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male and figure
The best way to determine the correct figure ( in captives ) is by direct observation of pairs isolated from birth, a method that produced surprising results: maturing of a male Indian python in less than two years, his mate in less than three ; ;
alt = Black-and-white photograph of a statue consisting of an inscribed, round pedestal on top of which sits a seated, nude, male figure of which only the legs and lower torso are preserved
While creating a more feminine figure, male cross-dressers will often utilize different types and styles of breast forms, which are silicone prostheses traditionally used by women who have undergone mastectomies to recreate the visual appearance of a breast.
Male characters rarely figure into these stories, and scholars often consider them in counterpoint to male oriented creation myths, like those of the ex nihilo variety.
He saw Lee as a strong Asian male figure and used Lee as a benchmark for stylizing odaiko solo.
Patriarchy is a social system in which the role of the male as the primary authority figure is central to social organization, and where fathers hold authority over women, children, and property.
Murray also used an inaccurate drawing of a mesolithic rock-painting at Cogul in northeast Spain as evidence of group religious ceremony of the cult, although the central male figure is not horned.
Usually there is a male figure ; he should perhaps be seen as the eponymous hero of the Thessalians, Thessalos, who is probably also to be identified on many of the earlier, federal coins of Thessaly.
In addition, in matrilineal culture, the mother's brother was the leading male figure in a male child's life, as he mentored the child within the mother's clan.
The famous bust of her, inscribed Johannes VIII, Femina ex Anglia, which had been carved for the series of Papal figures in the Duomo di Siena about 1400 and was noted by travelers, was either destroyed or recarved and relabeled, replaced by a male figure, of Pope Zachary.
The younger man is Mark Antony being lured by the wiles of the reclining woman ( who is Cleopatra, with the snake being an asp ) into losing his manly romanitas and becoming decadent, with the bearded elder male figure being his mythical ancestor Anton looking on.
A male figure depicted holding certain objects such as a conch ( symbol of eternal, heavenly space ) and a wheel ( eternal time and destructive power ) is Vishnu.
There are two naked male figures in the border below this figure ; the one directly below the figure is squatting and displaying prominent genitalia, a scene that was frequently censored in former reproductions.
The winged symbol with a male figure who was formerly regarded by European scholars as Ahura Mazda has been shown to represent the royal xvarənah, the personification of royal power and glory.
However, Ahura Mazda remained a dignified male figure, standing or on horseback which is found in Sassanian investiture.
In the meantime, " the readers ' attention became focused on the figure of the male protagonist " and how he navigated his sexual relationships.
The symbolism is associated with Anuttarayoga tantra where the male figure is usually linked to compassion ( Karuṇā ) and skillful means ( upāya-kauśalya ), and the female partner to insight ( Prajñā ).
The sacrifice was related to the belief that the first human being was a girl, born of the mating of the Morning Star, the male figure of light, and Evening Star, a female figure of darkness, in their creation story.
In 1749, Richardson's female friends started asking him to create a male figure as virtuous as his heroines " Pamela " and " Clarissa " in order to " give the world his idea of a good man and fine gentleman combined ".
In 1927, a seated male soapstone figure was found in a building with unusually ornamental brickwork and a wall-niche.
The female figure holds the symbol of the two twisted reeds of the doorpost, signifying Inanna behind her, while the male figure holds a box and stack of bowls, the later cuneiform sign signifying En, or high priest of the temple.

