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According and feng
According to the Zhouli the original feng shui instrument may have been a gnomon.
According to beliefs derived from fusui ( feng shui ), the fox's power over evil is such that a mere statue of a fox can dispel the evil kimon, or energy, that flows from the northeast.
According to an urban legend, the nearby Bank of China Tower was deliberately designed to shape like a blade so as to reflect bad feng shui to the Government House and its British administration.
According to the customs of feng shui, the Buddha statue must be taken indoors.
According to feng shui experts ( Chinese geomancers ), the water flowing inwards represents riches pouring in, thus the name Fountain of Wealth.
According to feng shui experts, the water which flows inwards represents riches pouring in, thus the fountain is appropriately named ‘ Fountain of Wealth ’.
According to her grandfather, she is a feng shui master.

According and correct
According to Maimonides, the correct view of providence lies with Elihu, who teaches Job that one must examine his religion ().
* According to the letter of the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature, the correct name for this family should be Microcebidae, but the name Cheirogaleidae has been retained for stability.
According to psychologism, logic would not be an autonomous discipline, but a branch of psychology, either proposing a prescriptive and practical " art " of correct judgement ( as Brentano and some of his more orthodox students did ) or a description of the factual processes of human thought.
According to Joseph Anglade, a philologist and specialist of medieval literature who helped impose the then archaic term Occitan as the sole correct name, the word Lemosin was first used to designate the language at the beginning of the 13th century by Catalan troubadour Raimon Vidal de Besalú in his Razós de trobar
According to Fowler's Modern English Usage ( 1965 ), the correct term is " the Received Pronunciation ".
According to Adrian Fortescue (" The Mass: A Study of the Roman Liturgy "), the more correct form of liturgical torches are non-freestanding ( i. e. cannot stand up on their own ).
According to a Defense Prisoner of War / Missing Personnel Office ( DPMO ) white paper, 1, 394 names were also transmitted during " Operation Glory " from the Chinese and North Koreans, of which 858 proved to be correct.
According to Niedzielski and Preston, many of their subjects believe that there is one " correct " pattern of grammar and vocabulary that underlies Standard English, and that individual usage derives from this external system.
According to current evidence, it may therefore be correct to say Bronte was the ' first ' real club, and Bondi was the ' first official ' club.
" According to a regional historian of note, Lillian Burns, the daughter of the early land developer, Owen Burns, the correct pronunciation of the name of the island by its early settlers was, an-na ma-rye-a, since it was named for the strong winds occurring in the area, using the German term for the wind, Maria.
According to W. Pauli ( Theory of relativity ), Schwarzschild is the first to introduce the correct Lagrangian formalism of the electromagnetic field as
Note on spelling: According to the Iranian Chamber Society, the correct spelling of the city in both English and Persian is " Ray ," ( with an " a " vowel sound ) though variations in spelling also exist.
According to Genesis 21: 21, Hagar married Ishmael to an Egyptian woman, and if Rabbinical commentators are correct about Hagar being the daughter of the Pharaoh, his marriage to a woman selected by the Pharaoh's daughter could explain how and why his sons became princes.
According to the book, the correct spelling of the prayers gives the knowledge of the science related to each one and also a good memory, stability of mind, and eloquence.
According to the whole number rule of Francis Aston, Prout's hypothesis is correct for atomic masses of individual isotopes, with an error of at most 1 %.
According to IBM engineer Bob Dubke, Titor's statements regarding the IBM 5100's little-known ability to emulate and debug mainframe systems were correct.
According to Keynes ( see more below ), if Say's law is correct, widespread involuntary unemployment ( caused by inadequate demand ) cannot occur.
According to Sheehan, whenever the wasp in the maze chose the side of the T arm with the correct picture, it would get a reward, in this case a safety zone.
According to Twelver Shi ’ ah Islam, the Imams are perfectly able to give judgment on all matters of religious law and their judgment is always legally correct.
According to Ringer, Striggio's original ending was almost certainly used at the opera's premiere, but there is no doubt that Monteverdi believed the revised ending was aesthetically correct.
* According to the final analysis, the word capacity achieved by the children was remarkably good: they spontaneously conversed about various topics, their pronunciation was correct, they occasionally ran into grammatical and lexical errors, but without affecting reciprocal comprehension ;
According to him " the time had come to liberate the nation from the avalanche of political correctness, costly litigation, feeble justice, and culture of compensation running riot in Britain today and warning that the politically correct regime ushered in by Labour's enthusiastic adoption of human rights legislation has turned the age-old principle of fairness on its head ".
According to Shepard and Metzler, if Pylyshyn were correct, then the amount of time it took to identify the object as the same object would not depend on the degree of rotation of the object.
According to one version, a Wasps ' representative was sent to attend the meeting, but owing to a misunderstanding, was sent to the wrong venue at the wrong time on the wrong day ; another version is that he went to a venue of the same name where, after consuming a number of drinks, he realised his mistake but was too drunk to make his way to the correct venue.

