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According and Marples
According to Morris Marples, Plautus worked as a stage-carpenter or scene-shifter in his early years.

According and Shakespeare
According to Capp's brother Elliot, Alfred had finished all of Shakespeare and George Bernard Shaw by the time he turned 13.
According to the principal editor of the journal, Leonard Lewisohn: " Although a number of major Islamic poets easily rival the likes of Dante, Shakespeare and Milton in importance and output, they still enjoy only a marginal literary fame in the West because the works of Arabic and Persian thinkers, writers and poets are considered as negligible, frivolous, tawdry sideshows beside the grand narrative of the Western Canon.
According to Anderson, Oxford definitely visited Venice, Padua, Milan, Genoa, Palermo, Florence, Siena and Naples, and probably passed through Messina, Mantua and Verona, all cities used as settings by Shakespeare.
The Mind According to Shakespeare: Psychoanalysis in the Bard s Writing ( London: Praeger, 2006 )
Through his language, he tends to characterize Rome as masculine ” and Egypt as feminine .” According to Gayle Greene, the ‘ feminine world of love and personal relationships is secondary to the ‘ masculine world of war and politics, has kept us from realizing that Cleopatra is the play s protagonist, and so skewed our perceptions of character, theme, and structure .” The highlighting of these starkly contrasting qualities of the two backdrops of Antony and Cleopatra, in both Shakespeare s language and the words of critics, brings attention to the characterization of the title characters, since their respective countries are meant to represent and emphasize their attributes.
According to this reading, Egypt is viewed as destructive and vulgar ; the critic Paul Lawrence Rose writes: Shakespeare clearly envisages Egypt as a political hell for the subject, where natural rights count for nothing .” Through the lens of such a reading, the ascendancy of Rome over Egypt does not speak to the practice of empire-building as much as it suggests the inevitable advantage of reason over sensuality.
According to the apocryphal story, James I after a good meal, officially knighted Sirloin steak (" Sir " loin ) at Hoghton Tower, a large stately home to north east of the town, where William Shakespeare once worked.
According to scholar Larry Kreitzer, The Undiscovered Country has more references to William Shakespeare than any other Star Trek work until at least 1996.
According to Kay Smith, the use of Shakespeare has meaning in itself and also derives new meaning ( underscoring cultural politics in the film ) by its rearticulation in a new form.
According to this theory, the dedication is simply Thorpe's tribute to his colleague and has nothing to do with Shakespeare.
According to the New York Times, it became Wanamaker's " Great Obsession " to realise an exact replica of William Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, eventually securing the financial support of philanthropist and fellow lover of Shakespeare, Samuel H. Scripps.
* According to John Madden's 1998 film Shakespeare in Love, the play that became Romeo and Juliet was originally intended as a comedy, but developed into the tragic play we know due to a doomed love affair which Shakespeare himself underwent at the time.
According to the political journalist and classicist Garry Wills, although Shakespeare has Porcia die by the method Plutarch repeats, but rejects, " the historical Porcia died of illness ( possibly of plague ) a year before the battle of Philippi "...“ but Valerius Maximus wrote that she killed herself at news of Brutus s death in that battle.
According to Chatwin's biographer Nicholas Shakespeare, the Chatwins ' marriage seems to have been celibate.
According to Tassinari, both Florio and Shakespeare shared a fascination with Italy, with proverbs and with enriching English.
According to the superstition, Shakespeare got a few of the lines from an actual coven of witches and when they saw the play they were greatly offended and cursed the play.
According to Angus L. Bowmer, founder of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, a financial backer demanded that Barrymore be replaced, fearing a disastrous drinking binge.
According to Knopfler, it was Dylan's idea to recruit Robbie Shakespeare and Sly Dunbar as the rhythm section.
" According to The Independent, the entire album Right Time was " revolutionary ", the breakthrough album of " masters of groove and propulsion " Dunbar and Shakespeare, with " Sly's radical drumming matching the singers ' insurrectionary lyrics blow-for-blow.
According to legend, the Ghost was originally played by Shakespeare himself.
According to Clinton Heylin, author of " Great White Wonders ", the concept of a bootleg record can be traced back to the days of Shakespeare, where unofficial transcripts of his plays would be published.
According to Dan Harder, Shakespeare derived the name Sycorax from Corax of Syracuse.
According to tradition the young Shakespeare wrote a lampoon of Lucy at some point in the mid 1580s.