male and comparable
In fact, a number of Roman legal provisions strongly suggest that midwives enjoyed status and remuneration comparable to that of male doctors.
: Kyosuki Aoki is another one of the few male students at the school, arguably the most energetic and is also the tallest ; comparable to Miho Umeda to the girls.
Lee Westwood is the only other male professional golfer who has a comparable record of repeated success at the major championships without yet winning one.
Anumarana was not comparable to later understandings of sati, since the practices were not restricted to widows – rather, anyone, male or female, with personal loyalty to the deceased could commit suicide at a loved one's funeral.
It is apparent that in Indo-European culture, there was neither a systematic bias against goddesses or a religious motivation towards male dominance greater than any other comparable culture.
Brown hyenas have social hierarchy comparable to those of wolves, with an alpha male and alpha female.
Women and girls represent barely 10 % of the angling community, yet those who do enter the sport are often extremely successful, and at the highest levels of competitive angling, their results are comparable to those of their male counterparts.
This was based on the observation that many people with apparently comparable intersex conditions raised either male or female developed a gender identity consistent with their sex of rearing regardless of genetic, hormonal, and anatomic characteristics.
Gender-neutral roots such as leono " lion " and kelnero " waiter " may be made feminine with a grammatical suffix ( leonino " lioness ", kelnerino " waitress "), but there is no comparable way to derive the masculine ; there was not even originally a word for " male ".
However, her salary was maintained at a level comparable to that of her male colleagues.
Given the importance in Greek society of cultivating the masculinity of the adult male and the perceived feminizing effect of being the passive partner, relations between adult men of comparable social status were considered highly problematic, and usually associated with social stigma.
Thus the male is of comparable size to the female, but has a significantly smaller mass.
Archaeoindris fontoynontii is an extinct, giant lemur and the largest primate known to have evolved on Madagascar, comparable in size to a male gorilla.
Although he appears to be an adult male, his emotional and intellectual development is comparable to that of a child ( it's likely that he has some kind of mental disability ).

male and courtesan
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It is conceivable that Strozzi may have been a courtesan, however, she also may have merely been the target of jealous slander by her male contemporaries.

male and was
This was also a corpse -- a male, judging from the coral arm bands, the tribal scars still discernible on the maggoty face, the painted bone of the warrior caste which still pierced the septum of the rotting nose.
She munched little ginger cakes called mulatto's belly and kept her green, somewhat hypnotic eyes fixed on a light-colored male who was prancing wildly with a 5-foot king snake wrapped around his bronze neck.
This patient was a 65-year-old white male accountant who entered the New York Hospital for his fourth and terminal admission on June 26, 1959, because of disabling weakness and general debility.
Left alone while her husband was miles away in the city, the modern wife assumed more and more duties normally reserved for the male.
In a flash she was away to the back, paying no attention to three angry shouts from the male throats.
Back in college, today's handsome Gander was the only male member of a Texas Tech class on food.
The Yang, or male principle, was the source of light, heat, and dynamic vitality, associated with the Sun ; ;
Clerfayt of `` Heaven Has No Favorites '' resembles Portago only in that he is male and a race-driver -- quite a bad race-driver, whereas Portago was a good one.
Now there was raucous male singing from the Fleet Bar.
It was terribly off key, and poorly done, and Tommy could never admit to herself that male companionship was a very natural and important thing, but all at once she felt lonesome and put-upon.
From now on, his was going to be a man's world: the North Woods, duck blinds at dawning, beer and poker and male secretaries.
Hyacinth or Hyacinthus was one of Apollo's male lovers.
Another male lover was Cyparissus, a descendant of Heracles.
He was the long-awaited male heir, and was named Alexius as a fulfilment of the AIMA prophecy.
Peter's only male heir, future king Fernando of Portugal, was a sickly child, while the illegitimate children sired with Inês thrived.
For the Hellenes, high on the cliff a temple was built, which became a worship site devoted to Aphrodite, in her particular local presence as Aphrodite Amathusia along with a bearded male Aphrodite called Aphroditos.
She was best known for ordering her male servants to be crippled " as the lame best perform the acts of love ".
The Exodus Rabbah argues that when the Pharaoh instructed midwives to throw male children into the Nile, Amram divorced Jochebed, who was three months pregnant with Moses at the time, arguing that there was no justification for the Israelite men to father children if they were just to be killed ; however, the text goes on to state that Miriam, his daughter, chided him for his lack of care for his wife's feelings, persuading him to recant and marry Jochebed again.
In the mid-5th century the number of adult male citizens was perhaps as high as 60, 000, but this number fell precipitously during the Peloponnesian War.
From a modern perspective these figures may seem small, but in the world of Greek city-states Athens was huge: most of the thousand or so Greek cities could only muster 1000 – 1500 adult male citizens and Corinth, a major power, had at most 15, 000 but in some very seldom cases more.
Greek democracy created at Athens was direct, rather than representative: any adult male citizen of age could take part, and it was a duty to do so.

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