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According and search
According to contemporaneous sources the Mariner had a history of explosions due to vapour leaks when heavily loaded with fuel, as for a potentially long search and rescue operation.
According to Dunnington, Gauss's religion was based upon the search for truth.
According to Lorena Laura Stookey, " many scholars " see a link between stories in " Irish-Celtic mythology " about journeys to the Otherworld in search of a cauldron of rejuvenation and medieval accounts of the quest for the Holy Grail.
According to a Cornell University press release from January 2009, the 2008 – 09 season will be the last Cornell-sponsored search, absent confirmation of the bird:
According to Partridge and the Morrises, the archetypical shaggy dog story involves an advertisement placed in The Times announcing a search for a shaggy dog.
According to legend, Caranus, accompanied by a multitude of Greeks came to the area in search for a new homeland took Edessa and renamed it to Aegae.
According to the U. S. Office of Management and Budget and Homeland Security Research Corporation, DHS Homeland security funding constitutes only 20-21 % of the consolidated U. S. Homeland Security-Homeland Defense funding, while approximately 40 % of the DHS budget funds civil, non-security activities, such as the U. S. coast guard search and rescue operations and customs functions.
According to the Sloan Cornerstone Career Center, on going developments in embedded systems include " automated vehicles and equipment to conduct search and rescue, automated transportation systems, and human-robot coordination to repair equipment in space.
The Siren, by John William Waterhouse ( circa 1900 ), depicted as a fish-chimera. According to Ovid ( Metamorphoses V, 551 ), the Sirens were the companions of young Persephone and were given wings by Demeter to search for Persephone when she was abducted.
According to the myth, during her search Demeter traveled long distances and had many minor adventures along the way.
According to legend, Jason and the Argonauts launched their search for the Golden Fleece from the Magnesia Peninsula.
According to the song, Tigger is " the only one " — a fact that leads to his search for his family in The Tigger Movie.
According to Enthoven and Smith, the basic ideas of PPBS were: " the attempt to put defense program issues into a broader context and to search for explicit measures of national need and adequacy "; " consideration of military needs and costs together "; " explicit consideration of alternatives at the top decision level "; " the active use of an analytical staff at the top policymaking levels "; " a plan combining both forces and costs which projected into the future the foreseeable implications of current decisions "; and " open and explicit analysis, that is, each analysis should be made available to all interested parties, so that they can examine the calculations, data, and assumptions and retrace the steps leading to the conclusions.
According to Ted Morgan, " Shortly after 8 A. M., with gendarmes stationed around the priory walls, Recordon knocked and showed his search warrant.
According to Chomsky, children acquiring a language have a vast search space to explore among all possible human grammars, yet at the time there was no evidence that children receive sufficient input to learn all the rules of their language ( see poverty of the stimulus ).
According to industry analyst Danny Sullivan, the phrase " search engine optimization " probably came into use in 1997.
According to Marc Galanter, Professor of Psychiatry at NYU, typical reasons why people join cults include a search for community and a spiritual quest.
According to Wilson, who highlights the phenomenon in his book Don't Get Fooled Again ( 2008 ), the characteristic feature of false skepticism is that it " centres not on an impartial search for the truth, but on the defence of a preconceived ideological position ".
According to oral Buddhist traditions, the initial Tibetan migration, was a search for beyul ( Shangri-La ).
According to Max Weber, the methods of succession are: search, revelation, designation by original leader, designation by qualified staff, hereditary charisma, and office charisma.
According to Erikson, in the wake of the adolescent emphasis upon identity formation, ' the young adult, emerging from the search for and insistence on identity, is eager and willing to fuse his identity with that of others.
According to the UN special report, it was this information that resulted in the initiation of search and rescue operations.
According to the FAQ about Nutch, an open-source search engine website, the savings in bandwidth by distributed web crawling are not significant, since " A successful search engine requires more bandwidth to upload query result pages than its crawler needs to download pages ...".

According and warrant
According to one report, however, Mr. Hammarskjold was considered `` too controversial '' a figure to warrant bestowal of the coveted honor last spring.
According to the same Royal warrant, merchant ships were only allowed to fly square-cut city flags in their respective provincial colors.
