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After and murder
After he left home before the age of eighteen, his main interest in life was his opposition to the death penalty, which he regarded as state-sponsored murder.
After his full sister Tamar was raped by Amnon, their half-brother and David's eldest son, Absalom waited two years and avenged her by sending his servants to murder Amnon at a feast to which he had invited all the king's sons.
After being expelled from Poitou by their overlord, Richard the Lion-hearted, for the murder of Patrick of Salisbury, 1st Earl of Salisbury, Amalric arrived in Palestine c. 1174, Guy possibly later.
After the murder in that year of Henry III of France, Pope Sixtus V sent Enrico Caetani as legate to Paris to negotiate with the Catholic League of France, and chose Bellarmine to accompany him as theologian.
After assurances of legality on Allende's part, the murder of the Army Commander-in-Chief, General René Schneider and Frei's refusal to form an alliance with Alessandri to oppose Allende – on the grounds that the Christian Democrats were a workers ' party and could not make common cause with the oligarchs – Allende was chosen by a vote of 153 to 35.
After confessing to the murder of Maxine and his ex-wife, Hillman attempted to kill Gail, her children Sarah and David, and her granddaughter Bethany, by driving them into a canal.
After an absence of three years, Tracy Barlow returned on 7 May 2010, in a plot to reduce her sentence by convincing cellmate Gail to confess to Joe's murder.
After the murder of the tribune in 1354 Albornoz pursued his task of restoring the pope's authority by intrigue and force with remarkable success.
After the murder of Foreign Minister Walther Rathenau on 24 June, Himmler's political views veered towards the radical right, and he took part in demonstrations against the Treaty of Versailles.
After the Tuomi murder, Dahmer continued to kill sporadically: two more murders in 1988, and another in early 1989, usually picking up his victims in gay bars and having sex with them before killing them.
After the murder of the first republican premier of Bavaria Kurt Eisner in February 1919 by Anton Graf von Arco auf Valley, the Bavarian Soviet Republic was proclaimed.
After he was deposed, Banda was put on trial for murder and attempts to destroy evidence.
After the war, the League of Nations held the East Prussian plebiscite on 11 July 1920 to determine if the people of the southern districts of East Prussia wanted to remain within East Prussia or to join the Second Polish Republic. The German side terrorized the local population before the plebiscite using violence, Polish organisations and activists were harassed by German militias, and those actions included attacks and murder of Polish activists ; Masurs who supported voting for Poland were singled out and subjected to terror and repressions
After the murder of Sri Teen Maharaja Ranodip Singh, the Shumshers occupied the hereditary throne of Prime Minister and added " Jung Bahadur " to their name, although they were descended from Jung's younger brother Dhir Shumsher.
After Kirov's assassination, the NKVD charged an ever growing group of former oppositionists with Kirov's murder and other acts of treason, terrorism, sabotage, and espionage.
After he was sentenced on June 4, 1998 to life without parole, the State of Oklahoma in 2000 sought a death-penalty conviction on 161 counts of first-degree murder ( 160 non-federal agent victims and one fetus ).
After García's murder by his Indian allies news of the raid reached the Spanish explorers on the coast and attracted Sebastian Cabot to the Río Paraguay two years later.
After viewing a portion of Flower of Flesh and Blood, the actor Charlie Sheen thought that the murder depicted was genuine and contacted the MPAA, which contacted the FBI.
After their departure, the Marshalls ' neighbors warned them that Green was planning to return and murder them.
After the murder of Eanfrith, his brother, Oswald, backed by warriors sent by Domnall Brecc of Dál Riata, defeated and killed Cadwallon at the Battle of Heavenfield in 634.
After the murder of Æthelbald by one of his bodyguards in 757, a civil war broke out which was concluded with the victory of Offa.
After the murder, it was revealed that Avishai Raviv, a well known right-wing extremist at the time, was in fact a Shin Bet agent-informer code-named Champagne.
After the final murder, during which Gull has an extended vision of 1990s England, Gull says, " It is beginning, Netley.
After the murder of Sergei Kirov on 1 December 1934 led to Stalin's Great Purges, Grigory Zinoviev, Kamenev and their closest associates were once again expelled from the Communist Party and arrested in December 1934.
After the murder of Sergei Kirov on December 1, 1934, which served as one of the triggers to Great Purge of the Communist Party, Zinoviev, Kamenev, and their closest associates were once again expelled from the party and arrested in December 1934.

