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According and Tabari
According to a Pahlavi inscription, Bahram I was the son ( not, as the Greek historiographers and Tabari note, the grandson ) of Shapur I ( r. 241 – 272 ).
According to Sir W Ouseley, the name of the part in which the Tabari.
According to Tabari, Abdul Mutallib later also brought the infant Muhammad himself before the image.
According to later accounts by Tabari, the Ghassanid ruler invaded Mundhir's territory and carried off rich booty.

According and ten
According to Hyginus, 22 Achaeans killed 362 Trojans during their ten years at Troy.
According to many traditions within Mahāyāna Buddhism, on the way to becoming a Buddha, a bodhisattva proceeds through ten, or sometimes fourteen, grounds or bhūmis.
According to, Benjamin had ten sons: Bela, Becher, Ashbel, Gera, Naaman, Ehi, Rosh, Muppim, Huppim, and Ard.
According to The Hollywood Reporter < nowiki >'</ nowiki > s annual Star Salary Top 10, she was tied for eighth place on the top ten list of actresses ' salaries, commanding 10 to 12 million dollars per movie for 2006.
According to Payscale, Dartmouth College alums have among the highest average starting salaries ($ 58, 200 ) in the United States, as well as the second highest average income ten years after graduation ($ 123, 000 ), placing after Harvey Mudd College and tying with Princeton University.
According to a survey by The Washington Post, The Thin Blue Line made dozens of critics ' top ten lists for 1988, more than any other film that year.
According to the final page of the 2007 Propædia, the staff are organised into ten departments:
According to Scheer's article on the subject, a nearby slave patrol responded and killed ten slaves on the spot in extrajudicial killings without the benefit of trial.
According to the Torah, this is the first day of the seventh month of the calendar year, and marks the beginning of a ten day period leading up to Yom Kippur.
According to historical narrations about Muhammad's life, after ten years of receiving revelations, Muhammad went to the city of Ta ’ if to see if its leaders would allow him to preach his message from there rather than Mecca, but he was cast from the city by the people.
According to the Good Universities Guide to Australian universities, starting salaries for Macquarie graduates have been ranked as the highest in Australia for ten consecutive years ( 1998 – 2007 ) and in 2009, the university received 5 star ratings in six different performance categories including non-government earnings, staff qualifications and toughness of admissions.
According to his Confessions, after nine or ten years of adhering to the Manichaean faith as a member of the group of " hearers ", Augustine became a Christian and a potent adversary of Manichaeism ( which he expressed in writing against his Manichaean opponent Faustus of Mileve ), seeing their beliefs that knowledge was the key to salvation as too passive and not able to effect any change in one's life.
According to Crowley in " Liber O ", success in this technique is signaled by physical exhaustion and " though only by the student himself is it perceived, when he hears the name of the God vehemently roared forth, as if by the concourse of ten thousand thunders ; and it should appear to him as if that Great Voice proceeded from the Universe, and not from himself.
According to Memphis, Tennessee's The Commercial Appeal newspaper, one manatee was spotted in the Wolf River harbor near the Mississippi River in downtown Memphis, Tennessee, on October 23, 2006, though it was later found dead ten miles downriver in McKellar Lake.
According to a survey by the University of London, one in ten people are now leaving their passwords in their wills to pass on this important information when they die.
According to Clarence A. Martin, the BR were credited with 14, 000 acts of violence in the first ten years of the group's existence.
According to Article I of the " Rehat Maryada " ( the Sikh code of conduct and conventions ), a Sikh is defined as " any human being who faithfully believes in One Immortal Being ; ten Gurus, from Guru Nanak Dev to Sri Guru Gobind Singh ; Sri Guru Granth Sahib ; the teachings of the ten Gurus and the baptism bequeathed by the tenth Guru ; and who does not owe allegiance to any other religion ".
According to advocates of the quilt theory, there were ten quilt patterns that were used to direct slaves to take particular actions.
According to Rabbi Michael J. Cook, Professor of Intertestamental and Early Christian Literature at the Hebrew Union College, there are ten themes in the New Testament that are the greatest sources of anxiety for Jews concerning Christian antisemitism.
According to the principle of ontological parsimony, he holds that we do not need to allow entities in all ten of Aristotle's categories ; we thus do not need the category of quantity, as the mathematical entities are not " real ".
According to the Foreign Policy Research Institute, Russia has 112 think tanks, while Russian think tanks claimed four of the top ten spots in 2011 ’ s " Top Thirty Think Tanks in Central and Eastern Europe ".
According to the research, one out of ten Belarusians does not understand Belarusian.
According to these accounts, Sherman only acquired the name " William " at age nine or ten, after being taken into the Ewing household.
According to the United States Department of Labor, there were around 15, 000 non-academic economists in the United States in 2008, with a median salary of roughly $ 83, 000, and with the top ten percent earning more than $ 147, 040 annually.

