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After and notable
After a protracted, hysterical trial scene more notable for the frankness of its language than for dramatic credibility, the jury, to no one's surprise, leaves the legal question unresolved.
Blue Lightning, a game with After Burner-like graphics, was especially notable and featured in TV advertising for the console.
After overcoming considerable difficulty and achieving notable success, Boylston traveled to London in 1724 where he published his results and was elected to the Royal Society in 1726.
After the 3rd century, Juris prudentia became a more bureaucratic activity, with few notable authors.
After a number of notable successes and some early failures in the 1920s, the League ultimately proved incapable of preventing aggression by the Axis powers in the 1930s.
After this, there is an absence of notable sestinas for over 250 years, with John Frederick Nims noting that, "... there is not a single sestina in the three volumes of the Oxford anthologies that cover the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
After leaving Asylum, the label released the first Tom Waits " Best of " album in 1981, a collection called Bounced Checks, notable for including an alternate, stripped down version of " Jersey Girl " and the otherwise unreleased " Mr. Henry ", as well as an alternate master of " Whistlin ' Past the Graveyard " and a live performance of " The Piano Has Been Drinking ".
After studying for some years at Luoyang's ( Taixue ), he became well-versed in the classics, and befriended notable persons, such as the mathematician and calligrapher Cui Yuan ( 78 – 143 ), the official and philosophical commentator Ma Rong ( 79 – 166 ), and the philosopher Wang Fu ( 78 – 163 ).
After the war, many papers reduced the cost back to previous levels, with the notable exceptions of the New York World and the New York Morning Journal.
After World War II, a small number of technically able sopranos, the most notable of whom were first Maria Callas ( with performances from 1952 and especially those at La Scala and Berlin in 1954 / 55 under Herbert von Karajan ) and then Dame Joan Sutherland ( with her 1959 performances at the Royal Opera House Covent Garden in 1959, which were repeated in 1960 ), revived the opera in all of its original tragic glory.
After a short but notable career as a stage actress in the late 1920s, she made 85 films in 38 years in Hollywood, before turning to television.
After the death of Hassan some notable events included the following ;
After the murder of Archbishop Thomas Becket at the cathedral in 1170, Canterbury became one of the most notable towns in Europe, as pilgrims from all parts of Christendom came to visit his shrine.
After 1987, IBM PC compatibles dominated both the home and business markets of commodity computers, with other notable alternative architectures being used in niche markets, like the Macintosh computers offered by Apple Inc. and used mainly for desktop publishing at the time, the aging 8-bit Commodore 64 which was selling for $ 150 by this time and became the world's best-selling computer, the 16-bit Commodore Amiga line used for television and video production and the 16-bit Atari ST used by the music industry.
After the dissolution of the National Socialist Movement of Chile ( MNSCH ) in 1938 notable former members of MNSCH migrated into Partido Agrario Laborista ( PAL ) obtaining high charges.
After the October Revolution of 1917, the city was a notable center of the White movement, led by Anatoly Pepelyayev and Maria Bochkareva, among others.
After gaining Philippine independence from colonial rule following World War II in 1946, the Visayas region established its community and re-formed its government, producing several notable presidents coming from the Visayas region.
After Poland was reunited, the town became a notable centre of weaving and wood production, as well as one of the cultural centres of Greater Poland.
After divestiture AT & T Corp. was prohibited from using the Bell name or logo ( with the notable exception of AT & T's Bell Laboratories ) and those trademarks which would be shared by the RBOCs and the two companies AT & T partially owned.
After his move to Sausalito, he attended talks by Alan Watts, a notable Western interpreter of Zen Buddhism, who introduced him to the distinction between mind and self ; Erhard subsequently became close friends with Watts.
After the American Civil War, Bridgeton's industrial prowess and commercial centrality in this area of high agricultural production, along with its high profile as an educational center ( it was home to the South Jersey Institute, the West Jersey Academy, and two notable academies for women ), made it the most prosperous town in the state.
After about a year, the squadron was re-designated as the 429th Electronic Combat Squadron as part of the Air Force heritage program keeping notable senior units active.
