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According and Jan
According to Jan Nattier, the term Mahāyāna (" Great Vehicle ") was originally even an honorary synonym for Bodhisattvayāna, or the " Bodhisattva Vehicle.
According to Afghanistan's Chamber of Commerce and Industries deputy head, Khan Jan Alokozai, about 500 shipping containers of trade goods enter Afghanistan via Pakistan on a daily basis.
According to Jan Nattier, it is most likely that the term Hīnayāna post-dates the term Mahāyāna, and was only added at a later date due to antagonism and conflict between bodhisattvas and śrāvakas.
According to Berry's biographer Mark A. Moore, " The song ( with backing vocals, plus additional instruments added by the Ernie Freeman combo ) had a raucous R & B flavor, with a bouncing bomp-bomp vocal hook that would become a signature from Jan on future recordings.
According to rock critic Dave Marsh, the attitude and public persona of punk rock can be traced to Jan and Dean.
According to the Netherlands Institute for Art History, he influenced Cornelis de Bie, Jan Coelenbier, Cornelis van Noorde, Abraham Susenier, Herman Saftleven, Pieter Jansz van Asch, and Abraham van Beijeren.
According to Len Dawson, placekicker Jan Stenerud and punter Jerrel Wilson were the best kickers in football.
According to A Brief History of the Caribbean ( Jan Rogozinski, Penguin Putnam, Inc September 2000 ), European and African diseases, malnutrition and slavery eventually destroyed the vast majority of the Caribbean's native population.
According to Jan van de Beek, Hans Janmaat often used economic arguments in his tirades against immigrants.
According to Jan Tschichold: " Page proportion 2: 3.
According to ( Irin and Watt, 2007 ) Jan Ehrenwald had described the out-of-body experience ( OBE ) " as an imaginal con-firmation of the question for immortality, a delusory attempt to assure ourselves that we possess a soul that exists independently of the physical body.
From the middle of the 19th century isometry became an " invaluable tool for engineers, and soon thereafter axonometry and isometry were incorporated in the curriculum of architectural training courses in Europe and the U. S ." According to Jan Krikke ( 2000 ) however, " axonometry originated in China.
According to the United States Navy “ the 36-day ( Iwo Jima ) assault resulted in more than 26, 000 American casualties, including 6, 800 dead .” To put that into context, the 82-day Battle of Okinawa lasted from early April until mid-June 1945 and U. S. ( 5 Army and 2 Marine Corps Divisions ) casualties were over 62, 000 of whom over 12, 000 were killed or missing, while the Battle of the Bulge lasted 40 days ( 16 Dec 44 – 25 Jan 45 ) with almost 90, 000 U. S. casualties of ; 19, 000 killed, 47, 500 wounded, and 23, 000 captured or missing.
According to author and Edsel scholar Jan Deutsch, the Edsel was " the wrong car at the wrong time.
" According to Jan Nattier, this is actually an erroneous and mistaken view, and the main difference was due to the earlier versions of Kumarajiva's source texts:
According to designer Jan Wilsgaard, the Amazon's styling was inspired by a Kaiser automobile he saw at the Gothenburg harbour.
According to Brian Dunning of Skeptoid, folk tales of the Jersey Devil prior to 1909 calling it the " Leeds Devil " may have been created to discredit local politician Daniel Leeds who served as deputy to the colonial governor of New York and New Jersey in the 1700s, and folklorist Jan Harold Brunvand wrote that the spread of contemporary pop culture has overtaken traditional Jersey Devil legends.
According to political analyst Jan Sundberg, Soini has the ability to appeal to common people and make complicated things look easy.
According to the Polish chronicler Jan Długosz, Stephen did not celebrate his victory ; instead, he fasted for forty days on bread and water and forbade anyone to attribute the victory to him, insisting that credit be given only to " The Lord ".
According to the RKD he had many followers ; his registered pupils were Nicasius Bernaerts, Peter van Boucle, Joannes Fijt, Juriaen Jacobsze, Jan Roos ( I ), and Paul de Vos.
According to Polish sources ( published in 1969 ) The area remained the main centre of activity by Polish minority in the region and in 1923 Związek Polaków na obszar Kaszubski was founded in the city In 1928 Jan Bauer, a Polish teacher organised Polish language lessons, and reinvigorated the Polish movement in the city, which resulted in repressions by German state, and his eventual conviction and exile from Germany in 1932, founding himself at the outbreak of Second World War in Berlin he was arrested and murdered by Germans in 1940.
According to modern English physician and writer Jan Bondeson, " Marocco was a small, muscular horse with remarkable litheness and agility ; he also proved particularly intelligent and easy to educate.
