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Admission and programme
Admission to public universities was not based upon a common examination such as the SAT or A-Levels, but rather upon a two parallel systems of either an one-year matriculation course or a two-year STPM ( Malaysian Higher School Certificate ) programme.
Admission to the McGill programme is a first-entry programme in the case of Quebec students ( as a college diploma is required ) while it is a second-entry programme in the case of students from other provinces ( as two years of university studies is required, effectively one extra year of studies more than for a college diploma ).
Admission to that programme is a first-entry programme in the case of Quebec students ( as a college diploma is required ) while it is a second-entry programme in the case of students from other provinces ( since two years of university studies is required-effectively one extra year of studies more than for a college diploma ).
Admission to the graduate programmes in the Politecnico requires an undergraduate degree and a set of requirements specific for each school, such as the time spent in obtaining the undergraduate degree or the grade point average scored during the undergraduate programme.
Admission to the ground includes a matchday programme.
Admission to the MSc Management programme is highly competitive and includes an interview before final acceptance.

Admission and is
Hawaii's admission is currently commemorated by Hawaii Admission Day
Admission to any of the public universities in Arizona is ensured to residents in the top 25 % of their high-school class with a GPA of 3. 0 in core competencies.
Admission into I – O psychology PhD programs is highly competitive given that many programs accept a small number of applicants every year.
Admission to stay on the island has to be obtained in advance, and is generally limited to a few days ( or even hours ).
Admission to Jadavpur University is highly competitive, as it consistently ranks amongst the best colleges in India.
Admission to the Arts and Science Faculties is by means of individual examinations for each of the departments at the undergraduate as well as the postgraduate levels.
Admission to graduate programs is decentralized ; applicants apply directly to the department or degree program.
Good grades in high school and university are generally required, as well as taking the Medical College Admission Test ( MCAT ) if one is to pursue a Doctor of Medicine degree or a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree.
Admission to the galleries and museum is free after paying admission to the Gardens.
* California Admission Day to commemorate the admission of California into the Union is September 9.
Admission to the exhibits is free.
Admission to the University Of Victoria is based on a selective academic system.
Admission is free.
Admission to the College is granted only to students who need financial assistance ( as determined by the FAFSA ); in general, applications are accepted only from those whose family income falls within the bottom 40 % of U. S. households.
Admission to universities as well as all government positions ( including teachers ) are determined by the entrance exam, which is extremely competitive at the top level.
Admission to universities is also determined by the strict entrance exam, which is extremely competitive at the top level.
* Admission is not Acceptance – Reflections on the Dreyfus Affair.
Admission to the LSE is highly competitive.
Admission to the bar of a circuit court is granted as a matter of course to any attorney who is admitted to practice law in any state of the United States.
Admission to the bar of a district court is generally granted as a matter of course to any attorney who is admitted to practice law in the state where the district court sits.
Admission to Tsinghua is extremely competitive.
Admission to the High School University, Math / Science / Technology and Communications / Media Arts magnets are decided by a committee of Manual teachers based on academic performance as measured by prior school grades and the Commonwealth Accountability Testing System, although extracurricular involvement is also considered.

Admission and through
Admission to the park grounds and gardens alone is £ 11 (), but there is also free access to about five miles ( 8 km ) of public rights of way through the Great Park area of the grounds, which are accessible from Old Woodstock and from the Oxfordshire Way, and which are close to the Column of Victory.
The scholarship is offered to between 75 and 100 incoming freshmen by the Office of Undergraduate Admission, and is awarded only through a separate application.
Admission into the institute previously was through the TNPCEE.
Under the leadership of the Vice President, Student Affairs provides essential student services in the Offices of Enrollment Services, Admission, Student Financial Affairs, Career Advising and Placement Services ( CAPS ), and facilitates relevant student programs and leadership opportunities through The First Year Experience ( orientation ), International Student Affairs, Counseling Center, Mentoring Unit, Residential Life, Office of Student Development and Sports.
Upon achieving statehood through the Admission Act of 1959, Hawaii returned Fong to elected office becoming one of its first United States Senators.
Admission to an upper secondary school is through an entrance exam.
Students are selected by merit through the nationally-administered Common Law Admission Test ( CLAT ).
Admission is free through a subsidy from the cultural tax district for St. Louis City and County.
Admission to MBA and MIBA are done through IIM-CAT score.
Admission to engineering undergraduate courses in NUST is granted through written entrance examinations, while admission to medical, business, master and PhD programs is based primarily on an interview along with a written test in most cases.
The Law School became fully accredited by the American Bar Association through the Council of its Section on Legal Education and Admission to the Bar, and is a member of the Association of American Law Schools.
Admission to the institute is through a national-level entrance examination conducted by Gautam Buddh Technical University and Mahamaya Technical University in collaboration.
Admission and exit at this end of the station is underground through unstaffed turnstyles.
Admission into school is through annual competition.
Admission in courses that are done through entrance examination follow a different schedule.
Midland is accredited through 2010 by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, and is a member of the National Association of Independent Schools, the California Association of Independent Schools, the Western Boarding Schools Association, A Better Chance, Inc., The Council for the Advancement and Support of Education, the California Interscholastic Federation, and the National Association for College Admission Counseling.
The first step in admission to the PGP is through the Common Admission Test ( CAT ).
In Norway candidates are admitted to entry-level programs through the Norwegian Universities and Colleges Admission Service, that ranks qualified students based on a point scheme, that is based on grades and the degree of specialization and choice of study at upper secondary school, as well as age.
Admission to the undergraduate courses is through the Maharashtra-Common Entrance Test ( MHT-CET ) for the state allocated seats ( 65 %) and through the All India Engineering Entrance Examination ( AIEEE ) for the all-India seats.
Admission is extremely competitive and offers of admission are extended only to pupils with excellent reference letters and those showed extraordinary critical thinking through written exams in Japanese, Mathematics, Science, and Social Science, which is typically conducted on the first day of February every year on Azabu's campus.
Admission to the Science Center is free through a public subsidy from the Metropolitan Zoological Park and Museum District.
Admission to the museum is free, and it's open for self-guided visits Monday through Saturday.

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