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According and Yorke
According to Yorke, " I bought a piano for my house, a proper nice one-a baby grand.
According to Yorke, the track " Just " from The Bends was " a competition by me and Jonny to get as many chords as possible into a song ".
According to Yorke, this song was inspired by " this idea of someone writing a song, sending it to someone, and saying: ' If I ever lose it, you just pick up the phone and play this song back to remind me.
According to an interview, Donwood jestingly said his first impressions of Yorke were that he was "' Mouthy.
According to Radiohead bassist Colin Greenwood, Thom Yorke wrote " Creep " while studying at Exeter University in the late 1980s.
According to Ritchie Yorke, who published his biography, Into the Music in 1975, the album enjoyed rave reviews at the time of release.
According to Cassidy, this was on the behest of Storyliner and future Executive Producer of EastEnders, John Yorke.

According and album's
According to Gerald Casale, the album's sound was inspired by reviewers calling them " fascist clowns " in articles.
According to Norman, the record company dropped several Christian songs, including " Butterfly ," " If God Is My Father ," " Kulderachna ", and " I Hope I'll See You In Heaven ", in favor of more lightweight love songs like " Fly, Fly, Fly ," the album's opening track ", and " Christmastime ', both previously released as singles.
According to keyboardist Dennis DeYoung, the album's theme was the struggle to overcome self-deluding superficiality in order to affirm one's genuine value.
According to the album's liner notes, " The Raven " was the first rock song ever to feature a digital vocoder.
According to Adams, the album's title originates from a poster of Mariah Carey: " My manager called and said, ' You have 15 seconds to name this record ,' " My eyes focused on this poster of Mariah wearing a T-shirt that said HEARTBREAKER.
According to the album's liner notes, The Creed was originally a Megadeth demo song, which is on the 2004 remastered edition of the album featuring the then line-up of Megadeth.
According to the album's original liner notes, the solo performance of Kath on " Free Form Guitar " was created without the use of any pedals.
The group's deteriorating relationship with Mercury was also a factor, as evidenced by the album's track listing — it included the earlier hit " According to My Heart ", but a disclaimer printed on the sleeve noted that it had been included at the insistence of the record company ( i. e. against the band's wishes ).
According to Raitt, the album's hard-rock approach came as a surprise to some of her peers.
According to Smith, the album's lyrical content was so dark that it was the subject of many rumors:
According to a piracy report by IFPI, the international music industry body, there were " 2. 8 million illegal file swapping requests for her music in the first two weeks of her album's release in 2005 ".
According to Jenkins, some of the reasons for the delay stemmed from a self-imposed pressure to live up to Third Eye Blind's previous successes, leading him to rewrite lyrics and winnow the album's song list from 25 to 14.
According to Bill Wyman in his book ' Stone Alone: The Story of a Rock ' N ' Roll Band ,' John Lennon said of The Rolling Stones No. 2: " The album's great, but I don't like five-minute numbers.
According to Kalodner's web site, the phrase " John Kalodner: John Kalodner " originated with Foreigner's 1978 Double Vision album, when the album's producer, Keith Olsen, was wondering just how to credit Kalodner's involvement with the band and the album.
According to earlier interviews and Dylan's autobiography, Chronicles, it was written virtually on demand when Arthur Baker suggested something simpler for the album's final track.
According to Everett's official website, this album's cover is his least favorite of any of his releases.
According to Vallance, the name " Jody " is a reference to Adams ' sound-manager, Jody Perpik, who got married during the album's recording season.
According to the album's liner notes, 43 songs were recorded for the HIPT sessions.
According to Bad Boy A & R Daniel ' Skid ' Mitchell, rather than largely relying on the one songwriter-producer, the new album's mix of writers and producers, as well as her own co-write input, makes it a more personal record for her.
According to the album's liner notes, the first ten tracks were recorded " somewhere in England " during December 1998 while the Eels were a support act for the band Pulp.
" According to Esham, he was sent receipts from fans who claimed that the album's bass-heavy sound blew out subwoofers, fried amplifiers and shattered rear windshields.

