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According and Mike
According to writer Mike Carey, " the events leading up to Messiah Complex, Iceman got blindsided by Mystique " are " still preying on to a large extent " and " some of those events be revisited.
According to writer Mike Carey " one of Iceman's best personality traits is that emotionally Bobby Drake is like the ice he manipulates -- not cold but transparent.
According to Mike Nesmith, it was Dolenz's voice that made the Monkees ' sound distinctive, and even during tension-filled times Nesmith and Peter Tork voluntarily turned over lead vocal duties to Dolenz on their own compositions, such as Tork's " For Pete's Sake ", which became the closing title theme for the second season of the TV show.
According to columnist and biographer Mike Royko, Daley got along better with editors and publishers than with reporters.
According to Van Vliet, the 28 songs on the album were written in a single 8½ hour session at the piano, an instrument which he had no skill in playing, an approach Mike Barnes compared to John Cage's " maverick irreverence toward classical tradition ", though band members have stated that the songs were written over the course of about a year, beginning around December 1967.
According to Fowler, John Barrymore roused as if to say something to his brother Lionel ; Lionel asked him to repeat himself, and he simply replied, " You heard me, Mike.
According to Louisiana Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry Mike Strain, the blaze scorched several thousand acres and was propelled by past drought conditions combined with high winds coming from the aftermath of Tropical Storm Lee in the Gulf of Mexico.
According to Mike Evans in his book Ray Charles: The Birth of Soul ( 2007 ), the singer developed his hit " What'd I Say " as part of an after-show jam in Brownsville in December 1958.
According to teammate Mike Scioscia, Fernando and many Dodger players watched Stewart, who had been a former Dodger, throw the no-hitter on TV.
According to sf historian and critic Mike Ashley, its success was the main reason for a subsequent flood of new releases: 22 more science fiction magazines appeared by 1954, when the market dipped again as a side effect of US Senate hearings into the putative connection between comic books and juvenile delinquency.
According to Mike Muir, Suicidal Tendencies have completed three new albums and they are " just putting them together in a time frame.
According to Scoop, in 2009 the New Zealand pork industry was " dealt a shameful public relations slap-in-the-face after its former celebrity kingpin, Mike King, outed their farming practices as ' brutal ,' ' callous ' and ' evil '" on a May episode of New Zealand television show Sunday.
According to producer Mike Thorne in his Stereo Society web site, " the title track was originally written and sung by Aimee as if to a woman ....
* According to Fat Mike, on the 2006 tour, From First to Last was upset about not being able to play before 2: 00 pm on the main stage, and refused to play if they were not guaranteed that.
According to the documentary Taint of Greatness: Part 2 on the Mike Judge Collection Volume 2 DVD, this was due to Kip Winger telling MTV he would not let the show make fun of him.
According to the Miami Valley Historical Society ( specifically, Miami Valley Vignettes by George C. Crout ), until 1815, when he moved west, Mike Fink did not operate keel boats on the Ohio but on the Great Miami River from the Ohio River to Fort Loramie, where portage was made to the Maumee River in order to continue going on up to Lake Erie.
According to the DVD bonus film " Wowsers ", a retrospective featurette with co-creators Andy Heyward and Mike Maliani on the four-disc DVD set Inspector Gadget: The Original Series, Gadget went through approximately 150 sketches before reaching his final design.
According to a Rolling Stone interview with Mike Judge, Daria will not return to the new episodes of Beavis and Butt-head in 2011, but she was referenced in Drones during a music video when Beavis assumed she had committed suicide.
According to Mike Weatherley, Whittingdale is " into heavy metal " and " likes AC / DC ".
According to Mike Scioscia, the splitter was " the pitch of the ' 80s.
According to guitarist Mike McCready, the reason the song was only featured as a hidden track on Lost Dogs is because Vedder " wouldn't want it to be exploitative.
According to the book The Man They Could Not Hang by Mike Holgate and Ian David Waugh, Lee's gravestone was found at Forest Home Cemetery, Milwaukee.
According to Mike Scott of The Waterboys: " The Hall itself is magical.
According to railroad historian Mike Schafer,

According and Dash
According to the February 15, 1985 edition of the Official Airline Guide ( OAG ), Eastern Airlines was flying Boeing 727-100 and Douglas DC-9-50 jet service, Republic Airlines was operating Douglas DC-9-10, DC-9-30 and DC-9-50 jets, United Airlines was flying Boeing 727-100 jetliners and Delta Connection, operated by Atlantic Southeast Airlines ( ASA ), was flying deHavilland Canada DHC-7 " Dash 7 " and Shorts 360 turboprops on the route.
According to the NPD Group, Double Dash !!

