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According and Herbert
According to Tony Bridgland ," Herbert screamed, ' Cease fire!
According to Gay, Herbert had relatively few followers, and it was not until the 1680s that Herbert found a true successor in Charles Blount ( 1654 – 1693 ).
According to Herbert C. Brichtothe, writing in Reform Judaism's Hebrew Union College Annual, the family tomb is the central concept in understanding biblical views of the afterlife.
According to Morrow, the " most important " studies finding negative effects of Sesame Street were conducted by educator Herbert A. Sprigle and psychologist Thomas D. Cook during its first two seasons.
According to Herbert, this is a symptom of living in Paris at this time: the citizens became detached from one another.
According to McNelly, he and Frank Herbert had planned to expand this version into a prequel novel to Dune, but Herbert's death two years later prevented the work from being completed.
According to Herbert Gans, racial disturbance broke out in Levittown, Pennsylvania when a white family sold their home to African-Americans.
According to the Prelude to Dune prequel trilogy ( 1999 – 2001 ) by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson, Duncan Idaho is born on the planet Giedi Prime, under the Harkonnen Regime.
According to Hanna biographer Herbert Croly, " he had gained little from the first nine years of his business life except experience.
According to Jerome Herbert Skolnick, in dealing largely with disorderly elements of the society, some people working in law enforcement may gradually develop an attitude or sense of authority over society, particularly under traditional reaction-based policing models ; in some cases the police believe that they are above the law.
According to the dedication of The Road to Dune ( 2005 ), the character of Jessica is patterned after Frank Herbert's wife Beverly Herbert.
According to historians Herbert Bix and John W. Dower, Fellers — under an assignment by the code name " Operation Blacklist "— allowed them to coordinate their stories to exonerate Emperor Hirohito and all members of his family.
According to the Legends of Dune prequel trilogy ( 2002 – 2004 ) by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson, Imperial House Corrino is founded by Viceroy Faykan Butler, the grandson of Xavier Harkonnen and grandnephew of Serena Butler.
According to boxing historian Herbert Goldman, Carnera was " very much mob controlled.
According to Herbert Hovenkamp, his most lasting contribution was the initiation of the Scottish Common-Sense Realism, which he had learned by reading Thomas Reid and two of his expounders Dugald Stewart and James Beattie.
In his note on this phrase, the translator Herbert Moore says: " According to the ' Apostolic Canons ', only the lower orders of clergy were allowed to marry after their appointment to office ; the Council in Trullo ordered that a bishop's wife should retire to a convent, or become a deaconess ; that of Caesarea, that if a priest marries after ordination he must be degraded.
According to Victorian scholar Herbert Tucker, Tennyson ’ s characters " move " through time and space to be moved inwardly.
According to popular historian Herbert Bix in Hirohito and the Making of Modern Japan, " MacArthur's truly extraordinary measures to save the Emperor from trial as a war criminal had a lasting and profoundly distorting impact on Japanese understanding of the lost war.
According to his official biographer, Stockhausen regarded this mass as a sacred work, written from personal conviction, and asked his mentor, the director of the WDR electronic studio Herbert Eimert, to write to the Cologne archbishop's diocesan office for permission to have the work performed in the Cologne Cathedral.
According to British Sinologist Herbert Allen Giles ( 1845 – 1935 ); Youxiong was a name taken from Huangdi's hereditary principality ; Giles also cited sources saying that Xuanyuan was the name of a village where the Yellow Emperor had lived.
According to Herbert Marshall Lloyd, an attorney and editor of Morgan's works, Lewis was descended from James Morgan, brother of Miles, who were Welsh pioneers of Connecticut and Springfield, Massachusetts, respectively.
According to W. J. Weatherby, influences on The Satanic Verses were listed as Joyce, Italo Calvino, Kafka, Frank Herbert, Pynchon, Mervyn Peake, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Jean-Luc Godard, J. G. Ballard, and William Burroughs.
According to some reports, the first person to reach the spot on foot was Sir Wally Herbert, who arrived by dogsled in 1968.

According and 1968
According to John L. Allen, Jr., " In addition, three decades of bishops ’ appointments by John Paul II and Benedict XVI, both unambiguously committed to “ Humanae Vitae ,” mean that senior leaders in Catholicism these days are far less inclined than they were in 1968 to distance themselves from the ban on birth control, or to soft-pedal it.
