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Additional and books
Additional projects included a calendar, a songbook, a collection of transfer designs for T-shirts, and a number of books.
Additional commentaries by Ibn Ezra to the following books are extant: Song of Solomon ; Esther ; Daniel.
Additional books followed: Adeline Mowbray ( 1804 ), Simple Tales ( 1806 ), Temper ( 1812 ), Tales of Real Life ( 1813 ), Valentine's Eve ( 1816 ), Tales of the Heart ( 1818 ), and Madeline ( 1822 ).
Additional stories, generally published as e-book novellas ( some published as recently as 2006 ) and comic books ( as recent as 2010 / 2011 ), take the total number of published NJO-related stories to twenty-six.
Additional books were A Rising Wind ( 1945 ), his autobiography A Man Called White ( 1948 ), and How Far the Promised Land ( 1955 ).
Additional support for this notion includes the reorientation of some graphs, by turning them 90 degrees as if to better fit on tall, narrow slats ; this style must have developed on bamboo or wood slat books and then carried over to the oracle bone script.
Additional plotlines not addressed in the main story were featured in other books published during the same time period.
Additional funding comes from charitable grants and trusts, local government and income from the sales of maps and books.
Additional books are planned.
Additional material was issued at each interval in the form of supplementary text books.
Additional buildings making up MICA's campus include the Maryland Institute College of Art shop ( known simply as " The MICA Store ") at 1200 Mount Royal Avenue, where most of the students get supplies for their projects and books for their classes, and where visitors can purchase official MICA merchandise.
Additional brand-name awareness has been created with marketing and licensing programs for Vivid Vodka, condoms, snowboards, skateboards, tee shirts, playing cards, advertising, calendars, comic books and book publishing.
Additional places mentioned in the books but not shown on the map include:
* Additional books and training materials that deal with certain aspects of research administration are published and made available to the membership at a discounted rate.
British Library, Additional MS 31031 is an 8th century illuminated copy of Pope Gregory the Great's Moralia in Job, books I-V. The codex is missing the last folio and ends in the words " et singuli tota ".
Among his other books are “ Stirring Up Additional Success with a Southern Flavor ” and “ Stirring Up Success with a Southern Flavor ,” both co-authored with Shirley Smith, executive director for the Catoosa County Learning Center.
Additional measures relating to the Burmese language were introduced so that in order to take the Matriculation exam to enter Rangoon University, prospective students were required to be fluent in written Burmese ( which many Anglo-Burmans had not been taught ), even though all books and most teaching were still carried out in English.
Additional books she created, art directed, marketed, edited and produced include Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister and Son of a Witch, also by Gregory Maguire ; Stupid White Men by Michael Moore ; Private Parts and Miss America by Howard Stern ; The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists by Neil Strauss ; and Story: Substance, Structure, Style, and the Principles of Screenwriting by Robert McKee, Shabby Chic by Rachel Ashweell, and The Paris Apartment by Claudia Strasser,
Additional images and a more detailed account on the local perspective and effect on the once rural community of Franklin Township can be found in books written by William B. Brahms.

Additional and series
Additional animation was created for the movie ( such as the scenes on Iscandar ) or recycled from the series ' test footage ( such as the opening sequence ).
Additional casualties were incurred in the actual assault, which was marked by a series of brave but disorganized and uncoordinated advances.
Additional characters in popular culture include " Emily " from the television series Empty Nest, " Donna ," from the television series Judging Amy, " Judy Maxwell ," from the film, What's Up, Doc ?, " Brooke ," from The L Word, Season 4, " Catherine ," the serial bride in the film noir release, Black Widow and " Helen Bishop ", the divorcee neighbor from Mad Men.
Additional series 7000 cars have been ordered to serve the new Silver Line to Dulles Airport.
Additional videos that are part of the V. T. A series:
Additional series were filmed for specific sectors of the global market, including two series of Robot Wars Extreme Warriors with U. S. competitors for the TNN network ( hosted by Mick Foley and Rebecca Grant ), and two of Dutch Robot Wars for distribution in the Netherlands.
Additional variations on ASL include Deluxe ASL ( DASL ), which was a short-lived experiment in fusing miniature wargaming with ASL ; Historical ASL ( HASL ), which used historically accurate maps, usually in a campaign setting where the outcome of one scenario affected the setup of following scenarios ; Solitaire ASL ( SASL ) with many rules changes for fog of war and command to enhance solitaire play ; and the ASL Starter Kits ( ASLSK ), a series of stand-alone introductory kits.
A new series of 1910 used an arms design for low values, and a full-face portrait of King Gustav V. Additional surcharges were needed in 1918 before new stamps of the series could be printed.
Additional improvements included a scoring pylon with a four-sided video screen akin to those in sports arenas hanging from their ceilings, and after the 2007 Food City 500, a resurfacing of the entire concrete track along with widening the track three feet and reshaping the turns with variable banking, which was completed for the 2007 Sharpie 500 in August and their support events in the Busch ( now Nationwide Series ) and Craftsman Truck Series ( now Camping World Truck series )
Additional DC promotional art for the series Countdown show the Statue of Liberty in ruins, similar to Kamandi # 1 ( although later, Dan DiDio revealed that the Statue's appearance in that teaser ad was a reference to the Sinestro Corps War ).
Additional regular pictorial series, depicting local scenes and industries, came out in 1934, 1938, and 1954, as well as the usual omnibus issues of the Commonwealth.
Additional energy is reclaimed while driving through regenerative braking, and load is removed from the electric system by use of the pedalling system which transfers its input directly to the drivetrain ( i. e., both systems operate in parallel, not in series ).
Additional programming announced but never aired included Tales from the Great Book, an animated Bible series, plus regional coverage of the Continental Football League.
Additional monies were saved shooting the series on 16 mm film.
Additional success came in the 2000 ALMS series before the cars were retired from racing.
( Additional information on the series, in Japanese, can be found at Nihon Sunrise's site.
Additional designs include the Triflute and Trivex series.
Additional series to which Lux has contributed music include My Name Is Earl ( with Mark Leggett ), Boston Legal, Grey's Anatomy, Karen Sisco, Hack, Ally McBeal ( one BMI win ), Boston Public, NYPD Blue ( two BMI wins, both shared with Mike Post ), John Doe, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, The Good Wife, Melrose Place and Dawson's Creek.
Additional series were a 6000 series of country & western singles, a 7000 series for children, and an 8000 series for rhythm and blues.

Additional and Blood
Additional background exists to describe the demeanor and character of the Blood Bowl players with frequent reference to rule breaking and excessive violence in a lighthearted manner.
* Blood +-Carl Fei-Ong, The Phantom, McCoy, Additional voices
* Blood +-Solomon, Karman, Glay, Additional Voices

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