According and Welsh
According to scholar Alan Dundes, who wrote extensively on the topic, the custom originated among Romani Gypsies in Wales ( Welsh Kale Gypsies ) and England ( English Romanichal Gypsies ).
* According to folklore, the Welsh prince Madoc sailes to North America and founds a colony.
According to legend, the king had promised the Welsh that he would name " a prince born in Wales, who did not speak a word of English " and then produced his infant son to their surprise ( and presumable chagrin ).
According to one account, he had just commenced by hanging some of the Welsh hostages given the previous year when he received two letters.
According to the 1911 census, out of a population of just under 2. 5 million, 43. 5 % of the total population of Wales spoke Welsh as a primary language.
According to Paul Devereux, the names of various creatures from Celtic folklore, including the Irish, " púca ," Welsh, " pwca " or " pwca ," could be from the same Celtic family as the term " pixies " ( in Cornwall, " Piskies "), however " piskie " could be related to the Swedish word " pyske " meaning " small fairy.
According to the census of 2000, the largest ancestry groups in DeKalb County were English 78. 31 %, Scots-Irish 8. 29 %, Scottish 3. 33 %, Irish 3. 31 %, Welsh 1. 22 %, and African 1. 68 %
According to the census of 2000, the largest ancestry groups in Lauderdale County were English 41. 9 %, African 13. 85 %, Scots-Irish 9. 66 %, Scottish 4. 11 %, Irish 3. 19 % and Welsh 2. 5 %
According to the census of 2000, the largest ancestry groups in Lawrence County were English 61. 2 %, African 13. 36 %, Scots-Irish 4. 1 % and Welsh 2. 0 %.
According to the census of 2000, the largest ancestry groups in Madison County were English 50. 2 %, African 22. 78 %, Scots-Irish 8. 71 %, Irish 4. 3 %, Scottish 4. 12 %, and Welsh 2. 9 %
According to the census of 2000, the largest ancestry groups in Marshall County were English 68. 2 %, Scots-Irish 12. 31 %, Scottish 5. 1 %, Irish 4. 22 %, Welsh 2. 3 % and African 1. 47 %
According to Koch, the name Arawn may be derived from the Biblical name Aaron, the name of Moses ’ s brother, and so is ultimately of Hebrew origin and meaning ‘ exalted .’ That the name ‘ Aaron ’ had currency in Wales as early as Roman times is shown by Gildas who wrote that ‘ Aaron and Iulianus were Christian martyrs at Urbs Legionis ( the ‘ city of the legion ,’ probably Caerllion-ar-Wysg ) in the time of the Emperor Diocletian .’ a cleric of the Old Welsh name Araun witnessed two charters of 860 preserved in the book of Llandaf.
According to a medieval Welsh triad, Afallach was the father of the goddess Modron.
According to the Welsh Triads, Brân's head was buried in London where the White Tower now stands.
According to Welsh folklore, their growling is loudest when they are at a distance, and as they draw nearer, it grows softer and softer.
According to this line of thinking, representation of Dylan in Welsh literature and in folklore have been used to infer the attributes of his supposed divine ancient Celtic prototype.
According to the census of 2000, the largest ancestry groups in Marshall County were African 50. 36 %, English 31. 87 %, Scottish 7. 1 %, Scots-Irish 3. 13 %, Irish 1. 2 % and Welsh 1. 1 %
According to the census of 2000, the largest ancestry groups in Ware County were English 46. 13 %, African 28. 01 %, Scots-Irish 12. 29 %, Scottish 4. 3 %, Irish 2. 21 % and Welsh 1. 9 %.
According to Alfred the Great's biographer, the Welsh monk and bishop, Asser, Alfred's wife, Ealhswith, was descended from Coenwulf through her mother, Eadburh, though Asser does not say which of Coenwulf's children Eadburh descends from.
According to the United Kingdom Census 2001, 47 % of the residents in the town can speak Welsh.
According to the Welsh text Historia Grufudd vab Kenan Olaf Sigtryggsson is recorded as having been king of a wide variety of places on his death in 1034.
According to a family tree on www. ancestry. com, Coel I " Old King Coel " of Britain was born in 0085, Welsh, Silures, Britain, and died in 0170, Colchester, Essex, England.
According to Welsh tradition the region of Kyle was named for Coel, and a mound at Coylton in Ayrshire was regarded as his tomb.
According to the Opies, Jack's magical accessories – the cap of knowledge, the cloak of invisibility, the magic sword, and the shoes of swiftness – could have been borrowed from the tale of Tom Thumb or from Norse mythology, however older analogues in British Celtic lore such as Y Mabinogi and the tales of Gwyn Ap Nudd, cognate with the Irish Fionn Mac Cumhaill, suggest that these represent attributes of the earlier Celtic gods such as the shoes associated with triple-headed Lugus ; Welsh Lleu Llaw Gyffes of the Fourth Branch, Arthur's invincible sword Caledfwlch and his Mantle of Invisibility Gwenn one of the Thirteen Treasures of Britain mentioned in two of the branches ; or the similar cloak of Caswallawn in the Second Branch.

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