nicholas, Michael and Eliza.
This practice, she claims, survived in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands after the adoption of Christianity and became associated with Saint Nicholas as a result of the process of Christianization.
Flight Sergeant Nicholas Stephen Alkemade ( 1923 – 1987 ) was a tail gunner for a Royal Air Force Avro Lancaster bomber during World War II who survived a fall of 18, 000 feet ( 5500 m ) without a parachute after his plane was shot down over Germany.
He was survived by two grandchildren by his daughter Valerie: Charles Burke Hanlon and Nicholas Hanlon, and by four by his son Alfred ( married to Fern Evelyn Bendall ): Tristan, Sophie, Alexia, and Tony-nominated actress Xanthe.
He was survived by his wife Sonia and son Nicholas.
Brabourne, his wife, and his son Timothy ( Nicholas ' twin brother ) were injured, but survived the attack.

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