According and placement
According to Herreshoff, " yawl " had nothing to do with rudder placement relative to the mizzen, and instead, a yawl rig is the sail and mast configuration that suits a yawlboat.
According to the famous DNA hybridization study into avian phylogenetic relationships by Sibley and Ahlquist, the split of the Procellariiformes into the four families occurred around 30 million years ago ; a fossil bone often attributed to the order, described as the genus Tytthostonyx, has been found in rocks dating around the Cretaceous – Paleogene boundary ( 70-60 mya ), but the remains are too incomplete for placement within the Procellariiformes to be certain.
According to Section 42 ( 2 ), the twelfth sentencing option for youth is the placement in an ( l ) intensive support and supervision program.
According to its laws, a candidate is only required to pay $ 1, 000 to the state's treasury, and needs no party approval or petitions for placement on the ballot.
According to literary scholar Faye Walker-Pelkey, " The Lament's placement in the Exeter Book, its mysterious content, its fragmented structure, its similarities to riddles, and its inclusion of gnomic wisdom suggest that the " elegy "... is a riddle.
According to EUROSTAT for the academic year 2009-2010, United Kingdom received 22, 650 foreign students ( for study and placement ); the country is third in hosting students ( respectively, after Spain and France ).
According to the chronicler Ibn Sahib al-Salah, the works were completed on March 10 of 1198, with the placement of four gilt bronze balls in the top section of the tower.
According to an article, The Witches ' Ladder, an example of a witch's ladder chant and knot placement is as follows:
According to APG II system, the current placement of these genera is mostly in the ' new ' Malvaceae sensu lato, but with Gyrostemon moved to family Gyrostemonaceae, Muntingia to family Muntingiaceae, Sloanea to family Elaeocarpaceae, Vatica to family Dipterocarpaceae and Wikstroemia to family Thymelaeaceae ( possibly reduced to a synonym of Daphne ).
According to APG II system, the current placement of these genera is perhaps mostly in the ' new ' Malvaceae sensu lato, but with Muntingia moved to family Muntingiaceae, while tribes VI and VII form the core of family Elaeocarpaceae and tribe V has been moved to the ' new ' family Salicaceae sensu lato.
According to the Oxford dictionary, " It is a diagram or model that indicates the placement of retail products on shelves in order to maximize sales .".
According to the American Academy of Periodontology, U. S .- trained periodontists are specialists in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of periodontal diseases and oral inflammation, and in the placement and maintenance of dental implants.
According to the 2007 Outline of Ascomycota, the following genera within the Hypocreales have an uncertain taxonomic placement ( incertae sedis ), and have not been assigned to any family.
According to the tour guide, she decided that she preferred this arrangement rather than the more conventional central placement because she loves to be close to the stage to see the artists preparing behind the sidewalls before entering the stage.

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