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separate and £
Diego Garcia and the Chagos Archipelago were administered by the colonial government on the island of Mauritius until 1965, when the United Kingdom purchased them from the self-governing government of Mauritius for £ 3 million, and declared them to be a separate British Overseas Territory.
Sir George established the business as a separate company from the Bristol Tramway Company because he considered that such a venture would be seen as too risky by many shareholders, and the new company's working capital of £ 25, 000 was subscribed entirely by Sir George, his brother, and his son.
Civil claims with an amount in controversy under £ 5, 000 are dealt with in the County Court under the Small Claims Track ( sometimes known to the lay public as " Small Claims Court ," although it is not a separate court ).
For example, buying two books, each priced at £ 14. 99 before a tax of 17. 5 %, in two separate transactions will actually save £ 0. 01, over buying them together: £ 14. 99 × 1. 175
Thomas's son, Theophilus Howard, fell heavily into debt and sold the castle, the estate and the former Great Park to Sir Robert Hitcham in 1635 for £ 14, 000 ; as with several other established parks, such as Eye, Kelsale and Hundon, the Great Park was broken up turned into separate estates.
The garden belongs to a charitable trust which is separate from the Northumberland Estates, but the Duke of Northumberland donated the site and £ 9 million.
Hugh Montgomerie, 12th Earl of Eglinton, had already spent £ 100, 000 on a separate project to build a dead sea harbour at Ardrossan, at the proposed terminus of the canal.
The £ 10. 2m, seven-storey Ben Pimlott Building on New Cross Road, complete with its distinctive " scribble in the sky " ( made from 229 separate pieces of metal ) has become a signature of the modern college.
To accommodate this dual presentation and general increase in production the takeover created, £ 2m was spent on updating and extending the studios at Pontcanna, including a new studio and separate transmission control suites.
In 1763 and 1765, juries awarded £ 4, 000 and £ 300 to John Wilkes and John Entick, respectively, in separate suits for trespass against the crown's messengers.
Edward's accountants did not separate the costs of the town walls from that of the castle, and the total cost of the two projects came to around £ 15, 000, a huge sum for the period.
His campaign only reported a separate £ 82, 000 of donations and the Guardian believes he stopped taking a personal interest in funding once the campaign ended though there was no evidence that he deliberately broke the law.
In a separate French investigation into corruption at the former oil giant Elf Aquitaine, an executive testified that it paid Bongo £ 40m a year via Swiss bank accounts in exchange for permission to exploit his country's reserves.
In December 2003, Archant purchased 27 weekly newspapers from Independent News & Media in two separate deals worth up to £ 62m.
Kirkbride also extended her mortgage to pay for a £ 50, 000 extension to her house, which she said was to provide a separate bedroom for her son, and claimed for this on expenses.
The Privy Council allowed he a separate maintenance of £ 500 a year.
The separate small claims procedure was first introduced for claims up to £ 75 in 1973.
The Halfords Lane stand was rebuilt in two separate phases between 1979 and 1982, at a cost of around £ 2. 5 million.
In its current form, the ' Classic Pools ' game has a top prize of £ 3 million, separate to the pool prize that is given to the highest point scorer ( s ).
The upper slots contained a single bead while the lower slots contained four beads, the only exceptions being the two rightmost columns, column 2 marked Ө and column 3 with three symbols down the side of a single slot or beside three separate slots with Ɛ, 3 or S or a symbol like the £ sign but without the horizontal bar beside the top slot, a backwards C beside the middle slot and a 2 symbol beside the bottom slot, depending on the example abacus and the source which could be Friedlein, Menninger or Ifrah.
The catalogue extends to 379 pages, and the separate books number 8, 155 ; it sold for £ 2, 210.

separate and 2
Moreover, despite a positive equity as a separate company (€ 105, 142, 589 ), the AS Roma Group had a negative equity on consolidated balance sheet, fell from +€ 8. 8million to negative € 13. 2 million.
The initial Athlon ( Slot A, later called Athlon Classic ) used 512 kB of level 2 cache separate from the CPU, on the processor cartridge board, running at 50 % to 33 % of core speed.
( In some casinos the bet draws on a roll of 2 rather than 12 ; some offer separate areas on the layout, allowing the player to choose whether to draw on 2 (" Bar Aces ") or 12 (" Bar Sixes ").
