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According and Homer
According to Homer, Circe suggested two alternative routes to Odysseus to return to Ithaca: toward the " Wandering Rocks " where King Aeolus reigned or passing between the dangerous Scylla and the whirlpool Charybdis, conventionally identified with the Strait of Messina.
* According to Homer Hickam's memoir, Rocket Boys, and its movie production, October Sky, the early rockets he and his friends built were ironically named " Auk ".
According to Diodorus Siculus, Homer had even visited Egypt.
According to Greek source, the original name of the Lydian kingdom was Maionia ( Μαιονία ), or Maeonia: Homer ( Iliad ii.
According to Homer ( Odyssey iv: 412 ), the sandy island of Pharos situated off the coast of the Nile Delta was the home of Proteus, the oracular Old Man of the Sea and herdsman of the sea-beasts.
According to Homer, Achilles conquered 11 cities and 12 islands.
* According to Homer, Idomeneus reached his house safe and sound.
According to Hesiod's Theogony, Triton dwelt with his parents in a golden palace in the depths of the sea ; Homer places his seat in the waters off Aegae.
According to Homer it was called Aegae.
According to Groening, " Homer originated with my goal to both amuse my real father, and just annoy him a little bit.
According to Homer she was the wife of Zethus, and the mother of Itylus.
According to Homer, Hecuba was the daughter of King Dymas of Phrygia, but Euripides and Virgil write of her as the daughter of the Thracian king Cisseus.
According to Homer, Eurytus became so proud of his archery skills that he challenged Apollo.
According to Homer, Odyssey they were between Aeaea and the rock of Scylla.
According to Homer, Diomedes enters the war with a fleet of 80 ships, third only to the contributions of Agamemnon ( 100 ships ) and Nestor ( 90 ).
According to Homer, he was called Xanthos by gods and Scamander by men, which might indicate that the former name refers to the god and the latter one to the river itself.
According to Homer, Nausithous led a migration of Phaeacians from Hypereia to the island of Scheria in order to escape the lawless Cyclopes.
According to Homer, Alcinous is the happy ruler of the Phaiakians in the island of Scheria, who has by Arete five sons and one daughter, Nausicaa.
According to Homer, it was him who Lycurgus killed.
According to Homer, the Greek fleet on its way to Troy, in the generation after the Argo quest, was reprovisioned and victualled at Euneus ' orders.
According to Diogenes Laërtius, Xenophanes wrote in hexameters and also composed elegies and iambics against Homer and Hesiod.
According to Homer, Myrsinos took part in the Trojan War together with all of the Eleans ( Iliad II. 616 ).
According to Homer, the Leleges were a distinct Anatolian tribe ; according to Herodotus the Leleges were an early name for the Carians ; and according to the fourth-century BCE historian Philippus of Theangela, who suggested the Leleges had connections to Messenia, in mainland Greece, they were overcome by the Carians.
According to this theory, then, Homer really does exist, though we must still use special language when talking about somebody who exists at a distant time — just as we would use special language when talking about something a long way away ( the very words near, far, above, below, over there, and such are directly comparable to phrases such as in the past, a minute ago, and so on ).

According and Calypso
According to Hesiod in the Theogony, Peitho was the daughter of the Titans Tethys and Oceanus, which would make her an Oceanid and therefore sister of such notable goddesses as Tyche, Doris, Metis, and Calypso.
According to Etymologicum Magnum her name means καλύπτουσα το διανοούμενον, i. e. " concealing the knowledge ", which combined with the Homeric epithet δολόεσσα, meaning subtle or wily, justifies the hermetic character of Calypso and her island.