According and title
According to the chroniclers, the Abbasid caliph al-Mansur once asked his courtiers who deserved the exalted title of " Falcon of the Quraysh " ( Saqr Quraish, foremost of the Prophet's tribe ).
According to critic Geoffrey Blum, the process that saw its beginnings in 1942's Pirate Gold first bore its full fruit in 1950's ' Vacation Time ,' which he describes as ' a visual primer for reading comics and understanding ... the form ...." From the early 1950s Barks undertook the quarterly adventures of Uncle Scrooge and the duck clan in Scrooge's own title.
According to Marcion, the title God was given to the Demiurge, who was to be sharply distinguished from the higher Good God.
According to Gyula Moravcsik, this title was a simple translation of Béla's Hungarian title úr, but other historians believe it comes from the ancient Greek despotes ( literally, the master ).
According to Coppola, the studio's objection stemmed from the belief that audiences would be reluctant to see a film with such a title, as the audience would supposedly believe that, having already seen The Godfather, there was little reason to see an addition to the original story.
According to Cay Van Ash, Rohmer's biographer and former assistant who became the first author to continue the series after Rohmer's death, " Fu Manchu " was a title of honour, which meant " the Warlike Manchu.
According to Moodysson, the problem with the original title started when the film was Sweden's candidate for the Academy Awards, though it was eventually not chosen as a nominee: the Hollywood industry magazine Variety refused to run an advertisement for a film with that title, and thus American distributor Strand Releasing asked for a new title to be chosen.
According to the Italian Constitution, after his resignation from the office of President, Cossiga became lifetime senator, joining his predecessors in the upper house of parliament, with whom he also shared the title of President Emeritus of the Italian Republic.
Early on, the gospel was given the title Gospel According to Luke (, kata Loukan euangelion, or, to euangelion kata Loukan ).
According to a Greg Johnson biographical note on Booker, the song title " Gonzo " comes from a character in a movie called The Pusher, which in turn may have been inspired by a 1956 Evan Hunter novel of the same title.
According to Strabo their territory was divided in accordance with custom, each tribe was further divided into cantons, each governed by a military aristocratic ruler whose title chief of the tribe gave him the powers of a King-Priest (' tetrarch ').
* " The Hound of Heaven " is the title of the fifth chapter in Robert L. Short's 1965 book The Gospel According to Peanuts where he describes Snoopy as a " little Christ " carrying out " Christ's ambivalent work of humbling the exalted and exalting the humble.
According to the Talmud he was of the Davidic line, the royal line of King David, hence the title nasi, meaning prince.
According to Gerald Donaldson, " some thought title owed more to stealth than skill, an opinion at least partly based on Brabham's low-key presence.
According to Payne, the title Oulanem is an anagram for " Manuelo " which is a variant of " Emmanuel " meaning " God is with us ".
According to the Council of the League of Nations, meeting of August 1920: " draft mandates adopted by the Allied and Associated Powers would not be definitive until they had been considered and approved by the League ... the legal title held by the mandatory Power must be a double one: one conferred by the Principal Powers and the other conferred by the League of Nations ,"
According to the Hanafi school of Islamic jurisprudence, the individual who built the mosque has a stronger claim to the title of imam, but this view is not shared by the other schools.
According to the now defunct Department for Constitutional Affairs, the Prime Minister is made a Privy Counsellor as a result of taking office and should be addressed by the official title prefixed by " The Right Honourable " and not by a personal name.
According to its title, the Theft Act 1968 revises the law as to theft and similar or associated offences.
According to Gregory of Tours, following the Battle of Vouillé, the Byzantine Emperor Anastasius I, granted Clovis the title of consul.
According to Mike Nesmith, it was Dolenz's voice that made the Monkees ' sound distinctive, and even during tension-filled times Nesmith and Peter Tork voluntarily turned over lead vocal duties to Dolenz on their own compositions, such as Tork's " For Pete's Sake ", which became the closing title theme for the second season of the TV show.

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