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According and travels
According to the Garuda Purana, a soul after leaving the body, travels through a very long & dark tunnel towards South.
According to his sister Asia, Booth confided to her that he also used his position to smuggle quinine to the South during his travels there, helping the Confederacy obtain the needed drug despite the Northern blockade.
According to church materials, his travels were funded by his " wealthy grandfather ".
According to some Mane who spoke to a Portuguese ( Dornelas ) in the late 16th century, their travels had begun as a result of their Chief's, a woman named Macario, having been expelled from the imperial city in Mandimansa, their homeland.
* According to Christian legend, Martha travels to Avignon.
According to Greek mythology adopted by the Etruscans and Romans, when Hercules had to perform twelve labours, one of them was to fetch the Cattle of Geryon of the far West and bring them to Eurystheus ; this marked the westward extent of his travels.
The Yeti appears in Christopher Moore ’ s novel Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal, a story that follows Jesus ( Joshua ) on his travels before the age of 30.
According to tradition, St. Nicholas comes at night and travels down the chimney.
According to L. F. Rushbrook Williams, Shah began accompanying his father in his travels from a very young age, and although they both travelled widely and often, they always returned to England where the family made their home for many years.
According to a 1659 letter to Thomas Greaves from Edward Pococke ( who, on his book-hunting travels for archbishop William Laud, had met Lucaris ) many of the choicest manuscripts from Lucaris ' library were saved by the Dutch ambassador who sent them by ship to Holland.
According to the jacket notes, her album An Ancient Muse was inspired by travels among and reading about the various cultures along the Silk Road.
According to this hypothesis, the newly synthesized messenger travels across the synaptic cleft from the postsynaptic to the presynaptic cell, leading to a chain of events that facilitate the presynaptic response to subsequent stimuli.
According to the backstory of Torg, the Gaunt Man stumbled across the cosm of Earth in his travels and was astounded by the amount of possibility energy available for the taking.
According to Artemidorus, the material for his work was gathered during lengthy travels through Greece, Italy and Asia, from diviners of high and low station.
According to Riccioli, a falling body released from rest travels 15 Roman feet ( 29. 57 cm ) in one second, 60 feet in two seconds, 135 feet in three seconds, etc.
According to Davis, " The result of Cooney's travels was a distilled, neatly structured fifty-five-page report entitled " The Potential Uses of Television in Preschool Education ".
According to him ( in Seyahatname / The book of travels ), the locality had more than 36, 000 inhabitants ( living in 10 suburbs — 1500 houses — around the fortress ) and the fortress's garrison numbered 10, 000 soldiers.
According to al-Mālikī she was said to have been accompanied in her travels by what the Arabs called an " idol ", possibly an icon of the Virgin or one of the Christian saints, but certainly not something associated with Jewish religious customs.
According to Silver, the oval ball is designed so as to give the player more control over where the ball travels.
According to New Grove, " from 1769 onwards she was no longer permitted to show her artistic talent on travels with her brother, as she had reached a marriageable age.
According to Catholic tradition, the first Bishop was Saint Peter before his travels to Rome.
According to one account, in the first three months ( spring ) the Sun travels in the south, in order to melt the snow ; in the fourth through sixth months ( summer ) it travels directly above the earth, in order to ripen the fruit ; in the seventh through ninth months ( autumn ) it travels above the sea, in order to absorb the waters ; and in the last three months ( winter ) it travels over the desert, in order that the grain may not dry up and wither.

According and Hercules
According to Plato, Atlantis was a naval power lying " in front of the Pillars of Hercules " that conquered many parts of Western Europe and Africa 9, 000 years before the time of Solon, or approximately 9600 BC.
According to Critias, 9, 000 years before his lifetime a war took place between those outside the Pillars of Hercules at the Strait of Gibraltar and those who dwelt within them.
According to the Roman poet Ovid ( Fasti v. 379 ), the constellation honors the centaur Chiron, who was tutor to many of the earlier Greek heroes including Heracles ( Hercules ), Theseus, and Jason, the leader of the Argonauts.
According to Herodotus, a line of 22 Kings of Lydia descended from Hercules and Omphale.
According to Silius Italicus, she was the virginal daughter of Bebryx, a king in Mediterranean Gaul by whom the hero Hercules was given hospitality during his quest to steal the cattle of Geryon during his famous Labors.
According to Plato's account, the lost realm of Atlantis was situated beyond the Pillars of Hercules, in effect placing it in the realm of the Unknown.
According to some Roman sources, while on his way to the island of Erytheia, Hercules had to cross the mountain that was once Atlas.
According to Evander, Hercules stopped to pasture the cattle he had stolen from Geryon near Cacus ' lair.
According to Virgil in Book VIII of the Aeneid, Hercules grasped Cacus so tightly that Cacus ' eyes popped out and there was no blood left in his throat: " et angit inhaerens elisos oculos et siccum sanguine guttur.
According to Plutarch's Life of Romulus, the keeper of the Temple of Hercules challenged the hero to a game of dice with Hercules to receive a night with a beautiful woman and a fine spread and the god to provide the temple keeper with a valuable gift if the keeper was successful.
According to some writers, the phrase medius fidius was equivalent to mehercule " My Hercules!
According to legend, Daedalus stopped here after his flight over the Ionian Sea, as well as Hercules, after his seventh task.
According to one legend, he was struck blind by the gods during his censorship, after inducing the ancient family of the Potitii to teach the sacred rites of Hercules to the public slaves.
According to the legend, said to have been recorded around 1330 BC by a mythological Quirinus Colonus, Todi was built by Hercules, who here killed Cacus, and gave the city the name of Eclis.
According to legend, the Fabii claimed descent from Hercules, who visited Italy a generation before the Trojan War, and from Evander, his host.
Tower of Hercules ( A Coruña, Galicia ( Spain ) | Galicia ) rebuilt 2nd and 18th centuries: According to the Lebor Gabála Érenn, Breogán was the father of Ith, the leader of an expedition to Ireland from the Iberian Peninsula ; from Breogán's Tower Ith first saw Ireland, 900 kilometres north
According to descriptions of Pierre Gilles and English travelers from the 17th century, these reliefs were arranged in two tiers, and featured mythological scenes, including the Labours of Hercules.
According to the myth, Hercules fought against the river-god for the sake of Diianira, the princess of Calydon, which both of them wanted as a wife.
According to the legend, it would have been founded by Hercules in memory of the killing of Cacus.
According to ancient mythology the White Poplar was consecrated to Hercules because he destroyed Cacus in a cavern adjoining the Aventine Hill, which was covered with these trees ; and in the moment of his triumph he bound his brows with a branch of White Poplar as a token of his victory.
According to Germanic legend and Tacitus, Hercules once visited German soil and they sang of him first of all heroes.

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