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After and heated
After heated debates over startup continued through 1993, French and Russian nuclear consultants declared operating conditions basically safe.
After a very heated national debate, legislation was passed in 1985 that gave women an equal right to decide what surname or surnames they and their children would use.
After a heated discussion, Odin swore that he would grant victory to the first tribe he saw the next morning upon awakening — knowing full well that the bed was arranged so that the Vandals were on his side.
After various political posturings, however, the towns returned to New Hampshire at the heated insistence of George Washington.
After heated debate in Congress, Adams successfully argued to restore the lost funds with interest.
After a heated argument in Bismarck's office Wilhelm, whom Bismarck had allowed to see a letter from Tsar Alexander III describing him as a " badly brought-up boy ", stormed out, after first ordering the rescinding of the Cabinet Order of 1851, which had forbidden Prussian Cabinet Ministers to report directly to the King of Prussia, requiring them instead to report via the Prime Minister.
After the game, the expected heated confrontation between Rozelle and Davis was actually very civil.
* November 7 – U. S. presidential election, 1876: After long and heated disputes, Rutherford Birchard Hayes is eventually declared the winner over Samuel Jones Tilden.
After a heated argument, they avoided talking politics with each other.
After paying a fee, they would strip naked and wear sandals to protect their feet from heated floors.
After much heated debate over several months about the selection of the crew between Nikolai Kamanin and Sergei Korolev, Komarov was named as prime crew commander on October 4, 1964, by the State Commission ; just eight days before its scheduled launch.
After a heated argument regarding right-of-way, Oedipus murdered King Laius, unknowingly fulfilling the first half of the Delphic Oracle's prophecy.
After heated protests from the public the pay rates were eventually rolled back and new legislation was proposed in the state legislature to prohibit commissioners and county judges from authorizing raises for themselves during their first term of office.
After a heated campaign, the measure passed despite Gould's threats.
After much discussion, heated debate and research in the Post Office Directory, the name of Oak Harbor was chosen.
After being heated into a gas, the dye diffuses onto the printing medium and solidifies.
After an intense bombardment by the grande batterie of Napoleon's artillery and hours of heated fighting, the French overpowered the first defensive lines and seized the town of Bautzen.
After drawing or spinning, the polymer fibers are then heated to drive off non-carbon atoms ( carbonization ), producing the final carbon fiber.
After a long and heated battle, Jacen kills Mara Jade.
After a heated discussion, the young couple left.
After the blade is heated to the proper temperature, which is usually judged by the cherry-red glow ( blackbody radiation ) of the blade, the blade will usually be plunged into a vat of water or oil, to quickly remove the heat from the edge.
After some possible washing and / or pre-drying of this filtrate, the residue on the filter paper can be placed in the crucible and fired ( heated at very high temperature ) until all the volatiles and moisture are driven out of the sample residue in the crucible.
After a heated public debate fueled by the newspaper, this version was rejected and, following the recommendations of a second committee, Esnaola's arrangement was officially reinstated.
After the war, there was a heated competition between Buffalo and Niagara Falls over the location.

After and debate
After a long debate in the House, a second attempt passed Congress on January 13, 1865, and was sent to the state legislatures for ratification.
" After a vigorous debate, a formal vote for impeachment was held in the House of Representatives on December 5, 1867, and failed, 57 – 108.
After some internal debate, he says, he decided to join.
After extensive debate, the U. S. Senate confirmed Thomas to the Supreme Court by a vote of 52 – 48 ; the narrowest margin since the 19th century.
After much reluctance and debate New Zealand agreed to change for the Tests and the All Blacks became the All Whites for the first time.
After several rounds of debate between Job and his friends, in a divine voice, described as coming from a " cloud " or " whirlwind ", God describes, in evocative and lyrical language, what the experience of being the creator of the world is like, and rhetorically asks if Job has ever had the experiences or the authority that God has had.
After the debate, the President of the University, Lee C. Bollinger, stated that he did not favor reinstating Columbia's ROTC program, because of the military's anti-gay policies.
After a further decade of debate, in 1983, JTS voted to admit women for ordination as Conservative rabbis, also without adopting an explanatory responsum.
After much debate from the Athenians, it was decided to revise the laws, including the homicide law, in 409.
After articulating the biological species concept in 1942, Mayr played a central role in the species problem debate over what was the best species concept.
After a debate between the two deceased bards, the god brings Aeschylus back to life as more useful to Athens on account of his wisdom, rejecting Euripides as merely clever.
After some debate about the exact site for the tower, a contract was signed on 8 January 1887.
After decades of debate, Bernheim's view dominated.
After the initial discovery of introns in protein-coding genes of the eukaryotic nucleus, there was significant debate as to whether introns in modern-day organisms were inherited from a common ancient ancestor ( termed the introns-early hypothesis ), or whether they appeared in genes rather recently in the evolutionary process ( termed the introns-late hypothesis ).
After the two week-long debate, a vote was held and he was not censured.
After much debate, the House of Representatives voted down all resolutions that condemned Jackson in any way, thus implicitly endorsing Monroe's actions and leaving the issue surrounding the role of the executive with respect to war powers unanswered.
After an exhaustive and divisive debate with the non-Hindi speakers, Hindi was adopted as the official language of India in 1950 with English continuing as an associate official language for a period of fifteen years, after which Hindi would become the sole official language.
" After the 2001 cancellation of performances of excerpts from " Klinghoffer " by the Boston Symphony Orchestra, debate has continued about the opera's content and social worth.
After much debate a future campus location was selected in what was then a semi-rural part of North Ryde, and it was decided that the future university be named after Lachlan Macquarie, an important early governor of the colony of New South Wales.
After some debate, it was agreed to adopt a Masorti form of service, using the siddur Sim Shalom.
After much debate many of the immigrants were transported to Nauru, an arrangement known in Australia as the " Pacific Solution ".
* 1777 – American Revolutionary War: After 16 months of debate the Continental Congress approves the Articles of Confederation.

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