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new and constitution
I would propose, next, as the prime requirement for constitution of new basic lists, items whose forms show as high an empirical retention rate as possible.
It was an era of constitution writing — most states were busy at the task — and leaders felt the new nation must have a written constitution, even though other nations did not.
Since the adoption of a new constitution, early in 2010, the politics of Angola takes place in a framework of a presidential republic, whereby the President of Angola is both head of state and head of government, and of a multi-party system.
Angola changed from a one-party Marxist-Leninist system ruled by the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola ( MPLA ), in place since independence in 1975, to a multiparty democracy based on a new constitution adopted in 1992.
The new constitution of 1995 greatly expanded the powers of the executive branch and gives it much more influence over the judiciary and municipal officials.
South Australia became a self-governing colony in 1856 with the ratification of a new constitution by the British parliament.
A new constitution is established with aid from the U. S. Embassy.
* 1772 – Gustav III of Sweden stages a coup d ' état, in which he assumes power and enacts a new constitution that divides power between the Riksdag and the King.
In yet another coup d ' état, he suspended ( March 1903 ) the constitution for half an hour, time enough to publish the decrees by which the old senators and councillors of state were dismissed and replaced by new ones.
Following the 1831 Nat Turner slave rebellion, a state convention was called to pass a new constitution, including provisions to disfranchise free people of color.
The constitution was submitted for a public vote and Johnson campaigned for its adoption ; his support of the new work provided him with additional positive statewide exposure.
As another consequence of the disturbances, a new constitution was accepted in 1831 which came into effect on 4 September of that year.
A new constitution was adopted in 2007 ( the Virgin Islands Constitution Order, 2007 ) and came into force when the Legislative Council was dissolved for the 2007 general election.
The Head of Government under the new constitution is the Premier ( prior to the new constitution the office was referred to as Chief Minister ), who is elected in a general election along with the other members of the ruling government as well as the members of the opposition.
* Constitution of 1891 – the republic was proclaimed in 1889, but a new constitution was not promulgated until 1891.
* Constitution of 1934 – when Getúlio Vargas came to power in 1930, he canceled the 1891 constitution and did not permit a new one until 1934.
The Constitutionalist Revolution of 1932 forced Vargas to enact a new democratic constitution that permitted women's suffrage.
* Constitutionalist Revolution ( 1932 ): Was the armed movement occurred in the State of São Paulo, Brazil, between July and October 1932, which aimed at the overthrow of the Provisional Government of Getúlio Vargas and the promulgation of a new constitution for Brazil.
After the fall of the communism in 1990, the former communist party changed to Bulgarian Socialist Party ( BSP ) and won the first post-communist elections for the new constitution in 1990 with a small majority.
The army remained in power for 4 years ; on June 14, 1970, the Voltans ratified a new constitution that established a 4-year transition period toward complete civilian rule.
After conflict over the 1970 constitution, a new constitution was written and approved in 1977, and Lamizana was reelected by open elections in 1978.

new and came
And let me add Murray's new book as another symptom of it, particularly so in view of the attention Time magazine gave it when it came out recently.
Thorpe came to Louisiana from the East as a young man prepared to find in the new country the setting of romantic adventure and idealized beauty.
Running across the deck, which was empty now that the livestock had been killed and eaten, they sniffed the spice-laden breezes that came from the shore, each pointing out new and exciting wonders to the other.
The defeat and death of Adolf of Nassau at the hands of Albert of Habsburg also worked to the disadvantage of the English, for all the efforts to revive the anti-French coalition came to nothing when Philip made an alliance with the new king of the Romans.
The peddler came bawling his wares and told them of the convention in Wheeling, Which had formed a new state government by declaring the government at Richmond in the east illegal because they were traitors.
As soon as the time came for re-sharpening, the precise form of the gear tooth was lost and a new cutter had to be made.
Poet came up from below, wearing new bathing trunks.
Rabb, the former Louisiana State field general, came off the bench for his debut with the Bills Sunday and directed his new team to a 22-12 upset victory over the Houston Oilers, defending league champions.
The Kennedy administration's new housing and urban renewal proposals, particularly their effect on the Federal Housing Administration, came under fire in Dallas last week.
I believe, therefore, that we are without exception sinners, by nature alienated from God, and that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came to earth, the representative Head of a new race, to die upon the cross and pay the penalty of the sin of the world, and that he who thus receives Christ as his personal Saviour is `` born again '' spiritually, with new privileges, appetites, and affections, destined to live and grow in His likeness forever.
With our growth came expansion into new fields of service.
Under the influence of several younger scholars, a new approach came to predominate among British anthropologists, concerned with analyzing how societies held together in the present ( synchronic analysis, rather than diachronic or historical analysis ), and emphasizing long-term ( one to several years ) immersion fieldwork.
Together with earlier arrivals to the United States ( including the indigenous American Indians, Hispanic and Latino Americans, particularly in the West, Southwest, and Texas ; African Americans who came to the United States in the Atlantic slave trade ; and early colonial migrants from Britain, France, Germany, Spain, and elsewhere ), these new waves of immigrants had a pro profound impact on national or regional cuisine.
The modern American Media came into being after Generoso Pope, Jr., longtime owner of The National Enquirer, died in 1988, and his tabloids came under new ownership.
Aelia came from Hadrian's nomen gentile, Aelius, while Capitolina meant that the new city was dedicated to Jupiter Capitolinus, to whom a temple was built on the site of the former Jewish temple, the Temple Mount.
They rented the apartment of an American man who was away for the summer, and Nin came across a number of French paperbacks: " One by one, I read these books, which were completely new to me.
" The article recounted Capp's days working for an unnamed " benefactor " with a miserly, swinish personality, who Capp claimed was a never-ending source of inspiration when it came time to create a new unregenerate villain for his comic strip.
AMD's new fab in Dresden came online, allowing further production increases, and the process technology was improved by a switch to copper interconnects.
When the end came, these troops simply shifted their allegiances to the new barbarian rulers.
The strategic significance of the strait was one of the factors in the decision of the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great to found there in AD 330 his new capital, Constantinople, which came to be known as the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire.

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