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Other and renewable
Other options include recourse to peaking power plants, methane storage ( excess renewable electricity to hydrogen via electrolysis, combine with CO2 ( low to neutral CO2 system ) to produce methane ( synthetic natural gas sabatier process ) with stockage in the natural gas network )
Other research performed at the lab includes developing cheaper, cleaner bio-fuels and advancing scientific understanding around renewable energy.
Other sustainable features include: low-use water fixtures and landscape, green roofs, recycling construction materials, the use of regional material and renewable materials as well as certified wood and natural light.
Other firms with headquarters in Wichita include roller coaster manufacturer Chance Morgan, gourmet food retailer Dean & Deluca, renewable energy company Alternative Energy Solutions, and Coleman Company, a manufacturer of camping and outdoor recreation supplies.
Other recent jet flights using biofuel, however, have been using other types of renewable fuels.
Other responses include the development of unconventional oil sources such as synthetic fuel from places like the Athabasca Oil Sands, more renewable energy commercialization and use of alternative propulsion.
Other businesses operating within the town include motorsport, high performance engineering, distribution, engineering, environmental technology and renewable energy, digital and creative media, financial and business services, and global brands, once such brand being Cummins UK at Park Farm, and major park home manufacturer Tingdene Homes Ltd at Finedon Road Industrial Estate.
Other major policy platforms are renewable energy programs such as a high-speed rail system and a phase-out of nuclear energy, prison reforms to reduce the state's prison population and better protect convict's rights, proposes creation of programs to end homelessness in the state, ending the War on Drugs and repealing No Child Left Behind and ending the focus on standardized testing in the school system.
Other renewable technologies would supplement these primary sources, such as biogas, ocean power, and tidal power.
Other members of the Board ( not less than four, and not more than six, are appointed by the Minister of Finance for three-year renewable terms.

Other and sources
Other sources of information include the National Concrete Masonry Association, 38 South Dearborn Street, Chicago, Ill., the Portland Cement Association, 33 West Grand Avenue, Chicago, Ill., and the Structural Clay Products Association, Washington, D.C..
Other sources, such as Iphigenia at Aulis, claim that Agamemnon was prepared to kill his daughter, but that Artemis accepted a deer in her place, and whisked her away to Taurus in Crimea.
Other names of Amazons from various sources include:
Other sources claim that an angry mob tried to kill Aeschylus on the spot, but he fled the scene.
Other theories about Acts ' sources are more controversial.
Other legal sources are the Rules of the Administrative Courts ( Verwaltungsgerichtsordnung ), the social security code ( Sozialgesetzbuch ) and the general fiscal law ( Abgabenordnung ).
Other sources said he boasted about his hunting ability and provoked the goddess ' anger.
Other sources state that the " Aimaq-Hazara " are one of the Chahar, with the Temuri instead being of the " lesser Aimaqs " or Aimaq-e digar (" other Aimaqs ") along with the Tahiri, Zuri, Maleki, and Mishmast.
Other games use spinners, timers of random length, or other sources of randomness.
) Other sources claim that the French chemist and physicist Joseph-Louis Gay-Lussac suggested the name brôme for the characteristic smell of the vapors.
Other varieties are 100 % crushed-fruit smoothies with tapioca pearls and signature ice cream shakes made from local ice cream sources.
Other sources bring Barnabas to Rome and Alexandria.
Other public and private sources are also consulted.
< http :// www. oed. com / view / Entry / 39766 >; accessed 20 March 2012 .</ ref > Other sources pre-date this use by nearly four decades to at least 1871, where it is used in The Journal of Mental Science reporting on a conference of the Fifth Quarterly Meeting of the Medico-Psychological Association ( now the Royal College of Psychiatrists ), held on Thursday, January 27th, 1870:
Other sources suggest that Christian describes the person's " Christ-like " inability to sin, stemming, in such cases, from an incapacity to distinguish right from wrong.
Other sources say he was born in Belleville, Paris, and others, in Neuilly-sur-Seine.
Other sources state that Dada did not originate fully in a Zurich literary salon but grew out of an already vibrant artistic tradition in Eastern Europe, particularly Romania, that transposed to Switzerland when a group of Jewish modernist artists ( Tzara, Marcel & Iuliu Iancu, Arthur Segal, and others ) settled in Zurich.
Other sources of nitrogen include acid deposition produced through the combustion of fossil fuels, ammonia gas which evaporates from agricultural fields which have had fertilizers applied to them, and dust.
Other sources include regnal lists of the kings of Kent and early charters.
Other primary information is derived from external historical sources related to the chronological connections between Paul's association with Philippi, its political and economical setting, and its social and religio-philosophical context as well.
Other foods not from animal or plant sources include various edible fungi, especially mushrooms.
Other predefined circuits are available from developer communities such as OpenCores ( typically released under free and open source licenses such as the GPL, BSD or similar license ), and other sources.
Other sources indicate that Donald A. Wollheim was pushing for a more left-wing direction with a goal of leading fandom toward a political ideal, all of which Moskowitz resisted.
Other suspected sources of the plague were cats and dogs, most of which the Lord Mayor of London at the time had caused to be exterminated.

