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Some Related Sentences

:: and According
:: Example 1 ( parliamentary monarchy ): According to Section 12 of the Constitution of Denmark 1953:
:: Example 3 ( parliamentary republic ): According to Article 26 ( 2 ) of the 1975 Constitution of Greece:
:: Example 4 ( parliamentary republic ): According to Article 53 ( 1 ) of the Constitution of India:
:: Example 6 ( semi-presidential republic ): According to Chapter 4, Article 87, Section 1 of the Constitution of Russia:
:: Example 3 ( semi-presidential republic ): According to Chapter 4, Article 84 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation:
:: Example 2 ( parliamentary republic ): According to Chapter V, Article 60 ( 2 ) of the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany:
:: According to legend, Isabella of France and Roger Mortimer, 1st Earl of March famously plotted to murder Edward II of England in such a way as not to draw blame on themselves, sending a famous order in Latin which, depending on where the comma was inserted, could mean either " Do not be afraid to kill Edward ; it is good " or " Do not kill Edward ; it is good to fear ":
According to Reggio, the film has no screenplay per se, but three movements ( like those of a symphony ) with different themes ::
According to the 2007 Chamber of Commerce publication " The Economy ," top employers in Stillwater are as follows ::
:: According to Nanjiro, there was no such thing as Teni Muhō to begin with.

:: and Acts
:: Marriage Acts, ABC TV

:: and Paul
:: A. Paul ’ s Imprisonment ( 1: 12-13 )
:: C. Paul ’ s Attitude ( 1: 18-26 )
:: B. Paul ’ s Goal: The Resurrection ( 3: 7-11 )
:: D. Paul as an Example of Conduct and Watchfulness ( 3: 17 – 4: 1 )
:: Paul
:: Paul van Buitenen, July 2007
:: Non-Fiction: Paul Tapsell, Pukaki: A Comet Returns.
:: Featuring four tracks each by Paul Petersen, Shelley Fabares, and James Darren
:: One of the Last directed by Paul Zinder
:: Paul McDermott, Good News Week, ABC TV and Network Ten
:: Paul Vautin, The NRL Footy Show, Nine Network
:: Paul McDermott, Good News Week, ABC TV and Network Ten
:: Paul Kadak, Seven Network
:: Paul Lockyer, ABC TV
:: Paul Marshall, Seven Network
:: Paul Bishop, Blue Heelers, Seven Network
:: Paul Mercurio, Day Of The Roses, Network Ten
:: Paul McDermott, Good News Week, Network Ten
:: The Man From Bitter Creek ( 1959 ) Paul
:: The Slaughter Trail ( 1959 ) Paul
* Paul Offit – about Autism's False Prophets :: This book explores why parents, seeking in vain for a cure and for an explanation of their child's problem, are so vulnerable to false hopes and to the nasty predators who have from time immemorial always taken advantage of the desperate in our society.
:: Paul Hogan, Anzacs, Nine Network
:: Paul Hogan, The Paul Hogan Show, Nine Network

:: and began
:: Thus I began my ain way,
:: Note that Chase began the season as anchor on September 18, but missed the next two episodes due to an injury sustained while performing a sketch in the season's first episode.
:: The assault on the castle then began under the command of Capt.
* Suzhou-style mooncake :: This style began more than a thousand years ago, and is known for its layers of flaky dough and generous allotment of sugar and lard.
:: Radio Caroline began broadcasting on March 28 from aboard the MV Caroline ( formerly MV Fredericia ) anchored off south-eastern England, later moved to anchorage off Isle of Man.
:: Radio Atlanta began broadcasting on May 12 from aboard the MV Mi Amigo from an anchorage close to Radio Caroline.
:: Radio London began broadcasting from a former US minesweeper renamed MV Galaxy anchored in British territorial waters off South-east England.
:: His began with care,
:: Between 3 and 4 o ' clock in the afternoon of the said 29th, it began to rain mud and ashes at Caysasay miles from the volcano and this rain lasted three days.

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