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According and Rosenblum
According to Cook's account, Rosenblum and Yan Voitek, a Russian accomplice, waylaid two Italian anarchists on 25 December 1895, and robbed them of a substantial amount of revolutionary funds.
According to Rosenblum ( 1994 ) " volume visualization examines a set of techniques that allows viewing an object without mathematical representing the other surface.

According and 1892
According to an 1892 letter, Casement believed that she was descended from the Catholic Jephson family of Mallow, County Cork.
According to the Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture, the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad built a section house, agent's cottage, a tool house and a depot at the future site of Kildare in 1892, a year before the opening of the Cherokee Outlet to settlers.
According to the Hastings Gazette, ( April 6, 1878, page 4, column 5 ) and the Holy Rosary Parish Book Committee: Nicholas Friedrich Wilhelm Kranz ( 1841 – 1925 ) along with his brothers Johann Kranz ( 1832 – 1916 ), Mathais Kranz ( 1830 – 1921 ), and Paul Ferdinand Kranz ( 1832 – 1892 ) came from Dakota County on March 1878 looking for a place to settle.
According to the The Handbook of Texas, the area where the town is now located was once on land granted to the county in 1892 by the 77 Ranch, owned by S. B. Wilson and Wilson Furneaux.
According to the Supreme Court ruling in United States v. Ballin ( 1892 ), changes to Senate rules could be achieved by a simple majority, but only on the 1st day of the session in January or March.
According to her fellow believers, she began to show evidence of mediumistic abilities in 1892, and claimed to communicate with Victor Hugo and Cagliostro.
According to The Imperial Gazetteer of India, an outbreak of cholera occurred at the 1892 Mela at Haridwar leading to the rapid improvement of arrangements by the authorities and to the formation of Haridwar Improvement Society.
According to Worldcat, it has been published in fifty-five editions between 1892 and 2004 in eight languages and is held by 139 libraries worldwide.
According to historians, the youth policy in the city started in 1892, when the first Marxist society was formed.
According to City Document 11 1892, the original cost in unadjusted dollars was $ 27, 699. 34.
According to the Russian census data, by 1892 Russians formed 7 % of the population, Pontic Greeks 13. 5 %, Kurds 15 %, Armenians 21. 5 %, Turks 24 %, Karapapakhs 14 %, and Turkmen were 5 % of the population of Kars Oblast of Russian Empire.
According to Charles Worthy, in his History of the Suburbs of Exeter ( 1892 ), the iron ring which was placed around the victims ' bodies and the chain which attached them to the stake were found in 1851 during rebuilding work on the almshouses.
According to the Handbook of Texas, in "... 1892 Swan had a population of 200, ten fruit growers, a blacksmith, a carpenter, two doctors, a railroad agent, three schoolteachers, three cotton gins, a general store, and a sawmill.
According to the Paul Masson company web site, in 1892 Masson's first sparkling wine under the name " champagne " was introduced at Almaden, and Masson eventually became known as the " Champagne King of California ".
According to a persistent legend, Harris adopted a 17-year-old geisha named Okichi (), who was heavily pressured into the relationship by Japanese authorities and then ostracized after Harris ' departure, eventually committing suicide in 1892.
According to the biographical dictionary Notable American Women: 1607-1950, by 1892 she was " acting president in all but name ".
According to W. S. Harmer of the British Cotswold Sheep Society, writing in 1892, the Cotswold is the only breed having been associated with the fabulous cloth of gold in antiquity.
According to a November 25, 1926 article in The Crimson White, football was first introduced at the University of Alabama in 1892 by W. G. Little of Livingston, Alabama, who had been a student at Andover, Massachusetts and " went to the University carrying his uniform and a great bag of enthusiasm for the game.
According to the Library of Congress catalog record, the individual volumes were published in the following years: 1-2: 1886, 3-4: 1887, 4: 1887, 5-6: 1888, 7-8: 1889, 8: 1889, 9-11: 1890, 12-13: 1891, 14-16: 1892, 17-18: 1893, 19-20: 1894, 21: 1895, 22: 1896, 23: 1898, 24-26: 1899, 27-8: 1900, 29-30: 1901, 31: 1902.
According to the effective Constitution of the time, his period culminated on 20 February 1892.
According to The Tiger Inn's official history, " Princeton myth credits original plans for the clubhouse to Howard Crosby Butler, Class of 1892 ( a member of Tiger Inn and Princeton's first Professor of architectural history ).
According to M. Wilson slavery was reported as being totally unknown in 1892, although the slave trade certainly existed in the vicinity of the Konde of Karonga.

