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from Brown Corpus
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About and halfway
About halfway back Pops groped against a wall and stopped, pulled away two loosely nailed wide boards at one end, and went through.
About halfway through the song, Simon tells the band to stop playing because of his embarrassment.
About halfway through his career, Beethoven began to experiment with other tonal relationships between the tonic and the second subject group.
About halfway between the two towns lies a small, unincorporated crossroads called " Waterloo ".
About halfway between the two towns lies a small, unincorporated crossroads called " Waterloo ".
About halfway down the boardwalk was an amphitheater that could seat 4000, it was one of the largest in the state.
About halfway between Scipio and Salina is Lake Scipio, on the west side of US-50.
About halfway along, at the junction with Upper Woburn Place, is St Pancras New Church.
About halfway between the monument of Zeno and the salt lake on the right is the underground chapel of Ayia Phaneromeni.
About south of Ciudad Mante is the town of Ciudad Valles ; about halfway to Ciudad Valles, the Pan-American Highway enters the state of San Luis Potosí.
About halfway to Santiago, the Inter-American Highway crosses over the San Pablo river.
About halfway through the war his wife goes to the eastern front to entertain the German troops.
About halfway up Ludgate Hill is the church of St. Martin, Ludgate, once physically joined to the Ludgate.
About halfway through the 26-episode season, the characters and the relationships between them are established and the main plot gets underway.
About halfway along the strand is a Martello tower, part of a system of defences built to warn of an invasion by Napoleon.
About halfway through the film, Tom Servo reveals that he has his own interocitor, which the crew uses in an attempt to return to Earth.
About halfway, the horses are shot and some of the men are sent back with the dogs.
About halfway up the mountain, they were joined by Pfc Rene Gagnon, who was carrying a larger flag to the summit to replace the smaller one which had been raised earlier in the day.
About halfway along the picturesque West Highland Railway line between Fort William and Mallaig lies Glenfinnan railway station.
About halfway to Naglimund, he stumbles upon a strange creature, caught in a cotsman's trap.
About halfway down Orchard Road are Cairnhill and Emerald Hill, where the rich Chinese built their residences, now prime properties sought after by affluent professionals and expatriates.
About 100 km north of Inagua and 560 km south of the capital Nassau, Mayaguana is considered the halfway point between South Florida and Puerto Rico and is about 450 nautical miles off Palm Beach, Florida.
About halfway through the series, Yago is connected to Mother and is " killed " ( actually, a projection of his mind is killed ).
About halfway through the series, Blinky and Pinky bring Sandy to their homeworld of KoalaWalla Land.

About and through
About the thirteenth or fourteenth century, the popes, then residing at Avignon in France, began to reserve the collation of a great many benefices, so that all the benefices, especially the greater ones, were to be conferred through the Roman Curia ( Lega, Praelectiones Jur.
About 80 % of the class of 2010 did research through the annual Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships ( SURF ) program at least once during their stay, and many continued during the school year.
About 70 % of all cargo, excluding Caucedo and free zone exports / imports, is moved through this port.
In 1968, he studied glass in Venice on a Fulbright Fellowship and received a Master of Fine Arts at the Rhode Island School of Design. In 1971, with the support of John Hauberg and Anne Gould Hauberg, Chihuly founded the Pilchuck Glass School near Stanwood, Washington. About the Pilchuck Glass School from their websiteIn 1976, while Chihuly was in England, he was involved in a head-on car accident during which he flew through the windshield. Glass Houses: Dale Chihuly Files a Lawsuit That Raises Big Questions ... About Dale Chihuly, a February 2006 article from The Stranger His face was severely cut by glass and he was blinded in his left eye.
About 44 percent of the government's fiscal shortfall was financed through cash from foreign sources.
About 73 % of Japan is mountainous, with a mountain range running through each of the main islands.
About the same time he was sent for by Frederick William, Elector of Brandenburg, to be minister of the French church at Berlin ; the electoral summons found Abbadie at Paris, and it was conveyed through the Count d ' Espense, who had been commissioned by his master to make the selection.
About 65 billion () solar neutrinos per second pass through every square centimeter perpendicular to the direction of the Sun in the region of the Earth.
About a century before the middle of the millennium, bands of Indo-European invaders came from the Central Asia plains and swept through the Near East.
About 300, 000 migrating birds were transiting annually only through the Saemangeum tidal flat area.
About 300 foreign guests marched through the streets along the local participants.
About a quarter of all oil carried by sea passes through the strait, mainly from Persian Gulf suppliers to Asian markets such as China, Japan, and South Korea.
Recent retrospective surveys include " All About Art ," Louisiana Museum, Humelbaek ( 2003, traveled to the Hayward Gallery, London, Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art through 2005 ); and " Classic of the New ", Kunsthaus Bregenz ( 2005 ), " Roy Lichtenstein: Meditations on Art " Museo Triennale, Milan ( 2010, traveled to the Museum Ludwig, Cologne ).
About 9 ° N there is a break in the wall, through which the Awash River flows eastward.
About midway through came a montage of clips from various skits, capped with a clip of Paul the Gorilla dancing across the screen.
Later that afternoon, on an errand with her sister Marie and school friend Jeanne ( Mary Anderson ) to collect firewood outside the town of Lourdes, Bernadette is left behind when her companions warn her not to wade through the cold river by the Massabielle caves for fear of taking ill. About to cross anyway, Bernadette is distracted by a strange breeze and a change in the light.
About that time Norman was in negotiations to sign with Elektra Records, but " it fell through when the president of the label was confronted by someone who gave him a copy of the Hollywood Free Paper.
About this time, primarily through the influence of Juan de Valdes, he read Martin Bucer's commentaries on the Gospels and the Psalms and also Zwingli's De vera et falsa religione ; and his Biblical studies began to affect his views.
) About 1906, the Postal Telegraph surveyed and built a telegraph line from Atlanta to Washington, DC, and, as most of their lines were constructed along streets and highways, they erected their lines through Cornelia on the east side of Foreacre Street to Jones Street and the Toccoa Highway ( Thls Yonah of Yesteryear by R. L.
About 1932, Illinois State Route 48 was constructed through Palmer-part of it over the top of the old mine.

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