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According and Orthodox
According to Orthodox Jews too there are variations in Jewish custom from one part of the world to another.
According to Christian Tradition and Canon Law, the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria only ordains men to the priesthood and episcopate, and if they wish to be married, they must be married before they are ordained.
According to Orthodox teaching the position of “ First Among Equals ” gives no additional power or authority to the bishop that holds it, but rather that this person sits as organizational head of a council of equals ( like a president ).
* Territorial Jurisdiction According to Orthodox Canon Law.
According to Rabbi Shammai Engelmayer, spiritual leader of Temple Israel Community Center in Cliffside Park and former executive editor of Jewish Week, this leaves “ Orthodox ” as “ an umbrella term that designates a very widely disparate group of people very loosely tied together by some core beliefs .”
According to Orthodox Judaism, Jewish law today is based on the commandments in the Torah, as viewed through the discussions and debates contained in classical rabbinic literature, especially the Mishnah and the Talmud.
According to both rabbinic tradition and the tradition of the Orthodox Church, this is the same individual as the prophet.
According to dating of the text by Orthodox rabbis, this occurred in 1312 BCE ; another date given for this event is 1280 BCE.
According to Orthodox theology, when asceticism is increased, prayer must be increased also.
According to the 1702 data, the population of the town was composed of 215 Orthodox and 13 Catholic houses, while according to the 1753 data, the population of the town numbered 3, 843 people, of which 3, 110 were ethnic Serbs.
According to Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church tradition, the straits of Bab-el-Mendeb were witness to the earliest migrations of Semitic Ge ' ez speakers into Africa, occurring roughly around the same time as the Hebrew patriarch Jacob.
According to the Synaxarium of the Coptic Orthodox Church, his martyrdom is commemorated on the 1st day of the Coptic Calendar ( 1st day of the month of " Thout "), which currently falls on September 11 ( corresponding to August 29 in the Gregorian Calendar ).
According to Aristeides Papadakis, " all Orthodox scholars who have written on Palamas — Lossky, Krivosheine, Papamichael, Meyendorff, Christou — assume his voice to be a legitimate expression of Orthodox tradition.
According to the Association of Religion Data Archives ' 2000 Metro Area Membership Report, the denominational groups of the Spokane MSA are 43, 397 Evangelical Protestant ; 32, 207 Mainline Protestant ; 776 Orthodox ; 57, 187 Catholic ; 17, 351 Other ; and 267, 021 Unclaimed.
According to the April 1970 Tomos of Autocephaly granted by the Russian Orthodox Church, the official name of the Church is The Autocephalous Orthodox Church in America.
According to the Statute of the Orthodox Church in America, the All-American Council is the " highest legislative and administrative authority within the Church.
According to the Talmud, and subsequently modern non-egalitarian denominations ( Orthodox ), Women are not obligated to wear a tallit, since they are not bound to perform positive mitzvot which are time-specific, and the obligation to wear a tallit only applies by day.
According to religion, there were 24, 976 Roman Catholics, 2, 943 Orthodox, 2, 340 Jews, 594 Reformations, 385 Evangelicans, 122 Greek Catholics and 28 others.
According to j. the Jewish news weekly, " mainstream rabbinical leaders of the Reform, Conservative and Orthodox movements " have questioned private ordinations such as Lerner's, arguing that non-seminary ordinations risk producing poorly educated or fraudulent Rabbis.
According to Allan Bloom's 1974 obituary in Political Theory, Strauss " was raised as an Orthodox Jew ," but the family does not appear to have completely embraced Orthodox practice.
According to some Orthodox rabbis, the majority of Xuetes are probably Jewish under Jewish law ( by descent from Jewish mothers ) due to the low rate of intermarriage with outside groups.

According and Serbs
According to United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, around 125, 000 ethnic Serbs who fled the 1991 – 1995 conflict are registered as having returned to Croatia, of whom around 55, 000 remain permanently.
According to Human Rights Watch, as “ many as one thousand Serbs and Roma have been murdered or have gone missing since June 12, 1999 .”
According to the 2002 census there were 1, 417, 187 ethnic Serbs are in the municipality of Belgrade, 191, 405 in the city of Novi Sad, 162, 380 in the city of Niš, 170, 147 in the municipality of Kragujevac and 106, 826 in the municipality of Banja Luka ( in Bosnia and Herzegovina as of 1991 census ).
According to official figures, 5000 Serbs live in Dubai but the unofficial figure is estimated to be around 15, 000.
According to the 2001 Census, there were 201, 631 Serbs in Croatia, down from the pre-war figure of 581, 663, a result of the Operation Oluja ; the Croatian War.
According to the latest national minority census in Albania ( 2000 ), there were around 2000 Serbs and Montenegrins ( they are listed together as one ethnic group ) in the country.
According to the 1981 census, the total population of the city had reached 104, 775, including 63, 373 ( 60. 48 %) Croats, 13, 716 ( 13. 09 %) Serbs and 1, 521 ( 1. 45 %) Hungarians.
According to the Bosnian constitution, the first two candidates of each of the three constitutient nations would be elected to a seven-member multi-ethnic rotating presidency ( with two Croats, two Serbs, two Bosniaks and one Yugoslav ); a Croat took the post of prime minister and a Serb the presidency of the Assembly.
According to the 1921 data, the population of the city was 19, 362, of whom 9, 422 were Serbs, 7, 237 Germans, 887 Hungarians, etc.
According to OESC, Albanians made up 92 % of the population, Serbs 1 % and the other national minorities 7 %.
According to OSCE estimations, before the Kosovo War of 1999 the municipality had a population of about 145, 000, of which 93 % were Kosovo Albanians and 7 % non-majority communities, including some 3, 000 Kosovo Serbs, who mostly lived in the main town.
According to the 2002 census, ethnic groups in the municipality of Jagodina include 69, 081 Serbs, 521 Roma, 230 Romanians, 120 Yugoslavs, and others.
According to 1786 data, the population of the city numbered 11, 420 people, mostly Serbs.
According to the 1545 / 1548 data, the city was mainly populated by ethnic Serbs, while the name of the mayor of the city was Dimitar.
According to Serbian historians, medieval Vršac was founded and inhabited by Serbs in 1425, although it was under administration of the Kingdom of Hungary.
According to the 1753 data, the town was mostly populated by Serbs and Germans.
According to investigations of Vladimir Žerjavić, there were 220, 000 victims in Bosnia-Herzegovina in the Bosnian war of 1992 – 95, of which 160, 000 were Bosniaks, 30, 000 Croats and 25, 000 Serbs.
According to his own word, his primary intent was to demonstrate with these findings that there should be no argument for further bloodshed between Croats and Serbs based on these exaggerated figures, that much of the revenge had already occurred between Croats and Serbs during the war, and that Croats and Serbs could continue to live together peacefully, as they had for centuries.
According to the Constitution of Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, adopted July 28, 1921, coat-of-arms of Croats was described as shield of 5 x 5 square fields of red and white colours and it was placed in the newly formed country's coat of arms, together with Serb and ( kind of ) Slovene coat of arms.
According to Bennett, Milošević used a rigid control of the media to organize a propaganda campaign in which the Serbs were the victims and stressed the need to readjust Yugoslavia due to the alleged bias against Serbia.
According to the 2001 census, the population of Poreč is made-up of Croats ( 75. 4 %), Italians ( 4. 23 %), Serbs ( 3. 24 %) and Albanians ( 2. 45 %).

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