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According and testimony
According to his own testimony, he never actually saw things as shaped but only as generally amorphous `` blots '' of color of a more or less indefinite size ; ;
According to Congressional testimony, the CIA experimented with utilizing LSD and hypnosis for mind control.
According to Kunz's testimony, he gave the children morphine injections but it was Magda Goebbels and Stumpfegger, Hitler's personal doctor, who then administered the cyanide.
According to the official 1955 testimony of his NKVD bodyguards, colonels R. S.
According to Ağca's later testimony, he met with three accomplices in Rome, one a fellow Turk and the other two Bulgarians.
According to the Midrash, only the Pharaoh was spared to give testimony to the miracle that occurred.
According to Irenaeus, Polycarp was a companion of Papias, another " hearer of John " as Irenaeus interprets Papias ' testimony, and a correspondent of Ignatius of Antioch.
According to testimony by captured al-Qaeda member Abu Zubaydah, U. S. officials believed the White House was the intended target.
According to further testimony by Sheikh Mohammed, bin Laden preferred the Capitol over the White House as a target and Sheikh Mohammed revealed that the interview to Fouda was a lie to make the 9 / 11 attacks seem larger than they were.
According to Congressional testimony, Daugherty allegedly arranged for Jess Smith and Howard Mannington to sell these permits to drug company agents who in actuality represented bootleggers.
According to the testimony of Julius Caesar, the Gaulish language proper was distinct from the Aquitanian language and the Belgic language.
According to testimony of SS officers, men were always gassed first from the transports, while women and children waited outside the gas chamber for their turn.
According to the testimony of State Police investigators, two jammed automatic pistols were discovered near Foerster's body.
According to the sworn testimony of his companions, he was promptly disappointed with her appearance, although there are many documents from the time which describe how Henry and some of his courtiers sneaked into the room where Anne was watching bull-fighting, wearing masks and cloaks, when Henry boldly kissed her.
According to a testimony delivered by missionary Ralph L. Phillips to the U. S. State Assembly Investigating Committee, he was " forced to watch while the Japs disembowled a Chinese soldier " and " roasted his heart and liver and ate them ".
According to the Nyaya school, there are exactly four sources of knowledge ( pramāṇas ): perception, inference, comparison, and testimony.
According to the testimony of a truck driver named Hofer, victims were ordered to undress and beaten if they resisted:
According to the Libel Act 1843, proving the truth of the accusation and a public interest in its exposure was a defence against a libel charge, and Wilde's lawyers concluded that the prostitutes ' testimony was likely to do that.
According to Solzhenitsyn's testimony, Stalin merely amplified a concentration camp system that was already in place.
According to Smart's October 1, 2009 US federal court testimony, after Smart had gone to bed on June 4, 2002, a man Smart identified as Brian Mitchell had entered her bedroom and had " placed his hand on my chest and then put the knife up to my neck.
According to J. P. Kirsch, the author of the article in the Catholic Encyclopedia from which the information in this section is drawn, the testimony to the public veneration of the three saints in the fifth century proves positively that they are historical martyrs.
According to the testimony of Bernadette Soubirous, the Virgin Mary spoke to her ( Lourdes, 25 March 1858 ) in Gascon saying: Que sòi era Immaculada Concepciou (" I am the Immaculate Conception ", the phrase is reproduced under this statue in the Lourdes grotto with a non-standard spelling ), confirming the proclamation of this Catholic dogma four years earlier.
According to Grinnell's account, based on the testimony of the Cheyenne warriors who survived the fight, at least part of Custer's command attempted to ford the river at the north end of the camp but were driven off by stiff resistance from Indian sharpshooters firing from the brush along the west bank of the river.
According to a victims brother, Mirtala Linares ', testimony, “ He wouldn ’ t tell us anything ; he claimed they hadn ’ t captured, that he knew nothing of his whereabouts – and that maybe my brother had gone as an illegal alien to the United States!

According and Irenæus
According to Irenæus, Cerinthus, a man educated in the wisdom of the Egyptians, claimed angelic inspiration.

