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According and Kojiki
According to the legendary account in the Kojiki, Emperor Jimmu would have been born on 13 February 711 BC ( the first day of the first month of the Chinese calendar ), and died, again according to legend, on 11 March 585 BC ( both dates according to the lunisolar traditional Japanese calendar ).
According to the Kojiki, Jimmu died when he was 126 years old.
According to Nihongi, he had six wives ; but Kojiki only gives five wives, identifying the third consort to the sixth one.
According to the Kojiki and Nihonshoki, he was the father of Emperor Ōjin.
According to the Kojiki and the Nihonshoki, Ōjin was the son of the Emperor Chūai and his consort Jingū.
According to Nihonshoki and Kojiki, Richū was the eldest son of Emperor Nintoku and Iwanohime.
According to Kojiki and Nihonshoki, he was the fourth son of Emperor Nintoku and his consort Iwanohime, and therefore a younger brother of his predecessor Emperor Hanzei.
According to Kojiki and Nihonshoki, Ankō was the second son of Emperor Ingyō.
According to the Kojiki, this emperor is said to have ruled from the Thirteenth Day of the Eleventh Month of 456 ( Heishin ) until his death on the Seventh Day of the Eight Month of 479 ( Kibi ).
According to Kojiki and Nihonshoki, Yūryaku was named Prince Ohatsuse Wakatake ( 大泊瀬 幼武 ) at birth.
According to Kojiki and Nihonshoki, he was a son of Emperor Yūryaku.
According to the Kojiki ( 712 ) and Nihon Shoki ( 720 ), Buretsu died without a successor, at which time a fifth generation grandson of Emperor Ōjin, Keitai, came and ascended the throne.
According to Kojiki and Nihon Shoki, his father was Hikoushi no Kimi and his mother was Furihime.
According to the Kojiki Ankan was the elder son of Emperor Keitai, who is considered to have ruled the country during the early-6th century, though there is a paucity of information about him.
According to the Nihon Shoki and Kojiki, a Korean scholar called Wani () was dispatched to Japan by the Kingdom of Baekje during the reign of Emperor Ōjin in the early 5th century, bringing with him knowledge of Confucianism and Chinese characters.
According to Kojiki and Nihon Shoki, the oldest record of a Silla immigrant is Amenohiboko, a legendary prince of Silla who settled to Japan at the era of Emperor Suinin, perhaps around the 3rd or 4th century.
According to Kojiki Nihon Shoki, In Emperor Ōjin's reign, Geunchogo of Baekje presented Stallions and Broodmares with Horse trainers to the Japanese emperor.
According to the Kojiki, Susanoo descended to the headwaters of the Hii River at Mount Sentsū, Okuizumo, Shimane | Okuizumo, Shimane Prefecture.
According to Kojiki, the god Susanoo encountered a grieving family of kunitsukami (" gods of the land ") headed by in Izumo province.
According to Kojiki, the oldest record of Japan, a Korean immigrant named Amenohiboko, prince of Silla came to Japan to serve the Japanese Emperor, and he lived in Tajima Province.
According to Shinto mythology as related in Kojiki, this is where the dead go to dwell and apparently rot indefinitely.
According to Kojiki, the entrance to Yomi lies in Izumo province and was sealed off by Izanagi upon his flight from Yomi, at which time he permanently blocked the entrance by placing a massive boulder ( Chibiki-no-Iwa 千引の岩 ) at the base of the slope that leads to Yomi ( Yomotsu Hirasaka 黄泉平坂 or 黄泉比良坂 ).
According to Kojiki, eight kinds Raijin was born from Izanami.
According to the Kojiki, Emperor Suinin ordered Tajima-mori to bring from the Eternal Land.

According and Nihonshoki
According to the Nihonshoki and Gukanshō, Bidatsu had four empresses and 16 Imperial children ( 6 sons and 10 daughters ).
According to the Nihonshoki, he was of gentle personality and was in favor of Buddhism.
According to Nihonshoki, the king of the Korean Silla Kingdom grieved very much when Ingyō died.
According to Nihonshoki, the Mishihase first arrived to Sado Province during the reign of Emperor Kimmei.
According to both the Samguk Sagi and the Japanese chronicle Nihonshoki, Goryeong Gaya fell to Silla in 562.
According to Nihonshoki, in 681 he was appointed the crown prince.