According and drew
According to Tacitus, they drew inspiration from the example of Arminius, the prince of the Cherusci who had driven the Romans out of Germany in AD 9, and their own ancestors who had driven Julius Caesar from Britain.
According to Augustine, Varro drew on the pontiff Mucius Scaevola's tripartite theology:
According to the historian Adhemar, ' As Rollo's death drew near, he went mad and had a hundred Christian prisoners beheaded in front of him in honour of the gods whom he had worshipped, and in the end distributed a hundred pounds of gold around the churches in honour of the true God in whose name he had accepted baptism.
According to the Arabian sources, the Franks drew up in a large square, with hills and trees to their front to break up the Muslim's cavalry charges.
According to his biographers, Dark and Grey, Gilbert also drew on some of his earlier verse, the Bab Ballads for some plot elements.
According to various authors, ancient lawgivers ( and therefore Solon by implication ) drew up a set of laws that were intended to promote and safeguard the institution of pederasty and to control abuses against freeborn boys.
According to Gerry Max, Horizon Chasers -- The Lives and Adventures of Richard Halliburton and Paul Mooney, Halliburton's message to seek one's destiny abroad, and to embrace romantic enterprises, drew its chief inspiration, as did the new cult of youth emerging after World War I, from poet Rupert Brooke.
According to one witness, Holliday drew a " large bronze pistol " ( interpreted by some as Virgil's coach gun ) from under his long coat and shoved it into Frank McLaury's belly, then took a couple of steps back.
According to TruTV, the first episode drew 1. 6 million viewers, a record for a new series on the network.
According to myth, swans drew the chariot in which Apollo every year flew south from his winter home in the land of the Hyperboreans.
According to Livy, " Popilius ... placed in hand the tablets on which was written the decree of the senate withdraw ... drew a circle round the king with the stick he was carrying and said, ' Before you step out of that circle give me a reply to lay before the senate.
According to Abraham Geiger, the Sadducee sect of Judaism drew their name from Tzadok, the first Kohen Gadol to serve in The First Temple with the leaders of the sect proposed as the Kohanim ( priestly ) sons of Tzadok.
According to the reporter's version of Rose's account, when Travis realized that the Mexican army would likely prevail, he drew a line in the sand and asked those willing to die for the cause to cross the line.
According to the poet's tale, the Simurgh has thirty holes in her beak and drew the wind through them whenever she was hungry.
According to the historian James Coleman, during heated Senate debates over the projected compromise resolutions, Foote drew a pistol on Senator Thomas Hart Benton.
According to Nation Magazine editor Victor Navasky, Stone's journalistic work drew heavily on obscure documents from the public domain ; some of his best scoops were discovered by peering through the voluminous official records generated by the government.
According to James Emerson Tennent, Galle was the ancient seaport of Tarshish, from which King Solomon drew ivory, peacocks and other valuables.
According to Eusebius, a number of synods were convened to deal with the controversy, which he regarded as all ruling in support of Easter on Sunday. Synods and conferences of bishops were convened, and without a dissenting voice, drew up a decree of the Church, in the form of letters addressed to Christians everywhere, that never on any day other than the Lord's Day should the mystery of the Lord's resurrection from the dead be celebrated, and on that day alone we should observe the end of the Paschal fast.
According to an 1894 article in The New York Times, " it claimed by many that Samuel Youngs was the original from whom Irving drew his character of Ichabod Crane ".
According to Nielsen Media Research, Boston Legal drew the richest viewing audience on television, based on the concentration of high-income viewers in its young adult audience ( Adult 18 – 49 index w /$ 100k + annual income ).
According to a commentary track on the DVD with this cartoon, the animators managed to get into the kitchen and drew the kitchen exactly as they saw it, complete with dripping grease on the refrigerator and vegetables lying around the ground.
According to Allen, McKechnie claimed that Ruth's presence made it nearly impossible to enforce discipline ; the faded star drew a huge salary, and lived apart from the team on the road.
According to A. Hyatt Mayor, Goltzius " was the last professional engraver who drew with the authority of a good painter and the last who invented many pictures for others to copy ".
According to the Prince, it was Noir who took umbrage at the epithet and struck him first, whereupon he drew his revolver and fired at his aggressor.

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