* According to a Royal warrant of October 31, 1786, the Swedish East India Company had the right to use the triple-tailed war ensign in " Indian waters ", when not being under immediate protection by the Swedish navy.
According to the arrest affidavit, Camacho surrendered on a warrant that records show was filed by the state attorney's office in November 2011.
According to the school, this certificate may warrant that the student has mastered a given temae, or may give the student permission to begin studying a given temae.
According to Merck the standard drug to counter infection is pyrimethamine, but most immunocompetent asymptomatic people infected with T. gondii, with the exception of neonates and pregnant women, require no treatment though recent studies have indicated an influence of T. gondii on suicidal behaviours in humans which — if widely confirmed — might warrant treatment attention.
According to The Record of Bergen County, the U. S. Census Bureau has determined the county ’ s Korean American population – 2010 census figures put it at 56, 773-has grown enough to warrant language assistance during elections, and Bergen County's Koreans have earned significant political respect.
According to The New York Times, the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction ( SIGIR ) found that “ DynCorp seemed to act almost independently of its reporting officers at the Department of State, billing the United States for millions of dollars of work that were not authorized and beginning other jobs without a go-ahead .” The report states that the findings of DynCorp ’ s misconduct on a $ 188 million job to buy weapons and build quarters for the Iraqi police were serious enough to warrant a fraud inquiry.
According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, in executing their search warrant, the federal agents seized 8, 000-10, 000 copies of the yet-to-be released documentary, a / k / a Tommy Chong.
According to a 22 July 2009, search warrant affidavit unsealed by the district court of Harris County, Texas, Jackson's personal physician, Conrad Murray, administered 25 milligrams of propofol diluted with lidocaine shortly before Jackson's death.
According to Gomes, he was misquoted in the interview that led to the arrest warrant.
According to Sethi's wife Mohsin, at least eight armed officers broke into the house, assaulting the family's security guards ; when asked to prodcue a warrant, one of them threatened simply to shoot Sethi on the spot.
According to the Regency Act 1937, if " the following persons or any three or more of them, that is to say, the wife or husband of the Sovereign, the Lord Chancellor, the Speaker of the House of Commons, the Lord Chief Justice of England, and the Master of the Rolls, declare in writing that they are satisfied by evidence which shall include the evidence of physicians that the Sovereign is by reason of infirmity of mind or body incapable for the time being of performing the royal functions or that they are satisfied by evidence that the Sovereign is for some definite cause not available for the performance of those functions, then, until it is declared in like manner that His Majesty has so far recovered His health as to warrant His resumption of the royal functions or has become available for the performance thereof, as the case may be, those functions shall be performed in the name and on behalf of the Sovereign by a Regent.
According to the fourth ' clause ' of the original warrant creating the V. C., he would only have been eligible for a bar if he had already been decorated before the second V. C.
According to the warrant, Frank was scheduled for execution by lethal injection on July 15, 2008.
According to this second warrant, Frank was scheduled for execution by lethal injection on December 8, 2008.
According to MPs, Rebekah Brooks refused three times to attend the committee again to be questioned further, resulting in four committee members " considering asking the serjeant at arms to issue a warrant forcing Brooks to attend "; however they subsequently dropped this proposal because they believed their private lives would be investigated if they did so.
According to SABC the warrant was secured by Pikoli, before Pikoli was suspended by the country's President Mbeki.
According to law, ABW investigations must be preceded by a warrant issued from a regional court after a submitted request from the ABW's Head.
According to the allegations made in the warrant, “ A senior curator at the Bowers Museum, now deceased, regularly accepted loans of objects he knew were looted from Thailand and Native American graves.
According to a CDC definition, " the term ' syndromic surveillance ' applies to surveillance using health-related data that precede diagnosis and signal a sufficient probability of a case or an outbreak to warrant further public health response.
According to Maryland Land Warrants, Annapolis Land Office, Liber 15, folio 837, Greenberry was granted a warrant for of land located in " Providence " ( now Annapolis ) on July 29, 1674.
According to Miranda, an arrest warrant for Rijo had already been issued.

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