According and Against
According to this version of the myth, it was only later -- after her sons Polyneices and Eteocles murdered one another in a fight for the crown ( see Seven Against Thebes )-- that she committed suicide by stabbing herself.
According to the Carnal Nation site, the issue was first raised by the group Feminists Against Censorship ( FAC ) in 2001.
According to a report conducted by the ICTY entitled Final Report to the Prosecutor by the Committee Established to Review the NATO Bombing Campaign Against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia opined that, " Insofar as the attack actually was aimed at disrupting the communications network, it was legally acceptable " and that, " NATO ’ s targeting of the RTS building for propaganda purposes was an incidental ( albeit complementary ) aim of its primary goal of disabling the Serbian military command and control system and to destroy the nerve system and apparatus that keeps Milosević in power.
According to its official website, the NCAHF evolved from three separate organizations, the Lehigh Valley Committee Against Health Fraud, Inc. ( LVCAHF, now called Quackwatch ), Southern California Council Against Health Fraud ( SCCAHF ), and an unnamed group in northern California.
* c. 1700-1550 BC: According to Manetho ( via Josephus ' Against Apion ), the Hyksos invade the region
According to Norris, in his book Against All Odds: My Story he won the middleweight title in 1967 at the Long Beach Internationals, then beat Bunda who had won the lightweight title.
According to the BBC, it " started life as a jig with Irish roots, whose first appearance seems to be in a collection published in London in 1661 entitled ' An Antidote Against Melancholy ', where it is set to the words ' There was an old man of Waltham Cross '.
" According to Shane, the 36 attorneys general called the Violence Against Women Act " a particularly appropriate remedy for the harm caused by gender-motivated violence.
According to Barnett, liberty of contract is properly found in the Privileges or Immunities Clause, not in the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment .. David Bernstein ’ s book, Rehabilitating Lochner: Defending Individual Rights Against Progressive Reform, argues that the decision in Lochner was well-grounded in the Supreme Court ’ s precedent.
According to the Centre Against Expulsions, 40, 000 Neumarkers were killed in action as soldiers, 395, 000 fled to West or East Germany by 1950, and 208, 000 died, disappeared, or were murdered during the course of flight or expulsion by Polish and Soviet troops.
According to The New York Times, Neutron himself was under surveillance at the time for his activities as head of Bands Against Bush.
According to a Nickelodeon producer, who stated: Going Great may have been one of the lowest rated Nickelodeon TV programs, but the show Against the Odds was even worse.
According to the website of the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, or Claims Conference, " In response to calls from Jewish organizations and the State of Israel, in September 1951 Chancellor Konrad Adenauer of West Germany addressed his Parliament:
According to Red Pepper magazine, UAF was set up by the Socialist Workers Party and the National Assembly Against Racism.
According to the separate European Parliament report of February 2007, the CIA has conducted 1, 245 flights, many of them to destinations where suspects could face torture, in violation of article 3 of the United Nations Convention Against Torture.
According to the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud, the causes vary, but are usually centered on greed and holes in the fraud fight.
According to The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud, health fraud depletes taxpayer-funded programs like Medicare, and may victimize patients in the hands of certain doctors.
According to the National Coalition Against Censorship, parents and schools have objected to the book's depictions of lesbianism, premarital cohabitation, pornography, and violence.
According to Josephus, in Against Apion, Apollonius Molon slandered the Jews.
According to " Intemperance: The Lost War Against Liquor " by Larry Englemann, " Soon after the passage of prohibition thousands of residents of the downriver communities began participating in rum-running and consequently reaped nearly unbelievable riches from their activities.
According to multiple early sources, including Jerome ( Against Pelagius 3 ) and Epiphanius ( Panarion 29-30 ) the Gospel of the Nazarenes was synonymous with the Gospel of the Hebrews and the Gospel of the Ebionites.
According to myth, Polynices and six allies ( the Seven Against Thebes ) attacked Thebes because Polynices ' brother, Eteocles, refused to give up the throne as promised.
According to other sources, Biedroń, the president of the Polish Campaign Against Homophobia, said that most of the Polish gays emigrated to the UK not for economic reasons but because of being persecuted in Poland.

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