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Sverige and ),
* Sverige ( islet ), an islet in the Skurusundet, Nacka municipality
* Sverige ( band ), a Swedish band
* Sverige ( Kent song ), a song by Swedish rock group Kent
* Sverige ( Basshunter song ), a song by Swedish artist Basshunter
* Sverige ( Stranglers song ), a song by punk rock group The Stranglers
The aforementioned Lundqvist wrote his own third verse beginning with " Jag älskar dig Sverige " ( I love thee, Sweden ), Frans Österblom wrote four verses beginning with " Jag älskar min hembygd " (" I love my native area ") and Louise Ahlén in 1910 wrote two verses which are occasionally printed still to this day, not the least lately on the Internet.
Even though Värmland historically belonged to Götaland ( from 1815 until a new court, Hovrätten för Västra Sverige, was instituted ), it has by custom long been considered part of Svealand.
Nobina Sverige ( former: Swebus Ltd ), part of Nobina Ltd, is the leading Swedish bus company, with 8, 700 employees, 3, 000 buses, and net sales of 327 million euro.
The following titled families of high nobility are included in Kalender öfver i Sverige lefvande ointroducerad adel ( 1886 – 1899 ), Sveriges ointroducerade adels kalender ( 1912 – 1944 ), and / or Kalender över Ointroducerad adels förening ( 1935 –), which are directories of the living ( at the time of publication ) unintroduced noble families resident in Sweden.
* Invest in Sweden Agency ( ISA ), formally Delegationen för utländska investeringar i Sverige.
Anders Björgerd ( Bjoergerd ) ( born in November 1920 ) was deputy CEO of Sweden's largest publicly listed utility, Sydkraft AB ( now E. ON Sverige AB ), between the years 1970-1987.
The biggest, the Swedish Trade Union Confederation ( Landsorganisationen i Sverige or LO ), mainly organize " blue collar " workers, and has links to the Swedish Social Democratic Party.
In 1973 he published the book Pianister i Sverige ( Pianists in Sweden, with a summary in English ), an overview based on a series of lectures in Swedish radio on the history of piano music in Sweden from the end of the 18th to the middle of the 20th century.
The church's registered names include " Christian Conventions " ( United States ), " Assemblies of Christians " ( Canada ), " The Testimony of Jesus " ( Britain ), " Kristna I Sverige " ( Sweden ), and " United Christian Conventions " ( Australia and other nations ).
In 1979 NKF merged with Stockholms Kommunistiska Enhetsgrupp to form Sveriges Kommunistiska Förbund-ml ( Communist League of Sweden-ml ), which later became Kommunistiska Partiet i Sverige ( Communist Party in Sweden ).
Together with the London-based Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem ( of which, the British monarch is Sovereign Head ), the Swedish Johanniterorden i Sverige, and the Dutch Johanniter Orde in Nederland, the Order forms the Alliance of the Orders of St. John of Jerusalem.
Negotiations between Eesti Energia, Pohjolan Voima, Helsingin Energia, Granige ( now E. ON Sverige ), Latvenergo, Statkraft and TXE Nordic Energy, a subsidiary of TXU ( now Energy Future Holdings Corporation ) started In 1999, and on 9 October 2001 a contract was signed in Tallinn.
The journalist Gellert Tamas wrote a book about the case, Lasermannen-en berättelse om Sverige ( 2002 ), which became a bestseller.

Sverige and with
This was quoted as one of the main reasons that The Coca-Cola Company broke away from their contract with the local brewer Pripps and started Coca-Cola Drycker Sverige AB instead.
Coca-Cola Drycker Sverige AB produced its own julmust, albeit very slyly with The Coca-Cola Company's name occupying only a small space on the label.
The word is used in " Svea rike ", with the current spelling Sverige, the name of Sweden in Swedish.
In 1999 Partille municipality initiated a cooperation with the construction company Sten & Ström Sverige.
Such innovations are reflected in his personal motto För Sverige, i tiden, " For Sweden, with the times " and also contemporarily in the neighbouring countries: Queen Margrethe II did the same in Denmark in 1972 and the Norwegian Monarch has no extra titles except " King of Norway ".
SMART spawned off into a company centered in Stockholm in 1984, SMART AB, with the subsidiaries SMART Sverige AB, SMART Danmark A / S, and SMART Norge AS ( in Sweden, Denmark and Norway respectively ).
On weekdays, a typical broadcast day on SVT1 begins with the breakfast programme Gomorron Sverige ( Good Morning Sweden ) before the station hands over to the educational broadcasting company Utbildningsradion at 9: 30am.
As far as Handelsbanken was concerned, the first big acquisition occurred in 1914 with the merger with Bankaktiebolaget Norra Sverige.
As with Bankaktiebolaget Norra Sverige, Norrlandsbanken was a product of the merger of several smaller banks.
The Stockholm banks found that there was also an attractive deposit surplus in southern Sweden, and in 1919 Handelsbanken acquired Bankaktiebolaget Södra Sverige with its 67 branch offices.
Following the merger with Bankaktiebolaget Södra Sverige, the bank changed its name to Svenska Handelsbanken.
E. ON Sverige AB, formerly known as Sydkraft, is Sweden's second largest utility company with an annual turnover of 42. 9 billion Swedish Krona ( SEK ) ( approximately € 4. 8 billion euro, US $ 7 billion USD ).
There are ongoing discussions on a closer relationship with Mission Covenant Church of Sweden ( Svenska Missionskyrkan ) and Methodist Church of Sweden ( Metodistkyrkan i Sverige ).
Known as the Johanniterorden i Sverige, and with the Swedish monarch is its High Protector, it helped found the Alliance of the Orders of St. John of Jerusalem on June 13, 1961.
SR Sverige was a digital radio channel with hit music from the whole wide world.
* SR Sverige Lunch-the lunchtime programme with chat, interesting guests, interviews and lots of music.
Aronsson was awarded " IP-priset " 2007 for his work with Project Runeberg, Susning. nu and Wikimedia Sverige.

Sverige and by
* A Swedish coastal defence ship, HMS Sverige, used by the Swedish navy 1915-1953
The Sweden Democrats was founded on 6 February 1988 as a successor to the Sweden Party, which in turn had been founded in 1986 by the merger of the racist organisation Bevara Sverige Svenskt ( BSS ) and a faction of the xenophobic and populist Progress Party.
An angry tomte is featured in the popular children's book by Swedish author Selma Lagerlöf, Nils Holgerssons underbara resa genom Sverige ( Nils Holgersson's Wonderful Journey Through Sweden ).
Early campaign sticker of the Sweden Democrats using the Keep Sweden Swedish slogan. Bevara Sverige Svenskt ( BSS, " Keep Sweden Swedish ") was a Swedish racist movement based in Stockholm and is a slogan used by various Swedish nationalist parties.
A Volvo 7700 bus owned by Nobina Sverige.
Nils Holgerssons underbara resa genom Sverige, Nils Holgersson's wonderful journey across Sweden ) is a work of fiction by the Swedish author Selma Lagerlöf.
The fanzine is published once or twice a year by the Swedish donaldistic society, NAFS ( Nationella Ankistförbundet i Sverige ( kvack )) or The Swedish National Donaldism Society ( quack )), founded on September 21, 1976.
At 15. 00 CET on September 4, 2006 SR Sverige was replaced by two new stations: SR Världen ( focusing on traditional world music ) and SR Atlas ( focusing on international pop music ).
* Nordic Market Unit led by Malmö-based E. ON Sverige, which supplies power in Scandinavia

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