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Yale and historian
In 1994, Yale University Church historian John Boswell argued that adelphopoiesis, a rite bonding two men, was akin to a religiously sanctioned same-sex union.
In summarising Gray's judgement, in an article published in the Yale Law Journal, Wendie E. Schneider distils these seven points for what he meant by an objective historian:
" Yale historian Gaddis Smith notes " an ethos of organized activity " at Yale during the 20th century that led John Kerry to lead the Yale Political Union's Liberal Party, George Pataki the Conservative Party, and Joseph Lieberman to manage the Yale Daily News .< ref >
* Abbott Lowell Cummings ( born 1923 ), noted Yale architectural historian
Jekyll's series of thematic gardening books emphasized the importance and value of natural plantings and were influential in the U. S. In 1913 Beatrix married Max Farrand, the accomplished historian at Stanford University in California and Yale University in Connecticut, and the first director of the Huntington Library in California.
" However, the profound fascist / anti-fascist schism of the period described by Hobsbawm was real enough, as Yale historian Timothy Snyder notes: Nevertheless, Snyder also claimed that " The Spanish Civil War revealed that Stalin was determined, despite the Popular Front rhetoric of pluralism, to eliminate opposition to his version of socialism ", and that his determination was knowable and known even contemporaneously ( Snyder cites George Orwell's analysis of, and dismay at, communist actions in Spain ).
A 2006 book by Yale historian Walter Goffart is called Barbarian Tides and uses barbarian throughout to refer to the larger pantheon of tribes that the Roman Empire encountered.
His daughter Mary married, in 1790, Abiel Holmes, a Congregational clergyman and historian and a 1783 graduate of Yale College.
The result was the annual John Hersey Lecture, the first of which was delivered March 22, 1993, by historian and Yale graduate David McCullough, who noted Hersey's contributions to Yale but reserved his strongest praise for the former magazine writer's prose.
Donald Kagan, a Yale historian, believes that Aspasia was particularly unpopular in the years immediately following the Samian War.
There is a Peter V. and C. Vann Woodward Chair of History at Yale ; it is now held by southern historian Glenda Gilmore.
Architectural historian Patrick L. Pinnell notes in his 1999 book " Yale University " Princeton Architectural Press ISBN 1-56898-167-8.
Architectural historian Scott Meacham cites both Berzelius buildings in his study of Yale and Dartmouth society and fraternity architecture.
* Mary Clabaugh Wright ( 1917 – 1970 )— educator and historian, first woman to become a full professor at Yale.
* Kanichi Asakawa, historian, professor at Yale University
Music-performance historian John Potter has this to say about Otello in his 2009 book, Tenor: History of a Voice ( Yale University Press, p. 61 ): " The title role was one of the most taxing tenor parts ever written and was created specifically for the unique talents and vocal persona of Tamagno.
* George Burton Adams ( 1851 – 1925 ), American medievalist historian at Yale University
According to Yale historian Timothy Snyder, between 1928 and 1938, Volhynia was " the site of one of eastern Europe's most ambitious policies of toleration ".
According to Yale historian Timothy Snyder, the Ukrainian 14th SS Galician Division's role in the ethnic cleansing of Poles from western Ukraine was marginal.

Yale and writing
Webster lacked firm career plans after graduating from Yale in 1778, later writing that a liberal education " disqualifies a man for business ".
Ingram studied sculpture at the Yale University School of Art, but soon moved into film, first taking acting work from 1913 and then writing, producing and directing.
After having served a three-month enlistment in the Army's Coast Artillery Corps at Fort Adams, Rhode Island in World War I ( rising to the rank of corporal ), he attended Oberlin College before earning his Bachelor of Arts degree at Yale University in 1920, where he refined his writing skills as a member of the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity, a literary society.
He is currently writing about integrity, performance and leadership and has lectured at ( among others ) Harvard, Yale, USC, the University of Rochester and Rotterdam School of Management
Harold J. Berman, writing in the Yale Law Journal, notes that it is only " possible by a study of the entire corpus of Hale's writings to reconstruct the coherent legal philosophy that underlies them ".
Yale, writing in the Cambridge Law Journal, suggests that Chief Justice Vaughan had access to the Dialogue, and may have passed a copy on to Hale before his death.
John Marshall Gest, writing in the Yale Law Journal, notes that " There are few principles of the common law that can be studied without an examination of Coke's Institutes and Reports which summed up the legal learning of his time ", although " the student is deterred by the too common abuse of Coke's character and the general criticism of his writings as dry, crabbed, verbose and pedantic ".
He briefly attended Yale University, but dropped out to pursue writing and art.
As a junior, White won the Yale literary prize for the best essay, writing on the topic " The Greater Distinctions in Statesmanship ", a great shock to the campus as a senior traditionally wrote the winning essay.
Soon after, she left journalism to take up writing plays, studying under George Pierce Baker at Yale University.
He enrolled in a Yale writing class, and began slipping poems and messages under her door and repeatedly phoning her.
Haraway then did a triple major in zoology, philosophy and literature at the Colorado College She completed her Ph. D. in biology at Yale in 1970 writing a dissertation about the use of metaphor in shaping experiments in experimental biology titled Crystals, Fabrics, and Fields: Metaphors of Organicism in Twentieth-Century Developmental Biology.
Buckley wrote God and Man at Yale ( 1951 ) and over 50 other books on writing, speaking, history, politics and sailing, including a series of novels featuring CIA agent Blackford Oakes.
He attended Yale University, as a member of the Class of 1900, graduating in 1901, marrying Mary Galt Stockly and moving to Paris, where he did his initial writing.
He attended Culver Academies and graduated in philosophy at Yale University in 1967, where he studied writing under Pulitzer Prize-winning author John Hersey, who helped him land a job at the Chicago Tribune in 1969.
The only exception is YLS's flagship journal, the Yale Law Journal, which holds a two-part admissions competition each spring, consisting of a four or five-hour " bluebooking exam ," followed by a traditional writing competition.
Having left Oxford, Gambaccini was considering further study in law at Harvard or Yale but had the opportunity of writing for Rolling Stone magazine as British correspondent.
* Jackson, H. J. Marginalia: Readers writing in Books, New Haven: Yale University Press, 2001.
According to an interview in the Yale Daily News, " through his writing he hopes to lessen the antipathy toward Honduras and awaken a social consciousness ".
Born in Hartford, Connecticut, Rome played piano in local dance bands and was already writing music while studying architecture and law at Yale University.
He wrote it as an undergraduate at the State University of New York at Stony Brook and as a graduate student at Yale University, from which he was, as he relates in his foreword, " kicked out toot-sweet on my rock-roll caboose " for writing papers with rock-music themes for philosophy classes.
In addition, he enrolled at Wayne State University to further develop his writing and acting skills, and found time to establish the Actors ' Ensemble Theatre where he and other talented young black writers directed and appeared in their own works, before enrolling and subsequently graduating from Yale School of Drama.
Murphy also introduced Porter to his friends, propelling him into writing music for Yale musicals.

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