Other and Large
Other famous Arabic star catalogues include Alfraganus ' A compendium of the science of stars ( 850 ) which corrected Ptolemy's Almagest ; and Azophi's Book of Fixed Stars ( 964 ) which described observations of the stars, their positions, magnitudes, brightness and colour, drawings for each constellation, and the first descriptions of Andromeda Galaxy and the Large Magellanic Cloud.
Other books by Ring include The Omega Project: Near-Death Experiences, Ufo Encounters, and Mind at Large ( 1992 ), Mindsight: Near-death and out-of-body experiences in the blind ( 1999 ) and Lessons from the Light ( 2000 ).
It is divided in seven parts: Aircraft Design / Airline Usage, Major Airlines, Large Regional Airlines, Regional And Third Level Commuters, Other Carriers, Cargo Carriers and Airport And Airline Operations.
Other works by Lardner are A Large Collection of Ancient Jewish and Heathen Testimonies to the Truth of the Christian Revelation, with Notes and Observations ( 4 volumes, quarto, 1764 – 1767 ); The History of the Heretics of the two first Centuries after Christ, published posthumously in 1780 ; and a considerable number of occasional sermons.
* The castle has ' played ' the Tower of London in To Kill a King, Lady Jane, The Other Boleyn Girl, and the initial scene of Kevin & Perry Go Large.
Other offices include: Grand Choir, Grand Assistant Outer Observer, Personal Page, and Grand Page at Large.
Other notable destinations include Sherman Dam ( based on the Hoover Dam ), a large secret military base called Area 69 ( based on Area 51 ), a large satellite dish ( based on a dish from the Very Large Array ), Vinewood ( based on Hollywood ) and the Vinewood sign ( based on the Hollywood sign ) which is located in Mullholland, and many other geographical features.
Other UMD facilities include Glensheen Historic Estate, Chester Park School which houses Minnesota Sea Grant and the Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic, the Natural Resources Research Institute, the Research and Field Studies Center, and the Lower Campus which houses the Large Lakes Observatory.
Other collections include Large Print books, Magazines, Local and Family History, Literacy, Audiobooks, Music CDs and DVDs.
Other rare cancer clusters in Willamsburg have been reported by the New York Post, CBS news and Geraldo at Large on Fox News.
Other observatories developing laser AO systems as of 2006 include the Large Binocular Telescope and Gran Telescopio Canarias.
Other than the operating system itself, all system software was coded in BPL ( Burroughs Programming Language ), a systems programming language derived from ALGOL and Large System's ESPOL systems language.
Memoirs of the Secret Services of John Macky, Esq., During the Reigns of King William, Queen Anne, and King George I: Including, Also, the True Secret History of the Rise, Promotions, & C. of the English and Scots Nobility ; Officers, Civil, Military, Naval, and Other Persons of Distinction, from the Revolution ; In Their Respective Characters of Large.
Other appearances over the years include several parts in Z Cars ; Softly, Softly, and Barlow at Large ; Flambards ; Poldark ; the War and Peace dramatisation in 1972 ; Birds of a Feather ; The Bill ; Taggart ; Bergerac ; Yes Minister ; The Tripods ; Juliet Bravo ; Minder ; All Creatures Great and Small ; Dixon of Dock Green ; Are You Being Served?
Other types of specialized civilian cargo aircraft configurations, include the swing-tail Canadair CL-44 and Boeing 747 Large Cargo Freighter, and the clamshell tail CASA CN-235.
The first book written on Guyana, by Sir Walter Raleigh, was The Discoverie of the Large, Rich, and Beautiful Empyre of Guiana ( With a Relation of the Great and Golden Citie of Manoa ( Which the Spanyards call El Dorado ) and of the Provinces of Emeria, Aromaia, Amapaia, and Other Countries, with Their Riulers, Adjoyning ( Robert Robinson: London, 1596 ).

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