After and erstwhile
After or just before the dissolution, the Electors of Bavaria, Württemberg, Saxony, and Hanover each took the title of king of his former electorate ( in the case of Hanover after regaining his lands following Napoleon's defeat in 1814 ) while the King of Prussia extended his royal title to cover his erstwhile Electorate of Brandenburg as well as the lands he held as king outside the imperial border.
After the victory, Brutus ' body is brought to Antonius ' camp, where he cast his purple paludamentum over his dead body and orders an honourable funeral for his erstwhile comrade.
After Joanna stated her intention to marry him, his brother Robert banded together with his cousin and erstwhile rival Charles of Durazzo against them.
After completion of education, Natarajan came to Chennai ( erstwhile Madras ) for livelihood.
After the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 was crushed by Soviet forces, most of the intellectuals the CPNZ had attracted left the party while some erstwhile supporters founded new journals such as New Zealand Monthly Review, Comment, Socialist Forum and Here & Now.
After Józef Piłsudski's May 1926 coup d ' état, on 1 June 1926, Mościcki – an erstwhile associate of Piłsudski's in the Polish Socialist Party – was elected president of Poland by the National Assembly, on Piłsudski's recommendation ( after Piłsudski himself refused the office ).
After numerous small movie parts, O ' Connell returned to Broadway, where he appeared as the erstwhile middle-aged swain of a spinsterish schoolteacher in Picnic-a role he'd recreate in the 1956 film version, earning an Oscar nomination in the process.
After his return, McIlwraith's relationship with his colleagues had detoriorated, and in August 1890 he formed an alliance ( later known as the " Continuous Ministry ") with his erstwhile foe to become Treasurer in the government of Sir Samuel Griffith.
After the erstwhile Section 377 was replaced by the current law criminalising sex with corpses, it has become a standing joke in the LGBT community that in the Penal Code, gay sex ( 377A ) is now sandwiched between sex with dead bodies ( the new Section 377 ) and sex with animals ( Section 377B, " Sexual penetration with a living animal ").
After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Corporation grants helped promote the concept of cooperative security among erstwhile adversaries and projects to build democratic institutions in the former Soviet Union and central Europe.
After Douglas admonished Shane, Shane began pushing and slapping his erstwhile mentor.
After the creation of the nation of Pakistan, recruitment from erstwhile East Pakistan began in 1948 into the East Bengal Regiment, newly created with all Bengali personnel, part of the Pakistan Army till 1971.
After Bhaskaravarman's death without an heir, the kingdom passed into the hands of Salasthambha ( 655 – 670 ), an erstwhile local governor and a member of an aboriginal group called Mlechchha ( or Mech ), after a period of civil and political strife.

After and friend
After luncheon we took advantage of the siesta period to try to get in touch with a few people to whom our dear friend Deppy had written.
Abby May wrote in her journal on January 17, 1843, " A day of some excitement, as Mr. Alcott refused to pay his town tax ... After waiting some time to be committed jail, he was told it was paid by a friend.
After his acquittal, Johnson gave Sen. Ross patronage favors, including appointing Ross's friend, Perry Fuller, as collector of the Port of New Orleans.
After the war, he played piano and guitar ( his first guitar was built by friend and author Sydney Hopkins, who wrote Mister God, This Is Anna ), and in 1949 joined Chris Barber's Jazz Band where he met blues harmonica player Cyril Davies.
After his ordination he declined a teacher's position, recommending in his stead a more needy friend, R. Abba of Acre ( Acco ), as worthier than himself ( Sotah, 40a ).
After not being taken seriously about what he was seeing, Crew brought in his friend, Bob Titmus, to cast the prints in plaster.
* After Runyon's death, his friend and fellow journalist, Walter Winchell, went on his radio program and appealed for contributions to help fight cancer, eventually establishing the “ Damon Runyon Cancer Memorial Fund ” to support scientific research into causes of, and prevention of cancer.
" After his death, a friend of Armstrong estimated that 90 percent of his time was spent on litigation against RCA.
After Kafka's death in 1924 his friend and literary executor Max Brod edited the text for publication by Verlag Die Schmiede.
After the game the friend joked, " You are good at chess, but I'm a good cook.
After his degree Hutton returned to London, then in mid-1750 went back to Edinburgh and resumed chemical experiments with close friend, James Davie.
After some 25 years of work, his Theory of the Earth ; or an Investigation of the Laws observable in the Composition, Dissolution, and Restoration of Land upon the Globe was read to meetings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh in two parts, the first by his friend Joseph Black on 7 March 1785, and the second by himself on 4 April 1785.
After several years in Rome, he travelled with Bonosus to Gaul and settled in Trier where he seems to have first taken up theological studies, and where he copied, for his friend Tyrannius Rufinus, Hilary of Poitiers ' commentary on the Psalms and the treatise De synodis.
After weeks of practice, Berry, Ginsburg, and Torrence planned to record a demo recording in Berry's garage, but Torrance was conscripted into the United States Army Reserve forcing Berry and Ginsburg to record " Jennie Lee " without Torrence, with Berry's friend and fellow University High student Donald J. Altfeld ( born March 18, 1940 in Los Angeles, California ) " belting out the rhythm on a children's metal high chair ".
After the armistice of 1940, the family of Simone and Jacques-Yves Cousteau took refuge in Megève, where he became a friend of the Ichac family who also lived there.
After his early piano lessons with Otto Cossel, Brahms studied piano with Eduard Marxsen, who had studied in Vienna with Ignaz von Seyfried ( a pupil of Mozart ) and Carl Maria von Bocklet ( a close friend of Schubert ).
After the war, his friend Käte Steinitz started to send letters back to Schwitters from the United States, where she had emigrated in 1936.
After graduation, Allen attended Washington State University, where he was a member of Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity but dropped out after two years in order to work as a programmer for Honeywell in Boston, placing him near his old friend again.
After her abdication the queen came to reside in Rome, where she was confirmed in her baptism by the Pope, in whom she found a generous friend and benefactor, on Christmas Day, 1655.
After his conversion he wrote to his friend and teacher, the poet Ausonius, affirming his friendship but insisting on the priorities of his new life.
As close friend Margaret Mead explained, " Anthropology made the first ‘ sense ’ that any ordered approach to life had ever made to Ruth Benedict " After working with Goldenweiser for a year, he sent her to work as a graduate student with Franz Boas at Columbia University in 1921.
After his first wife died in 1952, he remarried in 1953 with childhood friend Astrid Johannessen.
After Franco's death, Chevy Chase, reader of the news on NBC's Saturday Nights comedic news segment Weekend Update, announced the dictator's death and read a quotation from Richard Nixon: " General Franco was a loyal friend and ally of the United States.
After the game, Favre reflected on his long road to becoming a Super Bowl champion, which included the death of his friend Mark Harvy in a car accident during the season.
After receiving the letter, Anne Northup appealed again for help from their friend Henry B. Northup.

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