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After and evolution
After the Revolution of 1917, views expressed by anthropologists in the USSR, and later the Soviet Bloc countries, were highly shaped by the requirement to conform to Marxist theories of social evolution.
After several centuries of evolution, the fully developed longship emerged some time in the middle of the ninth century.
After reading ‘ Origins of Life ’, with my background in chemistry and physics, it is clear evolution could not have occurred.
After the asymptotic giant branch ( AGB ) phase, the short planetary nebula phase of stellar evolution begins as gases drift away from the central star at speeds of a few kilometers per second.
After this work, Weismann accepts evolution as a fact on a par with the fundamental assumptions of astronomy ( e. g. Heliocentrism ).
After arguing that evolution is capable of explaining the origin of complexity, near the end of the book Dawkins uses this to argue against the existence of God: " a deity capable of engineering all the organized complexity in the world, either instantaneously or by guiding evolution ... must already have been vastly complex in the first place ..." He calls this " postulating organized complexity without offering an explanation.
After a period of variation and evolution, Chinese characters were standardized under the Qin Dynasty ( 221 – 206 BC ).
After the trial Scopes admitted to reporter William Kinsey Hutchinson " I didn't violate the law ," ( DeCamp p. 435 ) explaining that he had skipped the evolution lesson and his lawyers had coached his students to go on the stand ; the Dayton businessmen had assumed he had violated the law.
After the 1970s, nucleic acid sequencing allowed molecular evolution to reach beyond proteins to highly conserved ribosomal RNA sequences, the foundation of a reconceptualization of the early history of life.
After his migration to the US, Reich began to speculate about biological development and evolution, and then branched out into much broader speculations about the nature of the universe.
After the return from Italy the general amnesty of August 16, 1859 had marked the evolution of the absolutist or authoritarian empire towards the liberal, and later parliamentary empire, which was to last for ten years.
After examining the evidence of cooperation in nonhuman animals, in pre-feudal societies and medieval cities, and in modern times, he concluded that cooperation and mutual aid are the most important factors in the evolution of species and the ability to survive.
After discussing evolution with Pikachu to match Raichu's power ( Pikachu refused to evolve ), Ash used a strategy relying on Pikachu's speed to defeat Raichu the next day.
After this decision, some jurisdictions passed laws that required the teaching of creation science alongside evolution when evolution was taught.
After On the Origin of Species, the idea of " lower animals " representing earlier stages in evolution lingered, as demonstrated in Ernst Haeckel's figure of the human pedigree.
After evolution, Sceptile retains its rebellious personality.
After the anti-time anomaly is sealed in the episode, it is further presumed that evolution, as shown by Q, resumed without incident.
After Thutmose III's victory at Megiddo and his successful campaigns in the Levant over the next 20 years, Egypt's rise to power in the international community and its evolution into an empire is evident in the annals.
After 1965 she created two large series of etchings, one about evolution, the other about music and musicians.
After years of debate, members of the organization voted to modify the name to better reflect the evolution of the profession represented by the organization.
After a long journey one of these ships discovered Earth, but because a primitive intelligent species was emerging on the planet it was decided to move underground in order to not disturb the natural evolution of humanity.
Anarchist Juan Gómez Casas discusses the evolution of anarchist organization before the creation of the CNT: " After a period of dispersion, the Workers Federation of the Spanish Region disappeared, to be replaced by the Anarchist Organization of the Spanish Region ....

After and armoured
After 1941 – 42, armoured formations were increasingly used as a mobile reserve against Allied breakthroughs.
After the Allied landings at Normandy, Germany made attempts to overwhelm the landing force with armoured attacks, but these failed for lack of co-ordination and Allied air superiority.
After World War II the dragoon regiments were reorganized as armoured reconnaissance units.
After the battle, the Indians counted 24 destroyed tanks, as well as armoured cars and numerous anti-tank guns left on the battlefield.
After setting up and ambush and attacking their lightly armoured Humvee vehicles with small arms fire and RPG ’ s the patrol stopped and Macedonian forces and guerrillas exchanged fire in a short skirmish, after soldiers started retreating half of the patrol managed to escape one soldier was shot and 7 others captured and allegedly executed with knives and then their corpses were allegedly burned. News of the massacre sparked local uprisings against Muslim Albanians in several towns and cities across Macedonia, and such revolts included burning and vandalising shops and Mosques.
After suffering casualties during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon of June 1982, the PLA was quietly re-organized and expanded late that year by Walid Jumblatt, who turned it into a disciplined fighting force structured along conventional lines, with ‘ Commando ’, armoured, mechanized infantry and artillery units provided with Soviet-made armoured vehicles, field guns, Howitzers and MBRLs.
After a 90 minute standoff a French UNPROFOR officer opened the door to the armoured personnel carrier in which Turajlić was sitting and a Serb soldier killed him with an AK-47.
After discrediting the main claimants other than Joe Ekins, Brian Reid then discusses another possibility, as there was another armoured regiment much closer to Wittmann ’ s tank.
After being withdrawn into reserve on 12 July, the next major action for VIII Corps would be Operation Goodwood, for which the corps was stripped of its infantry divisions but had a third armoured division ( 7th Armoured Division ) attached.
After horse cavalry became obsolete, hussar units were generally converted to armoured units, though retaining their traditional titles.
After tests in September 1854, the British Admiralty agreed to build five armoured floating batteries on the French plans, establishing the important Thames and Millwall Iron Works within the docks.
After that war, Daimler produced the Ferret armoured car, a military reconnaissance vehicle based on the innovative 4. 1-litre-engined armoured car they had developed and built during the war, which has been used by over 36 countries.
After an extensive investigation Naidu's survival was attributed to the armoured vehicle in which he was travelling.
After the September Campaign, the Polish Army on the Western Front continued its pre-war tradition of Uhlan regiments giving their names to armoured units, while Polish units on the Eastern Front used cavalry as mobile infantry until the end of the war.
After the war he remained in the army where he was a proponent for the use of armoured forces.
After 13 Israeli soldiers were killed in an ambush combined with booby traps, snipers and suicide bombers, the IDF changed its tactics from slow advancing infantry soldiers backed by attack helicopters to a heavy use of armoured bulldozers.
After Bassal refused to surrender and opened fire on the soldiers, tanks first shelled the building, then an armoured IDF Caterpillar D9 bulldozer was brought and razed the house over Bassal.
After this Frankforce until the end of the war worked with the 2nd Welsh Guards, the 8th King's Royal Irish Hussars and the 15th / 19th The King's Royal Hussars, who were the armoured reconnaissance regiments of the Guards, 7th and 11th Armoured Divisions.
After the 1st day of the Allied offensive, the Germans, without much effort, had stopped the main attack of the IV Corps led by the US 10th Mountain Division, causing significant casualties among the troops of that US division, the Germans mislead to think that the BEF's raid over Montese using M8 armoured cars and Sherman Tanks could be the real main Allied objective on that sector, which lead them to shell the Brazilians with 1, 800 artillery rounds from the total of 2, 800 used against all 4 Allied divisions in that sector during the days of the combat for Montese when they tried unsuccessfully to take Montese back from Brazilians.
After several Marks had been built a better armoured version-the Mark VII-entered service.
After Boer forces captured Elandslaagte railway station, the Manchesters had four companies sent by armoured train to Modderspruit.

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