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According and latest
According to the latest projections of the Bureau of the Census, the annual rate of household formations will increase for the next 20 years.
According to Christopher Ehret ( 2002: 35 36 ), Proto-Afroasiatic was spoken c. 11, 000 BC at the latest and possibly as early as c. 16, 000 BC.
According to Western scholars the older sections of the Book of Enoch ( mainly in the Book of the Watchers ) date from about 300 BC and the latest part ( Book of Parables ) probably was composed at the end of 1st century BC.
According to the latest Assessment Report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, " most of the observed increase in globally averaged temperatures since the mid-20th century is very likely due to the observed increase in anthropogenic greenhouse gas concentrations ".
According to the recently most widespread presumption, Finno-Ugric ( or Uralic ) languages were first spoken in Finland and the adjacent areas during the ( typical ) Comb Ceramic period, around 4000 BCE at the latest.
According to latest estimates, the population of the Kabul metropolitan area is over 4 million.
According to two consecutive Bush Administration President's Task Force Reports, the latest of which was issued on December 21, 2007 Puerto Rico is an unincorporated organized territory of the United States, subject to the plenary powers of the United States government.
According to latest 2010 statistics, Singapore ’ s resident total fertility rate ( TFR ) reached a level of 1. 1 in 2010.
According to the latest research for example, by Eduard Jacobs and Walther Grosse there were no early relations with the Abbey at Corvey ( Weser ) and the abbot there, Warin, instead the town name suggests it was a protected clearance settlement.
According to the latest census, taken in 2007, the park is home to 138 of these endangered wombats.
According to the latest Romanian Census ( 2002 ), Moldovan Census ( 2004 ) and Ukrainian Census ( 2001 ) data, the region has a total population of approximately 9, 700, 000 inhabitants, 48 % of them living in Romania, 36 % in Moldova and 16 % in Ukraine, distributed among the ethnic groups as follows:
According to the latest Citizenship Law adopted in 2010, anybody, possessing certain evidences ( certificates, documents ) of his or her Hungarian roots from around the World can apply for Hungarian Citizenship.
According to government statistics, the latest estimated population of Indigenous Fijians is counted at 511, 838, while there are 290, 129 Indians and 56, 071 Others ( January 2012 ).
According to the latest estimate by the Medicare trustees ( 2011 ), the trust fund is expected to become insolvent in 13 years ( 2024 ), at which time available revenue will cover 90 percent of annual projected costs.
According to the latest national minority census in Albania ( 2000 ), there were around 2000 Serbs and Montenegrins ( they are listed together as one ethnic group ) in the country.
According to a theory by NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory scientist Zdeněk Sekanina, the latest impactor to actually make contact with the Sun was the " supercomet " Howard-Koomen-Michels on August 30, 1979.
According to the latest Census of Agriculture, there are large herds of cattle ( 77, 711 heads in 2000 ).
According to the latest U. S. Census report released in September 2009, Palmdale has the longest average commute time in the United States at 41. 5 minutes.
According to preliminary results of the latest census in Serbia conducted in October 2011, the urban area of Novi Sad has a population of 221, 854, while its municipal area has a population of 335, 701.
According to the latest U. S. census of 2010, there were 1, 981 people, 864 households, and 555 families residing in the city.
According to the latest government assessments, Bath has 15 subjects rated " excellent " ( the highest on the scale ).
According to the latest census, Aparri has a population of 69, 024 people.
According to the Premium Bond Probability Calculator on MoneySavingExpert. com which updates the latest odds following each monthly draw, the odds of winning a prize are:
According to the latest Deloitte's annual Football Money League, Bayern was the fourth richest club in the world in 2011, generating revenues of € 321. 4 Million.

According and Red
According to some sources, over 1. 5 million surviving Red Army soldiers imprisoned by the Germans were sent to the Gulag.
According to the Bible, after crossing the Red Sea and leading the Israelites towards the desert, Moses was summoned by God to Mount Sinai, also referred to as Mount Horeb, the same place where Moses had first talked to the Burning Bush, tended the flocks of Jethro his father-in-law, and later produced water by striking the rock with his staff and directed the battle with the Amalekites.
