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According and Phantom
According to the official website, the new album will be titled Phantom Antichrist and is scheduled to be released on June 1.
According to Steinman in an interview, Andrew Lloyd Webber approached him to write lyrics for The Phantom of the Opera because Lloyd Webber felt that his " dark obsessive side " fit in with the project.
According to the re-done scroll, the self-proclaimed " The Phantom Editor " stated he re-edited a standard VHS version of The Phantom Menace into what he believed was " a much stronger version of the film ".
According to the Official Gustav Hasford Web site maintained by Hasford's cousin, The Short-Timers and The Phantom Blooper are currently out of print.

According and Muppet
According to Brian Henson, he is not popular with Muppeteers: " Inside the Muppet Company, we love to hate Bean Bunny.
According to his own site, Bäckman believes that he was the inspiration for the Muppet character " The Swedish Chef "; however, Bäckman acknowledges that Muppet writer Jerry Juhl denies this contention.
According to the Muppet Central articles on the Songs from the Street Boxed Set, " In 1971, Jim Henson and his performers teamed with Jerry Juhl, Joe Raposo and Jeff Moss to write a sketch on each letter of the alphabet ".

According and Theater
According to Dr. Vitalii Nikolaevich Tsygichko, a Senior Analyst at the Academy of Sciences, the author of the study, Mathematical Model of Soviet Strategic Operations on the Continental Theater, and a former member of the General Staff, military analysts discussed the idea of a " nuclear winter " ( although they did not use that exact term ) years before U. S. scientists wrote about it in the 1980s .< REF > http :// www. gwu. edu /~ nsarchiv // nukevault / ebb285 /</ REF >
According to Peek and Bunnell, in 1983, Peek even joined the group onstage to perform a few songs during a concert at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles.
According to Burke: “ The song was written live at the Apollo Theater.
According to the parody rock band, Nightmare Cinema ( the Dream Theater members changing instruments playing a gig ), he got the " alternate stage name " Abdul Matahari.
According to The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Amazing Colossal Guide, Mike is " as intelligent as the average man ", and often displays a comic unawareness of his limitations and foibles.
According to The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Amazing Colossal Episode Guide, Dr. Forrester discovered Frank working at a nearby Arby's.
According to Margarete Bieber, the earliest stone skene with remains surviving is that of the Theater of Dionysus.
According to the KSC Course Catalog other notable majors include Architecture, Education, Environmental Studies, Film Studies, Communication, Journalism, and Theater & Dance.
According to Dream Theater ex-drummer Mike Portnoy, " It was like having Billy Joel singing in Queensrÿche.
According to the story, in the early 1940s, four construction workers from Boyd Theater Company in Cincinnati, Ohio were working on a project inside the auditorium.
According to the New Grove, the Theater an der Wien was " the most lavishly equipped and one of the largest theatres of its age ".
According to an article in The New York Times "... Pat Carroll stars in this show ... which had an airing at Goodspeed in 1973, will be on the tryout trail all summer long, making stops at, among others, the Lakewood Theater in Skowhegan, Maine ..." Something's Afoot received two Joseph Jefferson awards for its Chicago production.
According to Mystery Science Theater 3000 Amazing Colossal Episode Guide on page 97, the cast had heard a rumor that actor Joe Don Baker was very angry at the MST3K treatment of Mitchell, and threatened physical violence on any of the cast or crew should he ever meet them in person.
According to the new syllabus introduced in 2009, the IB Theater Arts programme is made out of four components ; two are internally assessed and two are externally assessed.
According to the mission statement published on the company's website, " Cornerstone Theater Company is a multi-ethnic, ensemble-based theater company.

