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According and scholarly
According to traditional scholarly consensus, Paul authored the Epistle to the Romans.
According to the historic view of the Jewish faith, allegorically the Oral Law ( Torah she-be ' al-peh ) was also given to Moses at Sinai, and is the exposition of the Written Law as relayed by the scholarly and other religious leaders of each generation.
According to Brian Leiter's Law School rankings, Davis ranks 23rd in the nation in terms of scholarly impact as measured by academic citations of tenure-stream faculty.
According to Beinin, " After failing in his own pursuit of an academic career, Pipes has evidently decided to take revenge on the scholarly community that rejected him ", in the form of the Campus Watch website.
According to one scholarly article that reviewed the decision, the Court confirmed that PACs must conform with State of Washington election laws and were required to disclose the names and addresses for anyone contributing over $ 25.
According to Ian Bent ( Bent, 1987 ), analysis is " an approach and method can be traced back to the 1750s ... it existed as a scholarly tool, albeit an auxiliary one, from the Middle Ages onwards.
According to Muir biographer Bonnie Johanna Gisel, the Carrs recognized his " pure mind, unsophisticated nature, inherent curiosity, scholarly acumen, and independent thought.
According to ALI's Certificate of Incorporation, its purpose is " to promote the clarification and simplification of the law and its better adaptation to social needs, to secure the better administration of justice, and to encourage and carry on scholarly and scientific legal work.
According to the scholarly consensus, the monastery was founded at some point towards the end of the 14th century.
According to another view, Hong Taiji was mistakenly, referred to as Abahai in Western scholarly literature, the result of a confusion with Nurhaci's favorite concubine.
According to academic Francesco Guida, Iorga's political and scholarly activities displayed a " great openness towards the outside world ", even as, in 1930s France, public opinion was turning against him.
According to Frank Menetrez, who recalled the book's reception in CounterPunch ( April 30, 2007 ), “ when a number of scholars examined the book carefully, they concluded that it was of no scholarly value whatsoever.
According to Dr. Farooq Joubish, content analysis is considered a scholarly methodology in the humanities by which texts are studied as to authorship, authenticity, or meaning.
According to Brian Leiter's law school rankings, Hastings ranks 27th in the nation in terms of scholarly impact as measured by academic citations of tenure-stream faculty, on par with USC.
* According to Harvard University, Harvard's Archimedes Project, a scholarly research on the " history of mechanics and engineering from antiquity to the Renaissance " ( Harvard ), quotes etymological roots of Heredia from Latin as having various meanings including:
According to the American Historical Association's Award Citation, Gay's range of " scholarly achievements is truly remarkable ".
* According to the 1983 scholarly work, The Sexuality of Christ in Renaissance Art and in Modern Oblivion by art historian and critic Leo Steinberg, a number of Renaissance era artists depicted Jesus Christ after the crucifixion with a post-mortem erection.
According to their website, CESNUR is devoted to promote scholarly research in the field of new religious consciousness, and are dedicated to exposing the problems associated with some movements, while defending the principles of religious liberty.
According to Holocaust historian, Michael R. Marrus ( The Holocaust in History ), until the book appeared, little information about the genocide of the Jews by Nazi Germany had " reached the wider public " in both the West and the East, and even in pertinent scholarly studies it was " scarcely mentioned or only in passing as one more atrocity in a particularly cruel war.
According to the official website of BISU, the university aims to develop into a teaching oriented university with foreign studies as its major focus and tourism management as a key research area, combining scholarly and / or professional disciplines of literature, management, economics, and law studies.
According to one scholarly article that reviewed the decision, the Court confirmed that PACs must conform with State of Washington election laws and were required to disclose the names and addresses for anyone contributing over $ 25.
According to the organization's constitution, " The purpose of The Order is to encourage excellence in legal education by fostering a spirit of careful study, recognizing those who as law students attained a high grade of scholarship, and honoring those who as lawyers, judges and teachers attained high distinction for their scholarly or professional accomplishments.
According to Akrigg, Arundell was ' gifted and scholarly ', but by the time he had reached his 30s had failed to find any outlet for his talents and had ' sunk into a melancholic existence ', living a ' studious solitary life ' at the Wriothesley estates in Hampshire or in the family apartments at Southampton House in London.
According to Sir William Wade, it is " thorough and scholarly ".

