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After and these
After the seventeenth century the audience ceased to be an organic community to which these ideas and their attendant habits of figurative language would be natural or immediately familiar.
After all, where else can the public see a wagon these days??
After these treatments the conjugate did not stain healthy or crown gall sweet clover tissues or stained them a very faint green which was easily distinguishable from the bright yellow-green specific staining.
After these theoretical considerations, constructional details of a fiber-coupled, double-stage X-ray image intensifier will be discussed.
After metamorphosis, these organs become redundant and will be reabsorbed by controlled cell death, called apoptosis.
After a first unsuccessful attempt at colonisation in 497 BC by the Milesian Tyrant Histiaeus, the Athenians founded a first colony at Ennea-Hodoi (‘ Nine Ways ’) in 465, but these first ten thousand colonists were massacred by the Thracians.
After these were completed, other two years were employed in finishing the monument, and it was finally opened to public inspection in 1787.
After his death these appeared again in Gen. Albert Pike ’ s Poems ( 1900 ) and Lyrics and Love Songs ( 1916 ).
After these events, Saint Anthony had a vision where the whole world was full of snares and traps.
After his sabbatical year in 1991 he managed to gain an exception to these constraints for Calvin and Hobbes, allowing him to draw his Sunday strip the way he wanted.
After the Allied landings at Normandy, Germany made attempts to overwhelm the landing force with armoured attacks, but these failed for lack of co-ordination and Allied air superiority.
After these initial setbacks, the barbarians moved southwards through Haemus mountain and Decius pursued them ( likely through the Shipka Pass ) to save Philippopolis.
After five to six weeks these are weaned and become fully mature near the end of their first year or sometime in their second year, depending on the species.
After 5 years of researching grave sites, he concluded that " these mass graves contain the remains of 1, 386, 734 victims of execution ".
After the end of the Berriasian, however, temperatures increased again, and these conditions were almost constant until the end of the period.
After further political consolidation, seven prominent states remained by the end of 5th century BC, and the years in which these few states battled each other are known as the Warring States Period.
After an appropriate delay without a return, these will then organise a search party ( usually made up by other cavers trained in cave rescues, as even professional emergency personnel are unlikely to have the skills to effect a rescue in difficult conditions ).
After this point, no additional program of length k can be in the domain, because each of these would add 2 < sup >- k </ sup > to the measure, which is impossible.
After purification, some of these tags are usually removed and the pure protein is obtained.
After his operations he even repainted some of these paintings, with bluer water lilies than before.
After Yan communicated these demands and Chiang agreed to comply with them, Li departed for Guangdong.
After much beating around the bush and increasing evasiveness by the caller, they asked him just how much these kit cars were worth.
After leaving nearby blood vessels, these cells recognize chemicals produced by bacteria in a cut or scratch and migrate " toward the smell ".
After the publication of these findings, various attempts to replicate the remote viewing findings were quickly carried out.

After and remaining
After the return of René to Provence, Alfonso easily reduced the remaining resistance and made his triumphal entrance in Naples on 26 February 1443, as the monarch of a pacified kingdom.
After that point, however, most cellular companies were eager to shut down AMPS and use the remaining channels for digital services.
After the ending of the war, all refugees were repatriated to Sudan ; the last of the 9, 700 remaining in Central African Republic were evacuated in April 2007.
After a general introduction, eighteen lectures follow for the competentes, and the remaining five are addressed to the newly baptized, in preparation for the reception of Holy Communion.
"< p > After removing the clitoris with the knife, the woman " lifts up the skin that is left with her thumb and index finger to remove the remaining flesh.
After the Federation of the West Indies collapsed in 1962, the British government tried to form a small federation out of its remaining dependencies in the Eastern Caribbean.
After the resurrection the remaining disciples return to Galilee, " to the mountain that Jesus had appointed ," where he comes to them and tells them that he has been given " all authority in heaven and on Earth.
After their able leader Totila was killed at the Battle of Taginae, effective Ostrogothic resistance ended, and the remaining Goths were assimilated by the Lombards, another Germanic tribe, who invaded Italy and founded a Kingdom in the northern parts of the country in 567 AD.
After an interim 1. 3 version to fix up many remaining problems with the 1. x series, IBM released OS / 2 version 2. 0 in 1992.
After the fall of Kabul to the Taliban on September 27, 1996, Ahmad Shah Massoud and Abdul Rashid Dostum, two former archnemesis, created the United Front ( Northern Alliance ) against the Taliban that were preparing offensives against the remaining areas under the control of Massoud and those under the control of Dostum.
After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the United States did not diminish its global ability to project force, remaining " the sole superpower " and what has been called a " unipolar " situation of domination by it globally came into force.
After the departure of the Hungarians, the remaining crusaders set about refortifying Caesarea and the Templar fortress of Château Pèlerin throughout the winter of 1217 and spring of 1218.
After World War II, the devastated city along with all of Pomerania east of the Oder-Neisse line became Polish, and the remaining Germans either fled or were expelled.
" After much rehearsal, the group returned to the studio in August and continued through September, quickly laying down the remaining nine tracks, at a total estimated cost of $ 2, 257.
After 13 December 1946, it became a United Nations Trust Territory, remaining under Belgian administration until the separate nations of Rwanda and Burundi gained independence on 1 July 1962.
After kicker Gary Anderson, who had just completed the first perfect regular season in NFL history ( not missing a single extra point or field goal attempt the entire year ), missed a 38-yard field goal attempt with less than 2 minutes remaining, the Falcon's ensuing drive tied the game.
After Australian waters with some 80, 000 dugong inhabitants, the waters off Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, and Saudi Arabia have some 7, 500 dugongs remaining, making the Persian Gulf the second most important habitat for the species.
After validation the balance remaining on the card may be announced, and the desired number may be keyed in.
After the departure of Romero, the remaining id employees chose to change the thematic direction substantially for Quake II, making the design more technological and futuristic rather than Lovecraftian fantasy.
After walking a further 20 miles, the three remaining men made their final camp on 19 March, short of One Ton Depot, but 24 miles ( 38 km ) beyond the original intended location of the depot.
After the Madrid Conference of 1991, Ze ' evi withdrew from the Likud government of Yitzhak Shamir, remaining in the opposition for a decade.
After regaining control over the dissident governors, Abd-ar-Rahman III tried to conquer the remaining Christian kingdoms of the Iberian peninsula, attacking them several times and forcing them back beyond the Cantabric range.
After fully dividing a pot, there may be a single odd lowest-denomination chip remaining ( or two odd chips if splitting three ways, etc .).
After etching or other processing, the remaining photoresist is removed by plasma ashing.

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