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Additional and design
* Additional design and assembly by Rudy Tuesday
Additional AAA services include the design and development of alternative dispute resolution ( ADR ) systems for corporations, unions, government agencies, law firms, and the courts.
Additional advice on the design of the roof was given to Barlow by Rowland Mason Ordish.
* Additional sound design and synthesizer manipulation by Clinton Bradley
Additional suspension components, such as trailing arms, would be needed for this design, but not for " semi-elliptical " leaf springs as used in the Hotchkiss drive.
Additional revisions in the design plan pushed the cost back up to $ 65 million, even though only 17 villas were now planned.
A new series of 1910 used an arms design for low values, and a full-face portrait of King Gustav V. Additional surcharges were needed in 1918 before new stamps of the series could be printed.
Additional development was accomplished through the efforts of Thomas G. Zimmerman and Jaron Lanier, a virtual reality pioneer responsible for co-developing and commercializing the DataGlove who had made a failed attempt at a similar design for Nintendo earlier.
Additional " crown " stamps arrived in 1882, but in the following year were supplemented by additional values of the original local design.
Additional dead loads imposed on the curtain wall, such as sunshades, must be accounted for in the design of the curtain wall components and anchors.
Additional evidence suggests impairment in block design performance among schizophrenic and bipolar disorder patient populations, though this represents only preliminary findings.
* 1925-1931 Additional buildings are constructed, including a dormitory, a dining hall ( 1925 ), an infirmary ( 1927 ), and the central part of the " U " design ( 1931 ).
Additional design inspiration was taken from the Belleview-Biltmore Hotel in Belleair, Florida.
Additional toll plazas, similar in design, were subsequently reconstructed at Chandler, Stroud, Kellyville, and Sapulpa.
Additional memorials honor: the Fourth Marine or “ Fighting Fourth ” Division ; the Commonwealth of Virginia Memorial dedicated to honor all of the nation ’ s veterans ; the First Marine Division Memorial ; and the 6th Marine Division or “ Striking Sixth ” Memorial to honor the division that won the Presidential Unit Citation for its actions in the Battle of Okinawa during World War II ; the memorial design is based on an Okinawan tomb.
Additional energy efficient design opportunities specified by the U. S. Department of Energy include on-site electrical generation and recycling of waste heat.
Additional responsibilities may include safety and risk management ; compliance auditing ; training and awareness programs ; internal and external investigations ; business continuity and disaster recovery planning ; inventory management ; creating a safe working and shopping environment ; physical security standards ; security system design and integration ; and ethics enforcement.
Additional design efforts came from Andy Annudurai, Ravi Sajwan, and Imran Chaudhri ( who also came up with the name ).
Additional design input can also be credited to Maria Midani and Barbara Mullnex.
Additional areas include geochemistry and mining engineering ; hydrology and geohydrology ; materials sciences and fracture mechanics ; modeling and simulation ; nondestructive evaluation ; oil and gas exploration ; pipeline technology ; surface modification and coatings ; and vehicle, engine, and powertrain design, research, and development.
Additional benefits of short-stroke piston design are ease of maintenance, longer service life of various components in the rifle.
; Additional production design credits
Additional details and apparent design changes were revealed in July 1922.
Additional models, like the SD45T-2, featuring the Tunnel Motor design, were released.

Additional and options
Additional subscription options of EverQuest, free-to-play Bronze Level, and a reduced-cost Silver Level, were made available in March 2012.
Additional problems for ONdigital were caused by the choice of 64QAM broadcast mode, coupled with far weaker than expected broadcast power, ( meaning that the signal was weak in many areas ), a complex pricing structure ( comprising many menu options ), a poor quality subscriber management system ( badly adapted from Canal +), a paper magazine TV guide whereas BSkyB had provided an electronic programme guide ( EPG ), insufficient technical customer services, and much signal piracy.
Additional food options on campus include a convenience store / coffee shop in the Campus Center, a bakery in Claflin Hall, Collins café outside the movie theater, El Table, a student-run sandwich shop located in Founders Hall ( an academic building housing many of the humanities classes ) that uses many local and organic products, and the Cafe Hoop, a student-run cooperative cafe in the basement of the Campus Center that is known for its late hours, queer-friendly environment, eclectic decoration, and ever popular nachos.
Additional options listed on the company's website at one time included a pelvic thruster motor and audio capability ( using wireless headphones ).
Additional armament options were studied including various versions of 150 mm and 128 mm guns.
Additional audio options using PCI expansion cards are available.
* Additional treatment options include plasmapheresis for severe, steroid-unresponsive relapses.
Additional transmission controls include Power and Snow settings, as well as 4x4 power options.
Additional options ( Use < tt > man mv </ tt > for details ):
Additional options included:
Additional options include the SYNC system in a new 2008 package.
Additional options allow users to add data ( in their own font / language ) relevant to their own institution, electronic patient charts, material from the internet, important telephone numbers, drug prices, antimicrobial resistance patterns, etc.
* Additional options available for receiving information on support requirements of Marathi Wikipedia you may want to add
Additional options exist, as well, such as a waiver for students who have passed another state's assessment ( the state assessment must be approved by OSPI as being an equivalent examination ).
Additional markup constructs and processor options may affect whether and how entities are processed.
Additional options include " dark titanium " headlights, performance suspension and a performance rear exhaust muffler that increases the power output of up by to.
Additional options were gained when a flight of Beaufighters of No. 39 Squadron RAF were attached to No. 108 Sqn., armed with RP-3 rockets.
Additional options include a series of luxury suites, the Executive Party Deck for birthday parties or other special occasions, and a picnic area that can accommodate a group of 30 to 350 fans.
Additional options, such as fifteen-inch alloy wheels, a spare tire, a cassette and / or CD player, two additional speakers behind the front seats, and power windows and door locks, and keyless entry were also available for all Ranger EV's.
Additional unofficial patches have now been released which add several new options, allowing for more varied games.
Additional options include a pinch of powdered and roasted asafoetida.

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