According and Imperial
According to Lactantius, he came armed with plans to reconstitute the Tetrarchy, force Diocletian to step down, and fill the Imperial office with men compliant to his will.
According to the Nihonshoki and Gukanshō, Bidatsu had four empresses and 16 Imperial children ( 6 sons and 10 daughters ).
According to very scanty information from the Imperial archives, including sources such as Rikkokushi, and Nihon Sandai Jitsuroku, Emperor Yōzei murdered one of his retainers, an action that caused massive scandal in the Heian court.
According to French law, the Foreign Legion was not to be used within Metropolitan France except in the case of a national invasion, and was consequently not a part of Napoleon III ’ s Imperial Army that capitulated at Sedan.
According to the Imperial Gazetteer of India, " Gulab Singh contrived to hold himself aloof till the battle of Sobraon ( 1846 ), when he appeared as a useful mediator and the trusted advisor of Sir Henry Lawrence.
According to the Imperial Household Department, she was buried with at least three water pipes ; some of her collections can be seen in the Palace Museum.
According to the historian Muslim Ibn al-Athir, Imperial casualties numbered around 4, 000.
According to the Imperial Ambassador Eustace Chapuys, Jane was of middling stature and very pale ; he also commented that she was not of much beauty.
According to various sources, three men all sighted Antarctica within days or months of each other: Fabian von Bellingshausen, a captain in the Russian Imperial Navy ; Edward Bransfield, a captain in the British navy ; and Nathaniel Palmer, an American sealer out of Stonington, Connecticut.
According to one Japanese journalist embedded with Imperial forces at the time, " The reason that the Army is advancing to Nanking quite rapidly is due to the tacit consent among the officers and men that they could loot and rape as they wish.
According to official Imperial Russian statistics the population of Nizhny Novgorod as of 14 January 1913 was 97, 000.
According to one story, Tatiana, accustomed to being addressed only by her name and patronymic, was so disconcerted when she was addressed as " Your Imperial Highness " by lady-in-waiting Baroness Sophie Buxhoeveden when she was heading a committee meeting that she kicked the woman under the table and hissed " Are you crazy to speak to me like that?
According to the last Austrian Imperial census of 1910, the Duchy of Carinthia was composed of the following linguistic communities:
According to estimates by the San Diego Association of Governments, the median household income of Imperial Beach in 2010 was $ 49, 104 ( not adjusted for inflation ).
According to The Times the " Imperial Conference proposed that, as a result of the establishment of the Irish Free State, the title of the King should be changed to " George V, by the Grace of God, of Great Britain, Ireland, and the British Dominions beyond the seas King, Defender of the Faith, Emperor of India.
According to later remarks by the Imperial ambassadors the daily Council meetings were presided by Guildford, who allegedly also dined in state alone and had himself addressed in regal style.
According to the Legends of Dune prequel trilogy ( 2002 – 2004 ) by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson, Imperial House Corrino is founded by Viceroy Faykan Butler, the grandson of Xavier Harkonnen and grandnephew of Serena Butler.
According to a just-so story, this gesture recreates a tale of Imperial obeisance and can be traced to the Qianlong Emperor, a Qing Dynasty emperor who used to travel incognito.
According to Wardrop, Armenian claims against Azerbaijan should not go beyond the administrative borders of the former Erivan Governorate ( which under prior Imperial Russian rule encompassed Nakhchivan ), while Azerbaijan was to be limited to the governorates of Baku and Elisabethpol.
According to the Imperial Gazetteer of India the town was originally founded by Gujjars and renamed Khanpur by the Sansi Jats of Amritsar who settled there, but its old name has survived.
According to Lockhart, the German Kaiser was expanding the war machine of Imperial Germany in 1909, and British intelligence had scant knowledge regarding the types of weapons being forged inside Germany's war plants.
According to the Imperial Gazetteer of India ( 1908 ); the Kakar, historically the first tribe in Balochistan with ( 105, 444 ) persons, the Tareen historically are the second largest tribe in Baluchistan with 37, 906 persons ( though this likely includes the Durrani ), and the Pani ( 20, 682 ) and Shirani ( 7, 309 ).
According to the 2011 Universities Guide from The Guardian newspaper, the five top universities in the UK based on undergraduate students ' performance in public examinations while at high school ( as measured on the UCAS tariff scale ) were Cambridge ( 546 ), Oxford ( 530 ), Imperial College London ( 500 ), the London School of Economics ( 493 ) and Durham University ( 466 ).

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