According to the UNESCO Red Book of Endangered Languages, four of the six major dialects of Occitan ( Provençal, Auvergnat, Limousin and Languedocien ) are considered " severely endangered ", while the remaining two ( Gascon and Vivaro-Alpine ) are considered " definitely endangered " (" severely endangered " essentially means that only elderly people still speak the language fluently, while " definitely endangered " means that adults speak the language but are not passing it on to their children ).
According to a International Committee of the Red Cross review of the Biological Weapons Convention, " Toxins are poisonous products of organisms ; unlike biological agents, they are inanimate and not capable of reproducing themselves.
According to Ion Pacepa, Red Brigades primary support allegedly came from the Czechoslovak StB and the Palestine Liberation Organization ( PLO ).
According to the Mitrokhin Archives, the Italian Communist Party lodged several complaints with the Soviet ambassador in Rome regarding Czechoslovak support of the Red Brigades, but the Soviets were either unwilling or unable to stop the StB.
According to the Histories of the Greek historian Herodotus, about 600 BC, Necho II undertook to dig a west-east canal through the Wadi Tumilat between Bubastis and Heroopolis, and perhaps continued it to the Heroopolite Gulf and the Red Sea.
According to the legendarium recorded in the 12th-century Gesta Treverorum, the city was founded by an eponymous otherwise unrecorded Trebeta, an Assyrian prince, placing the city's founding legend centuries before and independently of ancient Rome: a medieval inscription on the facade of the Red House in Trier market,
According to the saga of Erik the Red, when Erik was exiled from Iceland he sailed west and pioneered Greenland.
Notable films from this period include: La Dolce Vita, 8½ ; La Notte ; L ' Eclisse, The Red Desert ; Blowup ; Satyricon ; Accattone ; The Gospel According to St. Matthew ; Theorem ; Winter Light ; The Silence ; Persona ; Shame ; A Passion ; Au Hasard Balthazar ; Mouchette ; Last Year at Marienbad ; Chronique d ' un été ; Titicut Follies ; High School ; Salesman ; La jetée ; Warrendale ; Knife in the Water ; Repulsion ; The Saragossa Manuscript ; El Topo ; A Hard Day's Night ; and the cinema verite Dont Look Back.
According to one of the chroniclers of the time, he was given the epithet of the " Red " when in 981 he invited the most troublesome of the Roman families to a banquet, and proceeded to butcher them at dinner.
According to tradition, he founded the Nyingmapa sect — also known as the " old sect " or Red Hat sect — of Mahayana Buddhism, which became for a time the dominant religion of Bhutan.
According to the UNESCO report ( 60100 ha / Ref: 954 ) and website hereunder, this monastery has been called the oldest working Christian monastery in the world although the Monastery of Saint Anthony, situated across the Red Sea in the desert south of Cairo, also lays claim to that title.
According to an entry in the Red Book of Westmarch, Gimli left with him — the only Dwarf to ever do so, evidently out of his desire to once more see Galadriel.
According to official accounts, after lengthy discussion, the BMW R 71 motorcycle was found to most closely match the Red Army's requirements.
According to Benjamin Edelman, who reported his findings in the article " Red Light States: Who Buys Online Adult Entertainment ?," published in the most recent edition of the Journal of Economic Perspectives, Sevier County has the highest rate of online pornography usage in the United States.
According to Red Storey who refereed the game:
According to Luc Sante, " The Count of Monte Cristo has become a fixture of Western civilization's literature, as inescapable and immediately identifiable as Mickey Mouse, Noah's flood, and the story of Little Red Riding Hood.
According to the Saga of Erik the Red, he spent his three years of exile exploring this land.
According to the historian John D. Winters, " none of these elections in any way impeded the porogress nor materially affected the outcome of the Red River campaign.
According to the official version of the story told by the Red Skull and the Nazis, Schmidt met Hitler while working as a bellhop in a major hotel.
According to a 2001 study by the International Committee of the Red Cross, the civilian to soldier death ratio in wars fought since the mid-20th century has been 10: 1, meaning ten civilian deaths for every soldier death.
According to local historians, Oakport Township received its name because it was a stop for steam boats plying the Red River of the North between Moorhead and Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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