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Radio and 1
Radio observations of the moon have been made over the range of wave lengths from 4.3 mm to 75 cm, and the results are summarized in Table 1.
Another instrumental called " Brother " was used as the theme to the BBC Radio 1 Top 20 / 40 when Tom Browne / Simon Bates presented the programme in the 1970s.
In 1973 he presented a unique 6-part documentary on BBC Radio 1, The Rolling Stones Story, and in 1977 he established a Sunday-night blues and soul show on Radio 1, Alexis Korner's Blues and Soul show, which ran until 1981.
The album was a multi-platinum success and produced the pop hit " Lucky One " ( No. 18 pop and No. 2 AC ; No. 1 on Radio & Records ) as well as the title track ( a duet with country music star and future husband Vince Gill ) ( No. 37 pop ) and a cover of Joni Mitchell's frequently covered " Big Yellow Taxi " ( No. 67 pop ) ( in which she changed the line " And they charged the people a dollar and a half just to see em " to " And then they charged the people 25 bucks just to see em ").
In 2009 radio market share in the Dutch speaking region was 63. 08 % for the VRT channels ( Radio 1, Radio 2, MNM, Studio Brussel and Klara, 23. 13 % for the VMMa channels ( Q-Music and Joe FM ) and 2. 65 % for the Corelio / Concentra joint venture channel ( Radio Nostalgie ).
* 102. 1 Bay Radio, a radio station in South Wales, originally launched as Swansea Bay Radio
BBC Radio 1 is a British national radio station operated by the British Broadcasting Corporation which also broadcasts internationally, specialising in current popular music and chart hits throughout the day.
Radio 1 provides alternative genres after 7: 00 pm, including electronic dance, hip hop, rock or interviews.
During the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2011, Radio 1 ended each day of the festival from Monday 15 to Thursday 18 August with the Fun & Filth Cabaret.
* Radio 1 Podcasts
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Radio and Sessions
* The Radio 1 Sessions ( Nighttracks, 1994 )
* Radio 1 Sessions Volume 1 ; 1981-83 ( Strange Fruit, 2003 )
The original BBC Radio 4 broadcasts consists of host Clive Anderson along with two guests and the two regular contestants, Stephen Fry and John Sessions.
October saw the release of ABC Music: The Radio 1 Sessions ; a compilation of BBC Radio 1 sessions.
* ABC Music: The Radio 1 Sessions ( 2002 ), Strange Fruit / Koch
In 1994, a collection of Thin Lizzy tracks from the BBC Radio 1 Peel Sessions was released, and yet another compilation album was brought out in 1996, called Wild One: The Very Best Of Thin Lizzy.
* The Swedish Radio Sessions ( late 1967 ) ( Sanctuary, 2001 )
Buckley completed Babylon Dungeon Sessions, a four-song cassette that included the songs " Eternal Life ", " Unforgiven " ( later titled " Last Goodbye "), " Strawberry Street " ( a different version of which appears on the Grace Legacy Edition ), and punk screamer " Radio ".
* The John Peel Sessions-Hux Records HUX086 ( 3 BBC Radio 1 Sessions from 1973, 1974 and 1975 )
* " Radio One ", a song by the Jimi Hendrix Experience from BBC Sessions
* The Kershaw Sessions ( 1994 ) for BBC Radio, 1987 and 1988
* The Two-Meter Sessions: Live on Radio VARA, Jan. 9, 1992
* The Radio Sessions ( 1995, Overground, CD, OVER44CD )
After the band split in 1986, Brown joined Ron Johnson labelmates A Witness on drums, touring the UK and Europe and appearing on several records ( the 12 " EP ' One Foot in the Groove ' and Strange Fruit Double Peel Sessions ) and three sessions for BBC Radio One DJ John Peel.
* The Peel Sessions Volume 2 ( 1987 ) – 1979 live-in-studio recording for John Peel's BBC Radio 1 show released as EP
On radio, Sessions guested in December 1997 on the regular BBC Radio 3 show Private Passions, presented by Michael Berkeley, not as himself but as a 112-year-old Viennese percussionist called Manfred Sturmer, who told anecdotes ( about Brahms, Clara Schumann, Richard Strauss, Arnold Schoenberg and others ) so realistically that some listeners did not realise that the whole thing was a hoax.
Galaxie 500 recorded two sessions for John Peel's BBC Radio 1 programme, these later released on the Peel Sessions album.
Recent years have also seen a number of supplementary releases, such as two from the Radio Clyde River Sessions series, a double live collection, several official bootleg recordings and Mythopoeia, an archive CD-Rom of audio and video material from the band's history.
* CBC Radio 3 Sessions, Vol.
The group first started to gain a following outside the Sahara region in 2001, with the release of The Radio Tisdas Sessions, and the performances at Festival au Désert in Mali and at the Roskilde festival in Denmark.
Their debut CD, The Radio Tisdas Sessions, was recorded by Justin Adams and Jean-Paul Romann at the radio station of the same name ( the only Tamashek-speaking station in Kidal, Mali ) and released in 2001.
* The Radio Tisdas Sessions ( 2001 )
The Radio Tisdas Sessions is a 2001 ( see 2001 in music ) album by the Malian group Tinariwen.

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