According and consensus
According to United Nation's Food and Agriculture Organization the term bean should include only species of Phaseolus ; however, a strict consensus definition has proven difficult because in the past, several species such as Vigna ( angularis ( azuki bean ), mungo ( black gram ), radiata ( mung bean ), aconitifolia ( moth bean )) were classified as Phaseolus and later reclassified.
According to consensus among cosmologists, dark matter is composed primarily of a new, not yet characterized, type of subatomic particle.
According to Australian maps, South Australia's south coast is flanked by the Southern Ocean, but official international consensus defines the Southern Ocean as extending north from the pole only to 60 ° S or 55 ° S, at least 17 degrees of latitude further south than the most southern point of South Australia.
According to current geological consensus, during the middle of the Pleistocene era there was a succession of inland seas ( collectively referred to as Lake Manly ) located where Death Valley is today.
According to Lawrence and Wolff, in 1984, there was a consensus among scholars that Carthaginian children were sacrificed by their parents, who would make a vow to kill the next child if the gods would grant them a favor: for instance that their shipment of goods were to arrive safely in a foreign port.
According to an hypothesis, which gathers the consensus of the historians, he was related to the Consul Anicius Hermogenianus Olybrius, whose wife and cousin, Anicia Juliana, had the same name Olybrius gave to his own daughter.
According to the site's summary of the critical consensus, " Chasing Amy explores gender roles, sexual mores, and the limits of friendship with a mixture of sensitivity, raw honesty, and director / screenwriter Kevin Smith's signature raunchy humor.
According to Thompson, Bilderberg itself is not an executive agency, but when Bilderberg participants reach a form of consensus about what is to be done they have at their disposal powerful transnational and national instruments for bringing about what it is they want to come to pass.
According to the scientific consensus, the impact of climate change may result in catastrophe and non-marginal changes.
According to their website " OneVoice is a global undertaking to: " Amplify the voice of moderates ; Empower Palestinians and Israelis at the grass-roots level to seize back the agenda away from violent extremists ; Achieve broad-based consensus on core issues, configuring a roadmap for conflict resolutions.
According to Iraqi academic Majid Khadduri, Al-Shafi ' i held the view that religiously binding consensus had to include all of the Muslim community in every part of the world, both the religiously learned and the layman ; thus, if even one individual out of millions held a differing view, then consensus had not been reached.
According to the consensus environmental protection was considered at best a necessary evil, and at worst a temporary nuisance.
According to Ian Kershaw, writing in 1998, the consensus of nearly all historians is that Van der Lubbe did, in fact, set the Reichstag fire.
According to some commentators, Kirchner was seen as part of a spectrum of new South American leaders, including Hugo Chávez in Venezuela, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in Brazil and Tabaré Vázquez in Uruguay, who see the Washington consensus as an unsuccessful model for economic development in the region.
According to a 2006 consensus statement, it is advisable to classify APS into one of the following categories for research purposes:
As the influence of both functionalism and Marxism in the 1960s began to wane, the linguistic and cultural turns led to a myriad of new movements in the social sciences: " According to Giddens, the orthodox consensus terminated in the late 1960s and 1970s as the middle ground shared by otherwise competing perspectives gave way and was replaced by a baffling variety of competing perspectives.
According to movie review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds a 94 % " fresh " rating based on thirty-one reviews with the consensus, " The blood pours freely in Argento's classic Suspiria, a giallo horror as grandiose and glossy as it is gory ".
According to Wilfrid Sheed, quoted in Time Magazine, " By silent consensus, the king of this army of unknown soldiers, the Hollywood incognitos, was Harry Warren, who had more songs on the Hit Parade than Berlin himself and who would win the contest hands down if enough people have heard of him.
According to a comment made about 10 years after the crash by David Rapoport, a lawyer who was a member of the PSC, " after all these years Captain Buschmann was " absolved " of all responsibility for the crash is still a matter reasonable people who are fully informed may disagree on ", however, there should be consensus " flight operations should not be conducted in the terminal area when thunderstorms are on the flight path ; and non-frangible objects should not be placed where it is foreseeable an aircraft may go.
According to some sources, GIL changed these symbols without any consensus or heraldic rigor, nor had they been vetted by the Junta de Andalucía, so that different factions claim the rehabilitation of the shield granted by the Catholic Monarchs to the city in 1493 and official recognition of a flag designed in accordance with prevailing standards of Vexillology.
According to the critics, Esperanto should aim to be a common European tongue, and therefore its lexicon and spelling system should be a consensus of the Western European languages.

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