According to the Atkinson-Shiffrin memory model, a dual-store memory model set forth by Atkinson and Shiffrin in 1968, memories can reside in the short-term “ buffer ” for a limited time while they are simultaneously strengthening their associations in long-term memory.
According to former CIA Near East Division Chief James Chritchfield, after al-Bakr and Saddam seized power in 1968, " America slowly developed, not a hostility, but enormous reservations about the ability of the Ba ' ath to constructively bring Iraq along.
According to its title, the Theft Act 1968 revises the law as to theft and similar or associated offences.
According to Mao: The Unknown Story, an estimated 100, 000 people died in one of the worst factional struggles in Guangxi in January – April 1968, before Premier Zhou sent the PLA to intervene.
According to critic David Ehrenstein, the term " Creative Accounting " was first used in 1968 in the film The Producers by Mel Brooks.
According to Ervin Polster ( 1968 ), a pre-eminent Gestalt therapist, " Rank brought the human relationship directly into his office.
According to Don Williams, who founded the Salt Company coffeehouse in the summer of 1968, Norman " heard ‘ The Agape ,’ a hard rock Christian group, play songs about Jesus ", which " convinced Larry that he could use his rock music to communicate the gospel ".
According to the 2010 census, the village achieved the second highest growth rate in Cuyahoga County: 53 % as the population increased from 117 to 179, although the last house was built in 1968 and there are only 37 residential addresses.
According to the Handbook of Texas Online referencing Oscar Haas, History of New Braunfels and Comal County, Texas, 1844-1946 ( Austin: Steck, 1968 ), Bulverde was settled in 1850 and called Pieper Settlement, after Anton Pieper.
According to Dixon & Godrich ( 1981 ) and Leadbitter and Slaven ( 1968 ), Alan Lomax and the Library of Congress researchers did not record any Delta bluesmen ( or women ) prior to 1941, when he recorded Son House and Willie Brown near Lake Cormorant, Mississippi, and Muddy Waters at Stovall, Mississippi ; however, this claim is disputed as John and Alan Lomax did record Bukka White in 1939, Lead Belly in 1933 and most likely others.
According to Oppitz ( 1968 ), Sherpas migrated from the Kham region in eastern Tibet to Nepal within the last 300 – 400 years.
According to popular legend and police investigation, in 1968 Antonio García murdered his wife, Gloria Soto.
According to Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones, the first time he heard the song was at the band's very first rehearsal session at Gerrard Street in London in 1968: " Jimmy played us the riffs at the first rehearsal and said, ' This is a number I want us to do '.
According to Eberhard ( 1968: 159 ), centipedes were snake predators, and " the enmity between snake and centipede occurs in many folktales and customs.
According to the Belmont publication commemorating the track's 1968 reopening, that move cut off its circumference.
According to an interview featurette with Jon Voight on the DVD of Coming Home ( 1978 ), Cleland also served during this time as a consultant on the Academy Award-winning drama set in a VA hospital in 1968.
According to Sharon Jansen, there are subtle differences between the 1968 Olympia Press edition and Solanas ' original mimeographed version.
According to Emir Rodríguez Monegal in his April 1968 article " Nota sobre Biorges ", when Adolfo Bioy Casares and Jorge Luis Borges collaborated under the pseudonyms H. Bustos Domecq or B. Suárez Lynch, the results seemed written by a new personality, more than the sum of its parts, which he dubbed " Biorges " and considered in his own right as " one of the most important Argentine prose writers of his time ", for having influenced writers such as Leopoldo Marechal ( an otherwise anti-Borgesian ), or Julio Cortázar's use of fictional language and slang in his masterpiece Hopscotch .< ref
According to court testimony, Kuralt had met Shannon while doing a story on " Pat Baker Park " in Reno, Nevada, that Shannon had promoted and volunteered to build in 1968.
According to the 1992 Dead oral history, Aces Back To Back, in the summer of 1968, Stephen Stills vacationed at Mickey Hart's ranch in Novato.
According to one biographer, on the evening of April 4, 1968, Jane Elliott turned on her television to find out about the assassination.
According to Schreck, Mayer proposed that LaVey author a Satanic bible to draw from the popularity of 1968 horror film Rosemary's Baby, which had caused a recent rise in public interest in both Satanism and the occult.
* According To Dora ( 1968 / 69 ) BBC

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