According and bits
According to tradition, bits of hay are spread beneath the tablecloth as a reminder that Christ was born in a manger.
According to Professor Bethany Berger, " By patching together bits and pieces of history and isolated quotes from nineteenth century cases, and relegating contrary evidence to footnotes or ignoring it altogether, the majority created a legal basis for denying jurisdiction out of whole cloth.
According to film scholar Gavin Lambert, Astor invented memorable bits of business in her last scene of that film, where Roberta's vindictive motives are exposed.
According to Mihaly's 1956 study, that number is about 126 bits of information per second.
According to Miller, Peter Sellers quietly paid Southern tens of thousands of dollars to create some of the best-known comedy bits for Sellers ' character Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther film series.
According to his theory, these different bits of spacetime curvature are separated from one another, and constitute blisters in spacetime.
According to the PBS show History Detectives, several other people and companies had produced similar drill bits years earlier.
According to a story dating to Herodotus, the crocodiles lie on the shore with their mouths open, and the plovers fly into the crocodiles ' mouths so as to feed on bits of decaying meat that are lodged between the crocodiles ' teeth.
According to the author Tuan, " Beyond clothing, a person invests bits of his emotional life in his home, and beyond the home in his neighborhood.
According to one critic, Gipson " made the term ' Southwest literature ' legitimate and meaningful " and " accomplished the rare but admirable feat of turning the bits and pieces of folklore into myth ".
According to Moore's analysis not only is " The localism of the Carswell / Hannan " direct democracy " movement is now good Coalition orthodoxy ", but Cameron's policy guru, Steve Hilton, " has enthusiastically lifted several bits of The Plan ", the best-selling moderniser book written by Carswell and co-author Daniel Hannan.
According to the packaging it was at the bakery that Judy Gardetto took the trimmings of breadsticks and mixed them in along with other snack bits and a blend of special seasonings.

According and advise
According to Fraser, Kerr asked him whether, if he were commissioned Prime Minister, he could secure supply, would immediately thereafter advise a double-dissolution election, and would refrain from new policies and investigations of the Whitlam Government pending the election.
According to Patrick Lucien Price, author of the " Bertrem's essay on numerology " section published in Leaves from the Inn of the Last Home ( 1987 ), Goldmoon was designed to be a kind and understanding female barbarian, who loved to travel, advise, and take care of others.
According to Kranenborg, some groups are risky when they advise their members not to use regular medical care.
The early mentions of the term hasbara in English mainstream print media date from the late 1970s and describe hasbara as “ overseas image-building .” According to the Washington Post, this work " is called hasbara when the purpose is to reshape public opinion abroad .” In the early 1980s, hasbara was defined as a " public relations campaign ," In Newsweek it was described as “ explaining .” In 1986, the New York Times reported that a program for “ communicating defense goals ” was started in the late 1970s, and a 1984 implementation of a “ Hasbara Project ” to “ train foreign-service officers in communications by placing them with American companies .” Carl Spielvogel, chairman of Backer & Spielvogel, traveled to Israel to advise the government on communicating its defense goals.
According to D. C. Code 1-251 ( c )( 1 ), " each advisory neighborhood commission may advise the District government on matters of public policy including decisions regarding planning, streets, recreation, social services programs, health, safety, and sanitation in that neighborhood commission area.
According to a group of social and environmental experts who advise on the project, these measures could become a global model.
According to the Cabinet Mission plan, the Assembly was to have an Advisory Committee to advise it on the nature and extent of fundamental rights, protection of minorities and administration of tribal areas.
According to his students, Magin was an exceptional master, not only sharing his knowledge but having the gift to inspire and tactfully advise while demanding high standards of his students.

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