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few and days
When they reached their neighbor's house, Pamela said a few polite words to Grace and kissed Melissa lightly on the forehead, the impulse prompted by a stray thought -- of the type to which she was frequently subject these days -- that they might never see one another again.
That mistake, she thought, had cost her dearly these past few days, and she wanted to avoid falling into any more of the traps that the mountain might set for her.
A few days ago, she would have thought such an expedition as this utterly ridiculous ; ;
Cursing himself for having ridden out the last few days without a rifle in his saddle boot, Russ drew his Colt and examined it briefly.
School began in August, the hottest part of the year, and for the first few days Miss Langford was very lenient with the children, letting them play a lot and the new ones sort of get acquainted with one another.
His company then carried out a confused retreating movement until it was surrounded by the Germans, a few days before France capitulated.
A few days after this Englishman appeared, Defoe reported to Oxford that Steele was expected to move in Parliament that the Duke be called over ; ;
But Mercer's explanation was simple: `` I made out the check and carried it around a few days unsigned -- in case I lost it ''.
But a few days after Fred's return he began hemorrhaging and that was the beginning of early and complete disintegration.
A few days later it was learned that General Howe was planning an attack upon the American camp.
Apparently no serious disorders resulted from the celebration, and within a few days, Morgan joined the force of Lafayette who now had command of some 2,000 men at Barren Hill, not far above Philadelphia on the Schuylkill.
A letter of a few days later from Washington's aide to Morgan stated, `` His Excellency is highly pleased with your conduct upon this occasion ''.
Gen. Taylor will report to President Kennedy in a few days on the results of his visit to South Viet Nam and, judging from some of his remarks to reporters in the Far East, he is likely to urge a more efficient mobilization of Vietnamese military, economic, political and other resources.
A few days before I saw your mention of what Texas Liberals were doing to promote `` Louis Capet '' ( The Week '', June 3 ), another analogy had occurred to me.
`` I'll drop by again in a few days ''.
In the next few days they had cause to rejoice.
The wraith-like events of the last few days flooded David's mind and he rubbed his unshaved chin and felt again the ache in his kidneys caused by his saddle odyssey from Boston.
It will take a few days.
His first move was to send Hino to the village to spend a few days.
Whenever there is a thaw or a few sunny days, you'll be likely to find a brave little blossom or two.
This colt arrived at the Raceway early last November, and immediately was put into harness and line-driven for a few days, and then put to cart and broken in very nicely, knowing nothing but trot.
This time she submitted and in a few days was going good.
A pleasant start to your midwestern vacation is a few days spent in cosmopolitan Chicago.
It is one of the very few, if not the only surviving bridge of its type to serve a main artery of the U.S. highway system, thus it is far more than a relic of the horse and buggy days.
The disadvantages to this method are that you may not have as great a choice of models readily available or you may have to wait a few days or, during the busy tourist season, when cars are in great demand, you might find it fairly difficult to get a car at all.

few and later
A few minutes later I saw my Uncle's car drive up and a woman's figure emerge and walk to the corner.
A few minutes later the insurance man, a road checker, drove up in the gray coupe with license plates on it from a far-away state.
A few weeks later the maps were being divided into squares and a position was described as being `` about lots 239, 247 and 272 with pickets forward as far as 196 ''.
When the parents emerged from the bedroom a few minutes later, the maid greeted them quietly.
A few years later the dome fell in.
but a few seconds later she was standing directly across the room from me, looking me in the eyes and saying in a scathingly condemnatory tone, `` Your father despises you ''!!
The audition was held a few minutes later in somebody's apartment.
A taxi took him back to the bar and grill where he had left his car, and a few minutes later he found a parking place across the street from his apartment.
A few minutes later, FBI agent Francis Crosby, talking fast, eased up the ramp to the plane, unarmed.
A few moments later her hands were trembling and her brow had contracted with anxiety and dismay.
Front legs are formed under the gill sac and hind legs become visible a few days later.
A few days later, the tail is reabsorbed, due to the higher thyroxine concentration required for this to take place.
He soon lost consciousness and bled to death a few minutes later.
Furthermore, the primary testimony to the commission that connected baseball to Doubleday was that of Abner Graves, whose credibility is questionable ; a few years later, he shot his wife to death and was committed to an institution for the criminally insane for the rest of his life.
A few years later Whitney and his American contemporaries succeeded in introducing the relevant concepts ( interchangeable parts, tool-path control via machine tools and jigs, transfer of skill to the equipment, allowing use of semi-skilled or unskilled machine operators ) to American firearm-manufacture.
This incident shows the strong position of a bishop in the Western part of the empire, even when facing a strong emperor — the controversy of John Chrysostom with a much weaker emperor a few years later in Constantinople led to a crushing defeat of the bishop.
Louisa May Alcott, who was ten years old at the time, later wrote of the experience in Transcendental Wild Oats ( 1873 ): " The band of brothers began by spading garden and field ; but a few days of it lessened their ardor amazingly.
When Charles left Germany a few weeks later, Albert renewed his depredations in Franconia.
A few years later, he received a few shares in T. T.
He founded the Carnegie Hero Fund for the United States and Canada in 1904 ( a few years later also established in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, and Germany ) for the recognition of deeds of heroism.
The Athenian politician Aristides would spend the rest of his life occupied in the affairs of the alliance, dying ( according to Plutarch ) a few years later in Pontus, whilst determining what the tax of new members was to be.
He returned to academia a few years later as a professor at the University of Montpellier, where he stayed until his retirement in 1988.

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