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gag and order
The following week it was reported a gag order had been placed on the band regarding further public statements on the matter.
He would have to consent to a gag order that would prevent him from making any public statements on the matter for the duration of his 20-year sentence, and he would have to drop any claims that he had been mistreated or tortured by U. S. military personnel in Afghanistan and aboard two military ships during December 2001 and January 2002.
The gag order was supposedly at the request of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.
A gag order is an order by a court or government restricting information or comment from being made public.
After the trial's gag order was lifted, jurors made it clear they believed the agents were blatant liars.
Nationwide Title also obtained a gag order against another foreclosure defense lawyer from posting videos of their employees admitting they lied under oath when processing foreclosure documents.
The gag order — a prior restraint — was issued without the other party present and is under appeal by the American Civil Liberties Union.
In 2009, Jones was fined for violating a gag order on labor issues.
Commissioner Roger Goodell had issued a gag order for all owners and team executives from discussing any aspect of the pending labor issues.
Jones " crossed the line ", drawing a " six-figure " fine, sources said, as the commissioner distributed a memo to all 32 owners, along with a reminder that the gag order remains in effect.
In April 1994, District Attorney Dillon sought a gag order for all lawyers involved in the case, arguing Kunstler and Kuby had made statements to the media that might be inadmissible during the trial and could influence potential jurors.
" This amounted to a gag order for Kästner throughout the Third Reich.
* August 2005: EPIC and a coalition of open government organizations filed an amicus brief in Gonzales v. Doe, a lawsuit concerning the FBI's authority to issue national security letters without judicial approval and under a permanent gag order that bans the recipient from telling anyone about the demand.
The next year, Kerkorian and Chrysler made a five-year agreement which included a gag order preventing Iacocca from speaking publicly about Chrysler.
Because the jury was sequestered, an attorney gag order would not have been supported by any appellate court, leading to often chaotic scenes outside the courthouse.
After Kurupt's second departure, Against tha Grain was released ; soon after, citing dissatisfaction with serving five years on the label and seeing no release, Crooked I also left Death Row, eventually filing a gag order on Knight to prevent the mogul's interference with his finding a new deal.
See gag order.
( see gag order )
Hentoff vigorously criticized the judicial gag order involved in the Fistgate case.
WBC said that it was thankful for the verdict, but also unsuccessfully sought a mistrial ( based on alleged prejudicial statements made by the judge and violations of the gag order by the plaintiff's attorney ) and also filed an appeal.
In connection with this, Harris received a gag order from a U. S. Attorney in preparation for a federal grand jury investigation.
On 14 December, High Court Justice Anthony Gates dismissed a call from Chaudhry to impose a gag order on Prime Minister Qarase, from making media statements until Chaudhry's lawsuit is heard.
He filed an application in the High Court for a gag order to prevent the Prime Minister from making media statements until his lawsuit was heard, but Justice Anthony Gates dismissed the application on 14 December.

gag and was
There was a question-and-answer gag that went around at that time: Q. `` Who'll carry the Forty-second and Forty-third wards ''??
In 2005, there was internal conflict about whether or not a gag rule should be imposed on ACLU employees to prevent publication of internal disputes.
The gag was often at his own expense, as in the above 1951 sequence showing Capp's interaction with " fans " ( see excerpt ), or in his 1955 Disneyland parody, " Hal Yappland.
Another recurring gag was for other characters to mispronounce his name, often, particularly in the case of rivals, deliberately.
On some occasions, new gag cartoons have been created for book publication, as was the case with Think Small, a 1967 promotional book distributed as a giveaway by Volkswagen dealers.
While an inbetweener, Barks submitted gag ideas for cartoon story lines being developed and showed such a knack for creating comical situations that by 1937 he was transferred to the story department.
Though he originally just contributed gag ideas to some duck cartoons by 1937 Barks was ( principally with partner Jack Hannah ) originating story ideas that were storyboarded and ( if approved by Walt ) put into production.
The gag rule was ultimately retained.
His friends all assumed he was completing intelligence assignments, interpreting his denials as part of a legal gag.
The most famous Lampoon cover gag, this was also selected as the seventh-greatest magazine cover of the last 40 years .< ref >
This was done by Joe as a gag in 1998, mostly as a personal exercise to see if he could remember how to still use the level editor.
" The joke was sometimes combined with another running gag in which, rather than having a sign language interpreter visually presenting the news to aid the deaf, the show would provide assistance from Garrett Morris, " head of the New York School for the Hard of Hearing ", whose " aid " involved cupping his hands around his mouth and shouting the news as Chase read it.
The gag was intended to be revealed in the final episode of the series, but was scrapped early on due to inconsistencies, and also to the fact that rabbit ears would be too fictitious even for The Simpsons.
Although most fans assume ( and the lyrics of " I Bought Myself a Liarbird " from The Big Express imply ) that there was some financial impropriety involved, the terms of the settlement imposed a " gag " on the band and have prevented them from speaking publicly about the matter.
As portrayed by Sellers, Clouseau ’ s French accent became steadily more exaggerated in successive films ( for example, pronouncing " room " as " reum "; " Pope " as " Peup "; " bomb " as " beumb "; and " bumps " as " beumps "), and a frequent running gag in the movies was that even French characters would have difficulty understanding what he was saying.
The brothers drove around in a comical bubble car, a precursor to the famous Trotters ' van ; and there was even the gag where, just as he was trying to impress the girl ( played by Cheryl Hall ) Jason casually leaned back against the bar, without his knowing that barman had just lifted it behind his back, and fell through.
" As with waterings, the sliming gag was used in almost every episode, especially from 1982 onward ( a number of 1979 and 1981 episodes featured no slime at all, and slime is known to have been used on only one episode of Whatever Turns You On ).
" ( In subsequent rewrites of these skits for an episode of Whatever Turns You On, the question was changed to " Name one of the Great Lakes "; that rewrite of the gag was also reused in at least one 1981 episode.

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