According and theater
According to William Ringler's study, Stephen Gosson, the theater business in London had become a thriving enterprise by 1577, and, in the opinion of many, a thoroughly bad business.
According to the E. J. Erickson the Greek Navy also played a crucial, albeit indirect role, in the Thracian campaign by neutralizing no less than three Thracian Corps ( see First Balkan War, the Bulgarian theater of operations ), a significant portion of the Ottoman Army there, in the all-important opening round of the war.
According to Stephen Sondheim, " What few people understand is that Oscar's big contribution to the theater was as a theoretician, as a Peter Brook, as an innovator.
According to the foreword of Ubik: The Screenplay ( by Tim Powers, a friend of Dick's and fellow science fiction writer ), Dick had an idea for the film which involved " the film itself appearing to undergo a series of reversions: to black-and-white, then to the awkward jerkiness of very early movies, then to a crookedly jammed frame which proceeds to blacken, bubble and melt away, leaving only the white glare of the projection bulb, which in turn deteriorates to leave the theater in darkness, and might almost leave the moviegoer wondering what sort of dilapidated, antique jalopy he'll find his car-keys fitting when he goes outside.
According to Jack Benny's memoirs, his own father walked out of the theater early in the film, disgusted that his son was in a Nazi uniform, and vowed not to set foot in the theater again.
According to Via magazine, Bicknell claims to be the smallest U. S. town having a year-round movie theater.
According to their version, FSB knew about the terrorist group's arrival in Moscow and directed them to the theater through their agent provocateur Khanpasha Terkibayev (" Abu Bakar "), whose name was in list of hostage takers and who left the theater alive.
According to ABC News, " The group was known for street theater pranks and was once referred to as the ' Groucho Marxists '.
According to Midrash Leviticus rabbah he said " As in a theater and circus the statues of the king must be kept clean by him to whom they have been entrusted, so the bathing of the body is a duty of man, who was created in the image of the almighty King of the world.
According to critic Ion Negoiţescu, he was at home in the genre, which complimented his vision of " history as theater ".
According to Publishers Weekly, " Lady Redgrave writes with candor, wit, restraint and some sadness about her background, beginnings in the theater in 1932, marriage and motherhood, the trials of moving and the problems of being married to a handsome matinee idol.
The conflict between Israel and the Arab countries has been described as a proxy war, with Israel acting as a proxy for the United States and the Soviet Union's proxies being Egypt, Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon., According to Pennsylvania State University Professor of Political Science Stephen J. Cimbala, this theater was the site of the greatest Cold War setback to America when, under the influence of anti-Israeli attitudes after the Yom Kippur War in 1973, American allies Saudi Arabia and Iran ( under the shah ) drifted from the American sphere of influence, leading to the 1973 oil crisis as well as the eventual Iranian Revolution in 1979.
According to the conservative The New York Sun, for a quarter of a century the New Criterion " has helped its readers distinguish achievement from failure in painting, music, dance, literature, theater, and other arts.
According to literary historian Perpessicius, the series constituted " one of the most solid critical contributions to the history of our theater ".
According to Tudor Vianu, Caragiale's writings signify " the highest expression " of Romanian theater, mirroring and complimenting the contribution Mihai Eminescu had to Romanian-language poetry.
According to theater historian John Kenrick, " When the curtain slowly rose to reveal forty pairs of tap-dancing feet, the star-studded opening night audience at the Winter Garden cheered ... Champion ( who had no tap training ) followed this number with a series of tap-infused extravaganzas larger and more polished than anything Broadway really had in the 1930s.
According to a 1956 newspaper profile, he became involved in the theater program at Marquette after encouragement by a university professor Father John J. Walsh.
According to their website, " LA Weekly has been the premier source for award-winning coverage of Los Angeles music, arts, film, theater, culture, concerts, events.
According to Michael Terry, Buenos Aires experienced a " golden age " of Yiddish theater in the 1930s and 1940s, becoming " the second city of the world history of Yiddish theater.
According to boxofficemojo. com, it opened at # 4, grossing $ 6, 614, 366 in its opening weekend at 1, 275 theaters, averaging $ 5, 188 per theater ( adjusting to $ 15, 076, 555 and a $ 11, 825 average in 2009 ).
According to the Jewish Encyclopedia, he also performed in Russia, " Austria " ( which at that time could mean anywhere in Cisleithania, and most likely means Galicia ( Central Europe ), probably Lvov, which had a thriving theater scene ), and England.

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