According to Boston Globe writer Jan Freeman, from 1975 to 1980, journalists used the nor ’ easter spelling only once in five mentions of such storms ; in the past year ( 2003 ), more than 80 percent of northeasters were spelled nor ' easter.
According to the German plan the destroyers were supposed to have been refuelled by two tankers, Kattegat and Jan Wellem, each receiving some of fuel oil.

According and Otto
According to the late 13th century chronicler Martin of Opava, Stephen VIII was described as being a German, who was elected pope due to the power and influence of his royal relative, the German king Otto I. Martin states that Otto ignored the will of the cardinals in imposing Stephen upon them, and because Stephen was hated for being a German, he was taken by supporters of Alberic II, who proceeded to maim and disfigure him to such an extent that Stephen was unable to appear in public again.
According to Hungarian tradition, Pope Silvester II, with the consent of Otto III, Holy Roman Emperor, sent a magnificent jeweled gold crown to Stephen along with an apostolic cross and a letter of blessing officially recognizing Stephen as the Christian king of Hungary.
According to the chronicler Widukind of Corvey, Otto " pitched his camp in the territory of the city of Augsburg and joined there the forces of Henry I, Duke of Bavaria, who was himself lying mortally ill nearby, and by Duke Conrad with a large following of Franconian knights.
According to his own account, recorded in his autobiography Mein Leben, Wagner conceived Parsifal on Good Friday morning, April 1857, in the Asyl ( German: " Asylum "), the small cottage on Otto Wesendonck's estate in the Zürich suburb of Enge, which Wesendonck-a wealthy silk merchant and generous patron of the arts-had placed at Wagner ’ s disposal, through the good offices of his wife Mathilde Wesendonck.
According to one source afterwards Bolesław I traveled with the Emperor to Aix-la-Chapelle where Otto III had the tomb of Charlemagne opened.
According to Adam of Bremen, an 11th-century historian, Harald's son Sweyn was baptised Otto, in tribute to the German king Otto I, who was the first Holy Roman Emperor.
According to that document, King Otto I the Great granted the St. Michaelis Monastery the customs revenue from the saltworks.
According to critic Otto Penzler, " As an anthologist, Ellery Queen is without peer, his taste unequalled.
According to Otto Eckstein, estimation has found " textbook " values of multipliers are overstated.
According to the biography, Joe Hill and his friend and fellow countryman, Otto Appelquist, were rivals for the attention of twenty-year-old Hilda Erickson, a member of the family with whom the two men were lodging.
According to British historian George Otto Trevelyan, the battle " exercised a permanent and most potent influence " especially on Howe's behaviour, and that Howe's military skills thereafter " were apt to fail him at the very moment when they were especially wanted.
According to saxophonist Otto Hardwick, Ellington's band members had to shanghai Miley into joining them for his first performance, at the Hollywood on Broadway in 1923, At the time, Ellington's Washingtonians were formally led by Elmer Snowden, but Ellington, who factually had already been running the formation, also took over its official leadership a few months later.
According to Otto Braun, Lin was " politically ... a blank sheet on which Mao could write as he pleased " during this period.
According to Otto Dietrich's book The Hitler I Knew, Adolf Hitler himself saw that manslaughter charges against her from an automobile accident were dropped.
According to the chronicles of Thietmar of Merseburg, Otto III, who had been a friend of Adalbert, committed to a pilgrimage from Italy to St. Adalbert's tomb in Gniezno ; in his attempt to extend the influence of Christianity in Eastern Europe, and to renew the Holy Roman Empire based on a federal concept (" renovatio Imperii Romanorum ") with the Polish and Hungarian duchies upgraded to eastern federati of the empire.
According to McNeil, Otto would, " while he chewed you out.
According to Otto Erich Deutsch, around this time Mozart was preparing to hold a series of " Concerts in the Casino " in a new casino in the Spiegelgasse owned by Philipp Otto.
According to film historian Otto Friedrich, it made Mankiewicz " unhappy to hear Welles quoted in Louella Parsons's column, before the question of screen credits was officially settled, as saying, ' So I wrote Citizen Kane.
According to Otto of Freising, Frederick was " so faithful a knight to his sovereign and so helpful a friend to his uncle that by valor he supported the tottering honor of the realm, fighting manfully against its foes ..."
According to Caspari, the Kata meros pistis or brief exposition of doctrine concerning the Trinity and the Incarnation, attributed to Gregory, was composed by Apollinaris of Laodicea about 380, and circulated by his followers as a work of Gregory ( Otto Bardenhewer ).
According to Otto of Freisingen Roscelin " primus nostris temporibus sententiam vocum instituit " (" Gesta Frederici imp ".

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