According and collectively
According to this view, Old East Slavic diverged into Belarusian and Ukrainian to the west ( collectively, the Ruthenian language of the 15th to 18th centuries ), and Old Russian to the north-east, after the political boundaries of Kievan Rus ' were redrawn in the 14th century.
According to current geological consensus, during the middle of the Pleistocene era there was a succession of inland seas ( collectively referred to as Lake Manly ) located where Death Valley is today.
* According to the United States Census Bureau, Americans who identify themselves as Hispanic or Latino, African American, Asian, Pacific Islander, and Native American will collectively outnumber Whites of non-Hispanic origin.
According to the classical view, categories should be clearly defined, mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive.
According to its statutes, one of the principal goals is the determination of the best means for safeguarding the organization's interests, individually and collectively.
According to their website, Spectra publishes " science-fiction, fantasy, horror, and speculative novels from recognizable authors " Spectra authors have collectively won 31 such awards in the fields of science fiction and fantasy, and been nominated on 132 occasions.
According to Malkavian legend, when Malkav was killed, all his childer came to his corpse and drank the blood of their father, thus collectively diablerizing Malkav.
According to him our coherent extrapolated volition is our choices and the actions we would collectively take if " we knew more, thought faster, were more the people we wished we were, and had grown up closer together.
According to U. G., despite his lifelong efforts to bring about spiritual enlightenment, he underwent a life-altering series of bodily experiences, which he collectively referred to as the " calamity ".
According to the same survey, other religions ( including, for example, Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, and Hinduism ) collectively make up about 4 % of the adult population, another 15 % of the adult population claim no religious affiliation, and 5. 2 % said they did not know, or they refused to reply.
According to Ellacuría, salvation is accomplished historically, not just individually but collectively.
According to the Dictionary of the Fungi ( 10th edition, 2008 ), 35 genera are recognized in Boletaceae, which collectively contain 787 species.
According to the state constitution, three positions in state government collectively referred to as the " Constitutional Officers "— the Secretary of State, State Treasurer, and the Comptroller of the Treasury, who serves many of the functions of an auditor — are selected by the General Assembly in joint convention, where each member of the General Assembly is accorded a single vote and the office is awarded to the first candidate to receive a majority of the votes ( 67 of 132 ).
According to an NHL-commissioned report prepared by former U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission chairman Arthur Levitt, prior to 2004 – 05, NHL clubs spent about 76 percent of their gross revenues on players ' salaries – a figure far higher than those in other North American sports – and collectively lost US $ 273 million during the 2002 – 03 season.
According to this interpretation, both the Jews present at Jesus Christ's death and the Jewish people collectively and for all time, have committed the sin of deicide, or God-killing.
According to western sources, various Protestant religious groups collectively had as many as 5 million followers in the 1980s.
According to Co-operative economist Charles Gide, the aim of a Co-operative Wholesale Society is to arrange “ bulk purchases, and, if possible, organise production .” In other words, a Co-operative Wholesale Society is a form of Federal Co-operative through which Consumers ' Co-operatives can collectively purchase goods at wholesale prices, and in some cases collectively own factories or farms.
According to the Tour's website, the tour has over 100 members, who have collectively won over 650 LPGA Tour events, including 65 major championships.
According to island residents, on JVD, people would work collectively to build charcoal pits, a practice that occasionally continues to this day.
According to Ptolemy, the Romans called this island Apsorrus, and referred to the islands of Lošinj and Cres collectively as Apsirtides.
According to the Constitutive Act, its aim is to guarantee cooperation “ with similar regional institutions ... take part in the enrichment of the international dialogue ... reinforce the independence of the member states and ... safeguard ... their assets ....” Strategic relevance of the region is based on the fact that, collectively, it boasts large phosphate, oil, and gas and it is a transit centre to southern Europe.
According to Malayali caste system, Saliyas were part of 18 Malayali castes who were collectively known as Nairs.
According to Hindu theology, there are five sacred lakes collectively called Panch-Sarovar (' Sarovar ' means " lake ").

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