According and kept
According to certain authorities, twelve teeth of the saint were taken from the tomb in the fifteenth century and kept in the treasury, but these have now disappeared ( Stokes, Apennines, p. 183 ).
According to Lewnes ' UNICEF report, it is unknown how many girls and women die from the procedure because " few records are kept " and fatalities caused by FGM " are rarely reported as such ".
According to Lampridius, the emperor Alexander Severus ( 222 – 235 ), who was not a Christian, had kept a domestic chapel for the veneration of images of deified emperors, of portraits of his ancestors, and of Christ, Apollonius, Orpheus and Abraham.
According to Rashi, the ladder signified the exiles that the Jewish people would suffer before the coming of the Jewish Messiah: the angels that represented the exiles of Babylonia, Persia, and Greece each climbed up a certain number of steps, paralleling the years of the exile, before they " fell down "; but the angel representing the last exile, that of Rome or Edom, kept climbing higher and higher into the clouds.
According to Nancy Reagan in her memoirs published in 1989, Reagan disclosed to his parents in 1987 a very painful incident in his boyhood that he had kept secret for many years.
According to the United States scholar Nicholas Eberstadt and demographer Judith Banister, vital statistics and personal information on residents are kept by agencies on the ri, or ni (,: village, the local administrative unit ) level in rural areas and the dong (,: district or block ) level in urban areas.
According to the NFL's highlight film for the game, the 49ers had discovered Wersching's ability to effectively use the squib during their 1981 season opener when a leg injury kept him from fully powering into the football.
According to Plutarch's Life of Theseus, the ship Theseus used on his return from Crete to Athens was kept in the Athenian harbor as a memorial for several centuries.
According to author Brian Carroll, Lyons had been underestimated when he assumed office in 1932 and as leader he demonstrated: " a combination of honesty, native shrewdness, tact, administrative ability, common sense, good luck and good humour that kept him in the job longer than any previous Prime Minister except Hughes ".
According to tradition they married under Brehon law ' for one year certain ', and it is said that when the year was up Gráinne divorced Risdeárd and kept the castle.
* According to Hector Boece, the Stone was first kept in the west of Scotland at the lost city of Evonium.
According to Lerner, " he kept the boat from rocking, and Camelot might never have reached New York if it hadn't been for him.
According to the different periods, conquerors and circumstances, the population of the island kept changing.
Through his language, he tends to characterize Rome as “ masculine ” and Egypt as “ feminine .” According to Gayle Greene, “ the ‘ feminine ’ world of love and personal relationships is secondary to the ‘ masculine ’ world of war and politics, has kept us from realizing that Cleopatra is the play ’ s protagonist, and so skewed our perceptions of character, theme, and structure .” The highlighting of these starkly contrasting qualities of the two backdrops of Antony and Cleopatra, in both Shakespeare ’ s language and the words of critics, brings attention to the characterization of the title characters, since their respective countries are meant to represent and emphasize their attributes.
According to Calvinists, since God has drawn the elect to faith in Christ by regenerating their hearts and convincing them of their sins, and thus saving their souls by His own work and power, it naturally follows that they will be kept by the same power to the end.
According to the work of Cassandra B. Whyte, the continuing attention to aspects of motivation and success in regard to E-learning should be kept in context and concert with other educational efforts.
According to the Rig Veda, Vritra kept the waters of the world captive until he was killed by Indra, who destroyed all the ninety-nine fortresses of Vritra ( although the fortresses are sometimes attributed to Sambara ) before liberating the imprisoned rivers.
According to Tyler Brown most of the cemeteries are small family cemeteries often still kept up by family members who reside in the town.
According to ledgers still in existence, kept on sinking of the shaft, MacDonald and Bro., did the drilling.
According to sociologist Georgy Derluguyan, the Checheno-Ingush Republic's economy was divided into two spheres — much like French settler-ruled Algeria — and the Russian sphere had all the jobs with higher salaries, while non-Russians were systematically kept out of all government positions.
According to the July 1934 Movies magazine, on his ranch near Hollywood whose location he kept a close secret, Dix raised thousands of chickens and turkeys each year.
According to reports from his jailers ( including Horst Bubeck ), the defendants, especially Baader, kept their cells as dirty and disgusting as possible in order to discourage searches for items that might be smuggled in ; at this time lawyers and defendants were not separated by panes of glass during unsupervised meetings, as evidenced by photos taken by inmates.
According to this theory some navigations were kept secret for fear of competition by neighbouring Castile.
According to Darius the Great, Cambyses II, after becoming king of Persia but before setting out for Egypt, killed Bardiya and kept this secret.
According to his father, he chose to focus on country music in the early 1980s, after singers George Strait and Reba McEntire moved the genre back toward the more traditional ; in the style kept alive by George Jones and Merle Haggard.

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