Among Orthodox, the term is understood to mean that they were compiled separately from the primary canon, as explained in 2 Esdras, where Esdras is instructed to keep certain books separate and hidden.
# Otherwise, write separate lists of even and odd numbers ( i. e. 2, 4, 6, 8-1, 3, 5, 7 )
He then re-calibrated his scale using the melting point of ice and normal human body temperature ( which were at 30 and 90 degrees ); he adjusted the scale so that the melting point of ice would be 32 degrees and body temperature 96 degrees, so that 64 intervals would separate the two, allowing him to mark degree lines on his instruments by simply bisecting the interval six times ( since 64 is 2 to the sixth power ).
He later opined that the governor-general's role was more than a representative of the sovereign, explaining: " under section 2 of the Constitution the Governor-General is the Queen's representative and exercises certain royal prerogative powers and functions ; under section 61 of the Constitution the Governor-General is the holder of a quite separate and independent office created, not by the Crown, but by the Constitution, and empowered to exercise, in his own right as Governor-General and not as a representative or delegate of the Queen, all the powers and functions of Australia's head of state.
Each unit ( 1, 2, ..., 9 ) is assigned a separate letter, each tens ( 10, 20, ..., 90 ) a separate letter, and the first four hundreds ( 100, 200, 300, 400 ) a separate letter.
Tenniel executed 2, 165 separate cartoons for Punch, a liberal and politically active publication that took full advantage of the Victorian time ’ s mood for want of liberal social changes ; thus Tenniel, in his cartoons, represented for years the conscience of the British people.
Haredi applies to a populace that can be roughly divided into three separate groups along both ethnic and ideological lines: ( 1 ) " Lithuanian " ( non-hasidic ) haredim of Ashkenazic origin ; ( 2 ) Hasidic haredim of Ashkenazic origin ; and ( 3 ) Sephardic haredim.
References to the ACE RAM usually include the separate 2 KB video memory, which is not available for user programs, thus leading to some confusion.
This court ( lagmannsretten ) is administered by a three-judge panel ( usually 1 lagmann and 2 lagdommere ), and if 7 or more jury members want to convict, the sentence is set in a separate proceeding, consisting of the three judges and the jury foreman ( lagrettens ordfører ) and three other members of the jury chosen by ballot.
Lund University has eight faculties, with additional campuses in the cities of Malmö and Helsingborg, with 47, 000 students in more than 280 different programmes and around 2, 250 separate courses.
For example, in the Homininae, two chromosomes fused to produce human chromosome 2 ; this fusion did not occur in the lineage of the other apes, and they retain these separate chromosomes.
" Jesus in Manichaeism possessed three separate identities ( 1 ) Jesus the Luminous, ( 2 ) Jesus the Messiah and ( 3 ) Jesus patibilis ( the suffering Jesus ).
This new version was to have considerable security improvements, including a new certificate structure which fixed small security flaws in the PGP 2. x certificates as well as permitting a certificate to include separate keys for signing and encryption.
The POSIX specifications for Unix-like operating system environments originally consisted of a single document for the core programming interface, but eventually grew to 19 separate documents ( for example, POSIX. 1, POSIX. 2 etc.
There are two approaches to reconstructing data from such a scanner: 1 ) treat each ring as a separate entity, so that only coincidences within a ring are detected, the image from each ring can then be reconstructed individually ( 2D reconstruction ), or 2 ) allow coincidences to be detected between rings as well as within rings, then reconstruct the entire volume together ( 3D ).
* 2 federal cities ( Moscow and St. Petersburg ): major cities that function as separate regions.
When Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union in June 1941, in Operation Barbarossa, the Red Army's ground forces had 303 divisions and 22 separate brigades ( 4. 8 million soldiers ), including 166 divisions and 9 brigades ( 2. 9 million soldiers ) garrisoned in the western military districts.
In 1966, before they went their separate ways, and to capitulize on their previous hits, Verve / MGM issued a " Greatest Hits " comp, of which has been modified twice, in 1983 with 10 tracks, then again in 1990 with 2 more tracks.
On 2 July 2009 this commission was closely linked with the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, whose Prefect is now ex officio President of the commission, which however maintains its separate identity.

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