After the war, sporting achievements waned ( although there were notable exceptions ) but academic success did not improve significantly, in what was now one of Oxford's largest colleges.
After leaving Universal, where he made 30 films, he worked primarily in character roles in notable films like High Noon and Casanova's Big Night, and in more prominent roles in lower-budget films and television shows.

After and failure
After the failure of the co-emperor Michael IX to stem the Turkish advance in Asia Minor in 1302 and the disastrous Battle of Bapheus, the Byzantine government hired the Catalan Company of Almogavars ( adventurers from Aragon and Catalonia ) led by Roger de Flor to clear Byzantine Asia Minor of the enemy.
After Germany's failure to destroy the Soviets before the winter of 1941, the strategic failure above the German tactical superiority became apparent.
After his bruising encounter with Cyclops and Emma Frost, Professor X is forced to revisit the biggest challenge and the biggest failure of his career, Wolverine, when the feral mutant asks for Charles ' help in freeing his son from the clutches of the Hellfire Club.
After independence from Russia in 1917, the Finnish Civil War, including interventions by Imperial Germany and Soviet Russia, and failure of the Communist revolution, resulted in the official ban on Communism, and strengthening relations with Western countries.
After a year without work, seeing how his siblings all had steady jobs of some sort, he felt he was a failure, which led to bouts of depression and abdominal pains, later discovered to have been an undiagnosed burst appendix.
After the failure of Do I Hear A Waltz?
After the Challenger accident, a study considered additional shielding and eventually rejected it, in part because such a design significantly increased the overall risk of mission failure and only shifted the other risks around ( for example, if a failure on orbit had occurred, additional shielding would have significantly increased the consequences of a ground impact ).
After each failure, he would arrive at Uppark " the bad shilling back again!
After the failure of the last uprising, the nation preserved its identity through educational uplift and the program called " organic work " to modernize the economy and society.
After the failure of the Indian Mutiny some of Shah Waliullah's followers turned to more peaceful methods of preserving the Islamic heritage and founded the Dar al-Ulum seminary in 1867 in the town of Deoband.
After the collapse of the short-lived Third Reich, and the failure of its attempt to create a great land empire in Eurasia, Germany was split between Western and Soviet spheres of influence until Perestroika and the collapse of the Soviet Union.
After the failure of the crusade, John travelled throughout Europe seeking assistance, but found support only from Frederick, who then married John and Maria's daughter Isabella II in 1225.
After his failure to capture the five members and fearing for his family's lives, Charles left London for Oxford.
After being bedridden with a case of pneumonia during the fall of 1861, Martin Van Buren died of bronchial asthma and heart failure at his Lindenwald estate in Kinderhook at 2: 00 a. m. on July 24, 1862.
After defeats in battle, the desertion of his Armenian allies and his failure to capture Parthian strongholds convinced Antony to retreat, his army was further depleted by the hardships of its retreat through Armenia in the depths of winter, losing more than a quarter of its strength in the course of the campaign.
After the June 12, 1993, Nigerian presidential election was annulled, and in light of human rights abuses and the failure to embark on a meaningful democratic transition, the United States imposed numerous sanctions on Nigeria.
After the failure of Lord North's ministry ( 1770 – 1782 ) in March 1782 due to Britain's defeat in the American Revolutionary War and the ensuing vote of no confidence by Parliament, the Marquess of Rockingham reasserted the Prime Minister's control over the Cabinet.
After this failure in dabbling in imperial politics, Gregory by and large focused his attention for the rest of his pontificate in dealing with internal church matters.
After several years, prohibition became a failure in North America and elsewhere, as bootlegging ( rum-running ) became widespread and organized crime took control of the distribution of alcohol.
After his failure to overthrow his father, Richard concentrated on putting down internal revolts by the nobles of Aquitaine, especially the territory of Gascony.
After the failure of family drama Family and Friends in 1990 they launched the raunchier and more extreme Chances in 1991.
After the second failure, the United Kingdom and the six windward and leeward islands — Grenada, St. Vincent, Dominica, Antigua, St. Kitts and Nevis and Anguilla, and St. Lucia — developed a novel form of cooperation called associated statehood.

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